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10 Instagram-Worthy Antipolo Restaurants to Visit

Antipolo, known as the pilgrimage city of the Philippines, has many attractive restaurants and incredible delicacies that make it a must-visit for foodies.

If there’s one thing that visitors love about Antipolo, it’s that its pretty much the perfect weekend escape from the city without being more than an hour or two away. A quick search online of Antipolo images will yield tons of verdant and lush green views, but if you want to share something different on your Instagram feed, check out these restaurants that have something different to offer whether it’s the food or the design, or both!

  • Cafe Tan-Aw
  • Crescent Moon Cafe and Pottery Studio
  • Yellow Lantern Cafe
  • Cafe Lupe
  • Balaw Balaw Restaurant and Art Gallery
  • Tahanan Bistro
  • Galaxy Freeze
  • La Escuela Cafe
  • Sons of Burger
  • Monte Cafe
  • 1. Cafe Tan-Aw

    Cafe Tan-Aw
    • Location: 1 Sierra Madre Street, Grand Heights Road
    • Cuisines: International, Cafe
    • Reservation: Accepted
    • Budget for one: starts at P180
    • Operating Hours: 9am to 6pm (Tuesdays to Sundays)
    • What to Eat: Vongole
    • Contact:
      Phone No.: +63 2 697 1015

    Located within the Pinto Art Museum, Cafe Tan-Aw is decorated with a Mediterranean-inspired theme that showcases Filipino contemporary art. Guests can choose to enjoy the dishes al fresco on beautiful white wrought-iron chairs underneath the shade of the trees, or inside, on beautiful dark wooden tables. Cafe Tan-Aw’s offerings are nothing short of a masterpiece – they’ll definitely have you coming back for more. Don’t leave Cafe Tan-Aw without trying the Vigan pizza, Tan-Aw pasta, and the Baked Salmon Duo.

    2. Crescent Moon Cafe and Pottery Studio

    Crescent Moon Cafe
    • Location: Sapang Buho Rd., Sitio Parugan, Dalig
    • Cuisines: Filipino, Cafe
    • Reservation: Accepted
    • Budget for one: P500
    • Operating Hours: 9am to 4pm
    • What to Eat: Pumpkin Coconut Soup, Alagao Appetizer
    • Contact:
      Phone No.: +63 2 234 5724
      Facebook: @CrescentMoonCafeAndStudioPottery

    Mixing art and good food has never been this good. Crescent Moon Cafe’s meals will inspire you to make your next masterpiece whether it’s through calligraphy or creating beautiful ceramic pots at their workshops.

    Colorful textiles adorn the roof of the cafe, but the real works of art here are the food; all of which have been carefully thought out and are visually appealing for Instagram. The cafe’s chef creates unique daily specials based on the availability of ingredients, so there isn’t a set ala carte menu but you’re sure to enjoy your dishes there no matter what you choose. However, the Fresh Alagao Rolls are a favorite and are the only appetizers that are available daily – don’t miss out on it!

    3. Yellow Lantern Cafe

    Yellow Lantern Cafe
    • Location: 267 Sumulong Highway
    • Cuisines: Asian, Filipino, Bar
    • Reservation: Accepted
    • Budget for one: P200 to P400
    • Operating Hours: 10am to 12am
    • What to Eat: Kalderetang Kambing
    • Contact:
      Phone No.: +63 2 571 8341
      Facebook: @yellowlanterncafe

    A cute cafe with a recently opened gastropub decorated with… you guessed it, yellow lanterns! Guests are invited to try the Yellow Lantern Cafe’s delicious Asian and continental dishes as they dine in the restaurant, most of which is decorated using shades of sunny yellow. Yellow Lantern Cafe’s bestsellers include Kalderetang Kambing as well as the Sweet and Spicy Spareribs.

    4. Cafe Lupe

    Cafe Lupe
    • Location: Lot 2-C & 2-B Sumulong Hwy
    • Cuisines: Filipino
    • Reservation: Accepted
    • Budget for one: P300 to P600
    • Operating Hours: 10am to 12am
    • What to Eat: Breakfast menu, Paella
    • Contact:
      Phone No.: +63 2 470 3201
      Facebook: @cafelupe.antipolo

    A popular spot for coffee, authentic Mexican food, and Filipino delicacies, Cafe Lupe is one of the few places in Antipolo that gives you unobstructed panoramic views of Metro Manila’s glittering skyline in the distance.

    Next to the food, Cafe Lupe’s breathtaking views take center stage; we recommend visiting right before sunset for an early dinner so that you can watch the sun set behind the skyscrapers. The must-try dishes include Beef Tacos, Burritos, Kansi, and Paella a la Lupe.

    5. Balaw Balaw Restaurant and Art Gallery

    Balaw Balaw Restaurant
    • Location: 11 Don Justo Dona Justa Village, Angono
    • Cuisines: Filipino, Asian
    • Reservation: Accepted
    • Budget for one: P250 to P500
    • Operating Hours: 10am to 10pm
    • What to Eat: Bulalo, Laing, Grilled Squid, Adobo, Exotic food selection
    • Contact:
      Phone No.: +63 2 651 0110
      Facebook: @BalawBalaw

    A Filipino restaurant that will entice you to come for the food, and stay for the art. Balaw Balaw is known for serving exotic fare such as tree ants and coconut worms – images of these on your Instagram feed will definitely garner you more likes! Balaw Balaw Specialty Restaurant also serves lip-smacking authentic Filipino dishes in a rustic restaurant punctuated with textures, colors, and art.

    6. Tahanan Bistro

    Tahanan Bistro
    • Location: 22 Loresville Drive Lores Farm, Subdivision Barangay, San Roque
    • Cuisines: Filipino, International
    • Reservation: Accepted
    • Budget for one: P1,200
    • Operating Hours: 11am to 4pm (Lunch, Saturday and Sunday); 6pm to 10pm (Dinner, Friday to Sunday)
    • What to Eat: Kamagong Set
    • Contact:
      Phone No.: +63 925 880 1487
      Facebook: @tahanan.bistro

    For a more upscale dining experience in Antipolo, visit Tahanan Bistro. Diners are treated to garden views and the Manila skyline. The menu changes frequently, so you’ll have a better chance to take unique photographs, but make sure that you call for a reservation since the restaurant is only open three days a week. Choose from three set menus that feature an array of fresh Filipino delicacies with a modern twist; all are just as exciting to look at as they are to eat.

    7. Galaxy Freeze

    Galaxy Freeze
    • Location: 2nd Floor, Sunga Building, Marcos Highway, Masinag
    • Cuisines: Desserts, Ice Cream
    • Reservation: Not available
    • Budget for one: P100 to P200
    • Operating Hours: 12pm to 9pm
    • What to Eat: Liquid nitrogen ice cream
    • Contact:
      Phone No.: +63 2 340 4634

    Everyone loves ice cream, but in Galaxy Freeze you’ll have out of this world desserts. This restaurant specializes in creating desserts made with liquid nitrogen. Some of their unique offerings include wine-flavored ice cream and freezing dips. All the food at Galaxy Freeze is colorful and cute – just perfect for Instagram!

    8. La Escuela Cafe

    La Escuela Cafe
    • Location: Bankers Village III, Sumulong Highway, Barangay Dela Paz
    • Cuisines: American, Cafe
    • Reservation: Not available
    • Budget for one: P100 to P350
    • Operating Hours: 11am to 11pm
    • What to Eat: Cervesa Milkshake
    • Contact:
      Phone No.: +63 2 212 8720

    Designed to mimic a school, La Escuela Cafe is decorated with blackboards, bookshelves, wooden chairs and tables that make you feel like you’re eating at a university cafeteria. La Escuela is popular with students, but even if you’re no longer one, you’ll still appreciate the thoughtful decor and no-frills food. Students love the Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Potato Wedges, and Grilled American Ribs.

    9. Sons of Burger

    Sons of Burger
    • Location: L. Sumulong Memorial Circle
    • Cuisines: American, Burger
    • Reservation: Not available
    • Budget for one: P100 to P250
    • Operating Hours: 11am to 10pm
    • What to Eat: Angus Beef Burger, Flame-grilled Bacon Burger
    • Contact:
      Phone No.: +63 2 788 7229
      Facebook: @burgersonsph

    Since it’s owned by a Vespa enthusiast, visitors to Sons of Burger can expect a one-of-a-kind experience in this restaurant that’s been decorated entirely with a motorcycle theme. Hanging motor parts can be found throughout the American restaurant, which serves flame-grilled burgers, fries, and craft beer; all of which are a must-try. The owner’s teenage daughter makes a special appearance too: her art can be found on the walls.

    10. Monte Cafe

    Monte Cafe
    • Location: Manuel L. Quezon Extension
    • Cuisines: Italian, Cafe
    • Reservation: Accepted
    • Budget for one: P300
    • Operating Hours: 11am to 11pm
    • What to Eat: Coffee, Espresso, Seafood Marinara, Meat Pizza, Oriental Salad, Alfred Pasta
    • Contact:
      Phone No.: +63 2 706 9343
      Facebook: @montecafeph

    The interiors of Monte Cafe use a combination of different textures found on the wall, throw pillows, chairs, and tables. Monte Cafe will easily be one of the most colorful restaurants that you’ve been to, plus they serve a variety of great dishes and desserts. Wooden moose heads are installed on the wall, so it’s no surprise that this restaurant has a hipster vibe.

    Aside from restaurants, you can also check out nearby tourist spots and activities. Explore Antipolo now!

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