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10 Best Antipolo Tourist Spots to Visit

Fondly referred to as “sa bundok” (the mountains) by outsiders, Antipolo is a perfect blend of urban-cool and provincial-calm. So, If you haven’t made the (literal or not) pilgrimage yet, here are a few reasons why you should.

1. Pinto Art Museum

Pinto Art Museum Gallery

You don’t have to be a photographer or art connoisseur to appreciate the beauty of this instagram-famous gem. The Mediterranean-style museum designed by Antonio Leano is of course, worth more than just its looks.

Pinto Art Museum has 6 galleries that feature contemporary art by Raffy Napar and Mark Justiniani, to name a few. Expect to see more than just your typical paintings, there are dioramas, graffiti art, sculptures, mobiles and more.

  • Type: Museum
  • Location: 1 Sierra Madre St., Grand Heights Rd
  • How to get there: From the terminal take a jeepney/FX to Antipolo, once you reach Ynares Center, take a tricycle to Grand Heights Subdivision.
  • Budget: P200 (adults), P180 (senior citizens/PWDs), P100 (students)
  • Operation Hours: 9am-6pm (Tuesdays to Sundays)
  • Activities to do: Explore the grounds, appreciate art, have lunch at Pinto Cafe
  • Contact Number: +63 2 697 1015

2. Padi’s Point

Although Padi’s Point opened branches in the lower areas around Metro Manila, there’s still nothing like the original. More than just a resto-bar with great happy hour deals, Padi’s point is one of the best spots for viewing the Manila Skyline. From Quezon City to Laguna Bay, the breathtaking view explains why the spot is also known as Cloud 9.

  • Type: Resto-Bar
  • Location: Alpaldi Compound, Sumulong Highway
  • How to get there: Take LRT-2 going to Santolan Station. From there, take any jeep heading towards Antipolo/Sumulong Highway, and get dropped off at Padi’s Point.
  • Budget: around P500
  • Operation Hours: 10am-2am
  • Activities to do: Take advantage of happy hour, look at the city lights
  • Contact:
    Phone Number: +63 2 344 3028

3. Antipolo Cathedral

Antipolo Cathedral Gold Altar

Also known as the National Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage, the Antipolo Cathedral draws pilgrims and devotees from all over especially during Holy Week.

Aside from being a sought after religious destination, the Cathedral serves as one of the city’s most significant and popular landmarks. Masses start as early as 5am and continue hourly throughout the day. But If you’re not a devotee, the Cathedral’s intricate altar, stained-glass windows, and colorful guests from all over is enough reason to drop by.

  • Type: Church
  • Location: P. Oliveros St.
  • How to get there: From Cubao or Sta Lucia take a jeepney/FX to Antipolo. Once you reach the Town Proper, tricycles are available to take you straight to the cathedral.
  • Budget: FREE
  • Operation Hours: Daily masses start at 5am
  • Activities to do: Join a Holy Week pilgrimage, attend early morning mass and have suman for breakfast.
  • Contact Number: +63 2 571 7347

4. Inday Nelly’s Mystical Cave

Named after its original discoverer, Inday Nelly Deles, the Mystical Cave is believed to have healing powers due to the number of “mystic” or religious formations around the cave. But whether you attach the site to something religious or not, the intricate details of the stalactites and stalagmites, and towering columns of glittering rocks, will leave you mystified just the same.

  • Type: Cave
  • Location: Sitio Boso-boso, Barangay San Jose
  • How to get there: Take Marcos Highway towards towards Cogeo. At the intersection, head eastward for about 3.5 kms until you see Sta. Eugenia College. Turn right onto a dirt road at the first corner. After about 2 kms, you should see a sign on your left welcoming you to the Mystical Cave.
  • Budget: P40
  • Activities to do: Spot religious formations, Hike up a hill

5. PACEM Eco Park

Pacem Eco Park steps

Short for Peace And Care For Earth Ministry, it comes to no surprise that people looking for some peace and quiet end up here. This eco-park comes complete with a mini forest, wild-life sanctuary, butterfly collection, aviary, organic garden, and so much more.

  • Type: Park/ Wild-life sanctuary
  • Location: Sumulong highway
  • How to get there: From Cubao or Sta Lucia take a jeepney that goes to Antipolo city via Sumulong. Get off at Assumption Antipolo, then take a 3-minute walk to the compound.
  • Budget: P50
  • Operation Hours: 8am to 3:30pm (Mondays to Fridays), 8:30am to 12pm (Saturdays)
  • Activities to do: Walk around the gardens, examine shells and butterflies, buy organic produce
  • Contact Number: +63 2 696 3274 or 697 2354

6. Crescent Moon Cafe

Tucked within a residential area hides one of the mountain city’s best art and culinary destinations. The quirky and colorful Crescent Moon Cafe is owned by the niece of National Artist and sculptor, Napoleon Abueva. The large property entails a private home, pottery studio, garden and a cafe.

The reservation-only cafe offers delicious, season-based dishes alternating between buffet-style and set menus. After meals, guests can explore, browse, and buy handmade (slightly-damaged) beautiful pottery for only P200/kilo.

  • Type: Cafe/Garden/Studio
  • Location: Sapang Buho Rd., Sitio Parugan, Dalig
  • Budget: P200 per kilo (pottery), around P450-P550 (cafe)
  • Operation Hours: 11am-4pm (Thursdays to Sundays)
  • Activities to do: Have lunch, shop for some pottery, join a class
  • Contact Number: +63 2 234 5724

7. Casa Santa Museum

Casa Santa Museum facade

There’s nothing like the Christmas spirit in the Philippines! If you think a holiday countdown that begins with the “Ber” months is too much, then Casa Santa is here to prove you wrong. Here, Christmas is celebrated 365 days a year! The internationally-recognized museum boasts of a collection of over 3,700 Santa Claus and Christmas-themed items.

  • Type: Museum
  • Location: 276, San Jose Ext, Padilla
  • How to get there: From Cubao or Sta. Lucia, take jeepney/FX to Antipolo Cathedral. Stop after the fruit stands which are close to the corner of Sumulong Memorial Circle and Sumulong Highway. From there, tricycles are available to take you to Jardin de Miramar where Casa Santa is located.
  • Budget: Starts at P180 (prior reservation required)
  • Operation Hours: 8:30am-5:30pm
  • Activities to do: Feel the Christmas spirit, take home a “Santa-ko” form a gift shop
  • Contact Number: +63 2 584 3199

8. Hinulugang Taktak

Famous for being part of the song by German San Jose, Hinulugang Taktak falls is considered to be one of the top destinations to visit in Antipolo. The 12-meter high falls and the surrounding area was declared a National Park in the ‘90s and has since been one of the necessary stopovers when you’re around the area.

The park is currently undergoing major restorations and still has a lot to go in terms of maintenance, but the beautiful view and relaxing sound of the falling water makes it worth the trip.

  • Type: National Park/Falls
  • Location: Taktak Rd, Antipolo, 1870 Rizal
  • How to get there: From Cubao terminal take a jeepney/FX to Antipolo. Once in the Town Proper, tricycles are available to take you straight to the National Park.
  • Budget: FREE
  • Activities to do: Enjoy a picnic by the falls

9. Boso-boso Church

Boso-boso Church

Boso-boso Church or The Nuestra Señora de la Annunciata Parish is a 16th-century structure built by priests during the Spanish era. The church has survived wars, fires, earthquakes and even abandonment throughout the centuries of its existence. But today, after reconstruction, it still maintains its original architectural design.

  • Type: Church
  • Location: Old Boso-Boso, Barangay San Jose
  • How to get there: From Cubao, take a jeep bound to Cogeo. In Cogeo, take another jeep bound to Paenan. Tell the driver to drop you at Boso-boso. Once you reach the intersection at Boso-boso, take a tricycle to the church.
  • Budget: FREE
  • Activities to do: learn about its history, appreciate architecture, hear mass

10. Jardin de Miramar

Jardin de Miramar is a 3-hectare garden complex with several themed event venues that can be booked for special occasions. Aside from being one of the favored destinations for weddings and other special events, the property also features two tree mazes (Campo Siete, and Sylvana Tree Maze), and the Casa Santa Museum.

Jardin de Miramar’s lush greens and tall trees make it the perfect respite for nature-lovers and field trips.

  • Type: Events Place/Garden
  • Location: 276 San Jose Ext., San Isidro
  • How to get there: From Cubao or Sta. Lucia take jeepney/FX to Antipolo Cathedral. Stop after the fruit stands which are close to the corner of Sumulong Memorial Circle and Sumulong Highway. From there, tricycles are available to take you Jardin de Miramar.
  • Activities to do: Book a venue for your next event, explore the tree mazes
  • Contact:
    Phone Number: +63 2 584-3199 / 09178912208
    Email: [email protected]

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