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Where to Eat: 10 Must-Try Bacolod Restaurants

After a tiring day of touring the city, it’s time to unwind and reward yourself with a hearty meal. Thankfully, Bacolod isn’t only rich in heritage and culture, it has a wealth of restaurants and cafes as well. Whatever you palate is screaming for, there’s a dining spot to satisfy your tastebuds.

To help you decide where to have your breakfast, lunch, or dinner, here are 10 of the must-try Bacolod restaurants for a scrumptious meal.

1. El Ideal Bakery and Restaurant

El Ideal Bakery
  • Location: 118 Rizal Street, Silay City
  • Type: Bakery
  • Reservations: Not Available
  • Hours: 6:30am to 6pm
  • What to Eat: Their iconic Guapple Pie has been a favorite among locals and a reason why tourists keep coming back to this century-old bakery.
  • Contact Details:
    Phone: (34) 495 4430
    Email/ Site: [email protected]
    Facebook: @EL-IDEAL-Bakery-157423434580

Established in 1920, El Ideal is the oldest bakery in Negros. But customers don’t only flock to this Silay City restaurant for its history, they also offer some of the best bread and pastries in town. The bakery’s building may look like it came out of a history book — restoring the original structure from the 1920s — but inside is a warm, quaint spot which makes you feel right at home. They also offer snacks and rice meals, if you want to satisfy not only your sweet tooth.

2. Manokan Country

  • Location: Father M. Ferrero St, Bacolod City
  • Type: Filipino, Grill
  • Reservations: Not Available
  • Budget for One: around P80 to P150
  • Hours: 7:30am to 3am
  • What to Eat: Chicken Inasal – This juicy and grilled to perfection Bacolod dish is achieved only by marinating the chicken in different spices for 24 hours! A labor of love but is totally worth it.
  • Insider Info: There are several food stalls at Manokan Country, all selling the same iconic dish. However, one of the locals’ favorite stalls is Aida’s, so you might want to try their chicken too.
  • Contact Details:
    Phone: (034) 433 8727
    Facebook: @Aidas-Manokan-462216613822043

Manokan Country is a famous dining spot in Bacolod because of one thing — Chicken Inasal. The food court setup allows customers to choose from dozens of Bacolod restaurants/ food stalls that sell the iconic dish, with seats located at the center of the hall. Each restaurant’s Chicken Inasal is grilled on the spot after being marinated in secret spices overnight. This makes the Inasal juicy and super tasty at the same time.

3. Don Mariano’s Garden

Don Mariano's Garden
  • Location: Batulau Street, Hacienda Sta. Maria, Talisay City
  • Type: Spanish
  • Reservations: Available
  • Budget for One: P250 to P400
  • Hours: 8am to 8pm
  • What to Eat: Kadios Baboy Langka
  • Insider Info: Don Mariano’s Garden serves some of the Lacson family’s favorite recipes.
  • Contact Details:
    Phone: (34) 476 4334, 0917 832 6003
    Email/ Site:
    Facebook: @The-Ruins/172104629486064

Don Mariano’s Garden is the in-house restaurant of the Bacolod tourist site, The Ruins. With the breathtaking views of Negros’ Taj Mahal as backdrop for your lunch or dinner, this dining spot has been a favorite among couples for its romantic setting. The restaurant serves a fusion of Spanish and Ilonggo flavors, as well as some of Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson’s family recipes. It’s a great venue for special events as well.

4. 21 Restaurant

  • Location: 21st St. Corner Lacson St., Bacolod City
  • Type: Filipino
  • Reservations: Available
  • Budget for One: P250 to P300
  • Hours: 10am to 11pm
  • What to Eat: Their seafood dishes are must tries, including the Squid with Lemon Grass and fresh catch Lapu Lapu and Alimango.
  • Insider Info: 21 Restaurant became famous in Bacolod for offering fresh catch seafood, like Crabs, Squids, Shrimps, Prawns, and Bangus among others.
  • Contact Details:
    Phone: (34) 433 4096
    Email/ Site:
    Facebook: @21-Restaurant-174681132582731

What started as a snack bar in 1984 has turned into a full-fledged fine-dining restaurant that offers fresh seafood dishes and delicious Filipino favorites. The ambiance makes any guest feel first-class, while their food has been consistently good that 21 is now considered an institution in the Bacolod food scene.

5. Negros Museum Cafe

Negros Museum Cafe
  • Location: Gatuslao Street, Bacolod City
  • Type: International, Cafe
  • Reservations: Available
  • Budget for One: P200 to P250
  • Hours: 10am to 10pm (closed on Mondays)
  • What to Eat: Homemade cheese salad
  • Insider Info: Staying true to Negros Museum’s theme of showcasing local art, the cafe also features painting and artworks on the walls.
  • Contact Details:
    Phone: 0916 908 6641
    Email/ Site: [email protected]
    Facebook: @NaturalCulinaryArts

Considered a hidden gem in the Bacolod culinary scene is Negros Museum Cafe. Located just beside the province’s museum, it offers International dishes with a Filipino twist. Chef Guido Nijssen, who also owns the place with his wife Gemma, makes sure they offer new specialties regularly to keep their customers coming back. After a history tour at the Negros Museum, drop by the cafe for your yummy fix.

6. Bacolod 18th Street Pala-Pala Seafood

  • Location: 18th Street Corner Aguinaldo Street, Barangay 4, Bacolod City
  • Type: Seafood
  • Reservations: Available
  • Budget for One: P250 to P300
  • Hours: 7am to 11pm
  • What to Eat: The Fisherman Delight
  • Insider Info: They also serve coffee and some desserts.
  • Contact Details:
    Phone: (34) 433 9153
    Email/ Site: [email protected]
    Facebook: @18thpalapala

Bacolod 18th Street Pala-Pala Seafood was established in 2003 and is one of the longest running “Pala-Pala” restaurants in Bacolod. The whole process — from picking your fresh seafood to choosing how it’s going to be cooked — is what brings locals and tourists back to the restaurant. Aside from seafood, they also offer other Filipino favorites.

7. Aboy’s Restaurant

Aboy's Restaurant
  • Location: Liroville Subd., Singcang, Bacolod City
  • Type: Filipino, Seafood
  • Reservations: Available
  • Budget for One: P200 to P300
  • Hours: 9am to 10pm
  • What to Eat: Lumpiang Isda, Steamed Talaba
  • Insider Info: They also offer set meals which are best for groups.
  • Contact Details:
    Phone: (034) 435 0760
    Email/ Site:
    Facebook: @Aboys-107208230966

Aboy’s started as a small eatery near the public market. But after word of their delicious and budget-friendly meals spread, more and more diners visit their small carinderia that they had to transfer to a bigger, better location. It’s Filipino-inspired interiors help set the mood for what your tummy’s about to get — mouthwatering seafood and Filipino dishes.

8. Hyksos Pala-Pala Seafood Restaurant

  • Locations:
    – Bayview Foodcourt, Burgos St., BREDCO Reclamation Area, Bacolod City
    – North Capitol Road, Reclamation Area, Bacolod City
  • Type: Seafood
  • Reservations: Available
  • Budget for One: P200 to P250
  • Hours: 9am to 9pm
  • What to Eat: Spicy Shrimp, Sinigang na Hipon
  • Insider Info: “Pala Pala” is a place where you can buy fresh seafood and have it cooked at a nearby eatery.
  • Contact Details:
    Phone: (34) 435 2258, 0918 646 2504
    Facebook: @Hyksos-Pala-Pala-Restaurant/1395461034074549

If you’re looking for a place to get your seafood fix then Hyksos Pala-Pala Seafood Restaurant should be your next stop. While there are a lot of Bacolod restaurants that serve fresh catch seafood, Hyksos Pala Pala stands out because it offers guests an option to pick their seafood from their “wet market” and have it cooked any way they like.

9. Maria Kucina Familia

Maria Kucina Familia
  • Location: 24th street, Bacolod City
  • Type: International/ Spanish
  • Reservations: Available
  • Budget for One: around P250 to P400
  • Hours: 8am to 2pm and 5:30pm to 11pm
  • What to Eat: Lamb Stew
  • Insider Info: The owners of Maria Kucina Familia also own Bascon Cafe.
  • Contact Details:
    Phone: (034) 445 4458
    Facebook: @MariaKucinaFamilia

One of the newest Bacolod restaurants, opening last August of 2017, Maria Kucina Familia has already made its mark as one of the most visually pleasing dining spots in the city. It features several dining areas, including a huge al fresco area, while the interiors are well decorated and each area is thematic. Perfect for family get-togethers or a romantic dinner with a loved one, Maria Kucina Familia ambiance and food will not disappoint.

10. MM’s Bunny Cafe

  • Location: 42 Ramylu Drive, Brgy. Tangub, Bacolod City
  • Type: Cafe
  • Reservations: Not Available
  • Hours: 8am to 7pm
  • Insider Info: The idea behind the Rabbit-themed cafe came from South Korea, when owner Michael Oligo worked in the country. He brought the idea to Bacolod.
  • Contact Details:
    Phone: 0977 491 8703

MM’s Bunny Cafe is the first ever rabbit-themed cafe in the Philippines. Here, you can pet, play, cuddle and even feed these furry friends. The cafe is filled with rabbit-themed merchandise, as well as trophies the owner’s rabbits have won from different competitions. Aside from the rabbits, their snacks are worth trying. Their shakes are not only tasty but Instagram-friendly too.

Enjoy a fun experience and check out other tourist spots to visit, things to do and more in Bacolod. Discover cheap hotel deals and cheap flights from carriers like Philippine Airlines, AirAsia, and more with Traveloka!

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