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Exciting Things to Do in Baguio at Night

As fun as Baguio is to explore during the day – there’s so much to do at night, as well! From enjoying local brews to ghost hunting, here are the top things to do in Baguio at night.


1. Enjoy local craft beer

Baguio Craft Brewery
photo via Instagram, @baguiocraftbrewery

When you say craft beer, it’s synonymous to Baguio Craft Brewery. There are 18 beer taps to choose from, all of which are brewed with no chemicals! It’s 100% natural, so you don’t run the risk of a hangover like you would with a commercial brand.

They also serve comfort food such as burgers, tacos, street food and more – all of which can be perfectly paired with a craft beer to balance the flavors.

  • Location: RKC Building, 120 Marcos Highway, Km 4, Baguio City, Benguet
  • Operation Hours: 5 PM – 2 AM (Monday to Friday) and 1 PM – 2 AM (Saturday & Sunday)
  • What You Need to Know: The passion fruit or strawberry craft beer called Lagud is the popular choice for women and lager-type beers like Old Xavier are a go-to for men.

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2. Get a massage and pamper yourself

North Haven Spa
photo via Instagram, @iammelo88

After a full day exploring the mountainous city, nothing beats having yourself pampered and taken care of. Treat yourself to a soothing and calming experience from professionally-trained therapists using only the freshest and finest ingredients Baguio has to offer.

An hour or two at this spa is just what you’ll need to revitalize your weary body.

  • Location: Session Road, #21 Avelino, Baguio
  • Operation Hours: 9 AM – 10 PM daily
  • What You Need to Know: There are so many Filipino-inspired massages and treatments available, guests will be spoilt for choice: guests can get a hilot massage, ventosa, or either a Baguio strawberry, Benguet coffee or Cordillera rice body scrub.

3. Go thrift shopping

Harrison Road at Night

When the sun goes down, Harrison Road comes to life. With music, lights and hoards of people looking for a good deal – thrift shopping at the Baguio Night Market is definitely must-do when in town.

More commonly known as ukay-ukay, second-hand quality goods are sold here at cheaper prices. Though there are several new items that can be bought as well, whether it be clothing, bags, gadgets or toys.

  • Location: Harrison Road, Baguio City, Benguet
  • Operation Hours: 9 PM to 4 AM daily
  • What You Need to Know: If you haven’t mastered the art of haggling, this is the best place to practice. Some items can be bought for lower prices than what is being displayed, so make sure to ask for the lowest price possible.

4. Enjoy live music

Old Baguio Boys
Image credit: @oldbaguioboys via Facebook

When it comes to enjoying live music in Baguio, you can never go wrong at Old Baguio Boys. Contrary to its name, it isn’t full of old folk or locals only (though it is their favorite hangout), visitors and tourists flock here as well.

The bar is managed and taken care of by a tight-knit group, with bartender Edwin taking care of most (if not all) of the drinks). From beer to coffee, from pulutan to rice meals – there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Not only does it serve as a stage for local bands and artists, but it is also where creatives can put their work up for display.

  • Location: Nevada Square, Baguio City
  • Operation Hours: 12:30 PM – 2:00 AM Tuesday to Saturday
  • What You Need to Know: There’s no shortage of beer or hard liquor at Old Baguio Boys, but instead of these you may want to order their pitcher mixes instead. At P350, you can order their “Ay Inayan, Hawaiian” (vodka, curacao and rhum), “Waynasdi, Iced Tea” (gin, vodka, tequila, rhum, and iced tea) and “Margari-taraki” (tequila).

5. Go boating and enjoy the lake at night

Boating Burnham Park
Image credit: @Baguio Today via Facebook

Formerly known as Baguio Meadow, Burnham Park is home to a century-old man-made lake that’s become the heart of it all. From having picnics, bike riding, riding the carousel and more – there’s so much one can do without having to pay much!

A new favorite though is boat riding at night. While many opt to do the activity during the day, the view and experience itself is just as exciting and calming in the evening. You can either row the swan boats or peddle.

  • Location: Jose Abad Santos Dr, Baguio, 2600 Benguet
  • Operation Hours: Open 24 hours daily
  • What You Need to Know: Small swan row boat (P150), Big swan row boat (P200), swan paddle boat (P200) and pontoon boat (P200). You can also opt to get a guide or rower for P50.

6. Get in touch with the other side – go ghost hunting!

Diplomat Hotel
Editorial credit: junpinzon /

If you love scary movies and anything that has to do with the paranormal – then Pine City Fright Tours is for you!

While you can opt to take the “Chicken tour” that’s held in the morning, many would much rather head out late night and explore five of Baguio’s most-haunted places.

  • Location: Diplomat Hotel, the Japanese tunnel, the secret cemetery, the murder woods and Laperal House.
  • Operation Hours: They have tours from 9 AM onwards, the last one starting at 10 PM and ending at 1 AM.
  • What You Need to Know: While most people opt for the night tours, they have “Chicken tours” that start as early as 9 AM. The tour is inclusive of hotel pick-up, drop-off and snacks.

Enjoy more things to do in Baguio. Tick off these off-the-beaten-path tourist spots.

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