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A 3D2N Batangas Itinerary for a Barkada Road Trip

Looking for a destination to spend quality time with your friends? Check out Batangas!

Only about two hours away from Manila, this friendly province in the south is well known for its beautiful beaches and stunning sunsets. Not to be missed also are the heritage tours, thrilling water activities, and delicious food trips.

To help you with your road/beach trip for three, here’s a sample 3D2N Batangas itinerary:

Batangas Day 1 Itinerary

Day One

  • Start your trip with Goto or Lomi in Lipa City (P150) – Because why not? Batangas is known for these two dishes. You can easily find a local store or carinderia along the road that sells these appetizing must-eats. We highly suggest you visit Lomi King to finish a bowl of these meals.
  • Enjoy historic tours around Lipa City (Free) – There are a lot of Insta-worthy sites in Lipa City that you and your buddies can explore. Check out Lipa Cathedral, Carmel Church, and Casa de Segunda.
  • Try exciting activities in Laiya (P670) – Popular for its beaches, Laiya offers travelers a heap of water sports. Laiya Adventure Park is the place to be if you want to try riding a giant swing, rappelling, wall climbing, and more.
  • Fill your tummy with seafood treats at Choi Garden (P300) – This restaurant in San Juan has pleasing Chinese decorations to make your dining experience more enjoyable. Must-tries include seafood fried noodles, Chinese soup, and dimsum.

Estimated Total: P1,120

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Batangas Day 2 & 3 Itinerary

Day Two

  • Play games for bonding sessions (Free) – After eating breakfast, the best way to start the day’s activities is to play a round of exciting games with the entire barkada. You can either do it in any of the rooms or by the beach. Have someone in your group plan and organize the games before the getaway itself.
  • Taste bulalo at OMG! Olvida & Myra’s Grill (P370) – Aside from Goto and Lomi, Bulalo Batangas version is something that you should not miss during the vacation. A bowl of this will make you go aahhhh. While at the restaurant, you can also order grilled favorites.
  • Watch the sunset in Anilao (Free) – Thank the heavens for a pretty day that will be more beautiful if you cap it off by watching a glorious sunset.

Estimated Total: P370

Day Three

  • Make the most out of your beach trip – Mabini is home to beaches that are too breathtaking you won’t mind soaking under the sun for hours. Bring bottles of water to stay hydrated.
  • Satisfy your tummy at Frido’s (P300) – Please your stomach, not just your eyes, while you and your friends are on a Batangas getaway! At Frido’s, you can order Stuffed Squid, Barbecue Ribs, and Chili Pepper Lumpia, among others.
  • Buy pasalubong for your family back home (P200) – Going back to Manila from Mabini, you’ll pass by various pasalubong stalls along the road. You can choose from a long list of Batangas pasalubongs, including fresh honey, honey cider vinegar, bagoong balayan, and sumang magkayakap. Your P200 can go a long way.

Estimated Total: P500

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Accommodation in Batangas

You’ll find a wide range of Batangas hotels – from budget to luxury resorts. Here are our highly recommended hotels across the province:

Hotel in Batangas

1. Club Balai Isabel
2. Canyon Cove Hotel and Spa
3. Camp Netanya Resort and Spa
4. Bagalangit Hideaways
5. Anilao Awari Bay Resort
6. Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort
7. Matabungkay Beach Resort & Hotel
8. Pico Sands Hotel
9. Casita Ysabel
10. Noni’s Resort

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Food to Try in Batangas

Must Eat Batangas

1. Batangas Lomi – What makes Batangas lomi different from other variations in the country is the thickness of the noodles and the gooey consistency of the soup. This sticky yet yummy dish is often served with soy sauce, chili, and calamansi.

  • Price: Ranging from P50 to P150
  • Where to Get: Lomi King, Liam’s Lomi House, and lomi houses along the road

2. Batangas Goto – If there’s lomi, there’s also goto. Different from what we know as lugaw, Batangas goto is a loose soup with beef tripe and innards. It is a perfect barkada lunch alternative or merienda snack.

  • Price: Ranging from P40 to P120
  • Where to Get: Goto King, Tessie’s Goto & Bulalo, and goto houses

3. Tapang Taal – The ala-eh province may be famous for beef, but of course it also offers something for pork lovers. Compared to the regular tapa, tapang Taal has a strong garlicky taste and is sweeter as well. Serve it with a sunny side up and fried rice and you’re tummy will thank you.

  • Price: About P300 per kilo
  • Where to Get: Lheen Special Tapa and Longganisa in Taal

4. Taghilaw – A fan of innards? You’ll definitely love taghilaw. It’s like a white version of bopis, as it’s slowly cooked in vinegar. Don’t worry as it now served raw, as its name may imply.

  • Price: P270 per order
  • Where to Get: Casa Cecilia Heritage Hotel in Diversion Road

5. Bikong Batangas – Eating this rice cake is a delicious way to finish your meal. It consists of brown sugar, malagkit or sticky rice, gata or coconut milk, and latik or coconut caramel. To make it even more special, Batangueños use ground roasted peanuts as toppings.

  • Price: P500 per bilao
  • Where to Get: Sofia’s Kitchenette in Batangas City

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Breakdown of Expenses (for 3 pax)

To give you an idea on how much a trip for three will be, here’s a summary of expenses on food and activities (hotel bookings excluded). Note that, however, these prices could go lower or higher depending on the number of people in your group, among other factors.

Batangas Expenses & Tips

  • Meals – P3,000
  • Hotel – P3,500 (depending on the hotel)
  • Activities  – P2,000 (Laiya Adventure Park)
  • Pasalubong– P600
  • Gas Expenses – P2,000

Total: P11,100 or P3,700/head

Know Before You Go

  • Try the roadside eateries – They can be as good as those found in restaurants plus a lot cheaper!
  • Bring an umbrella – Although a relatively mountainous area, there are parts in Batangas that are tremendously hot. Protect your skin from possible damages by preparing an umbrella and some skin lotion and sunscreen protection.
  • Book hotels early – Confirm your slot in the hotel by booking hotels in advance. Often, rates tend to increase as the date of your vacation draws near. Plus, Batangas hotels are easily booked especially during holidays.
  • Research on your destination – Spending the night in the city? Find a hotel in Batangas City or Lipa. Craving an overnight stay by the beach? Choose Nasugbu, Lian, Mabini, or Calatagan.
  • Take note of fiesta dates – Batangas holds about 30 festivals annually. During these times, you can expect crowds and bad traffic. If you want to avoid this kind of hassle, make sure to set your trip on a fest-free date.
  • Cash is king in Batangas – Best to bring extra money during your visit.

There are multiple reasons why Batangas is indeed a great place for a getaway. It is not only ideal for group trips, but for solo or couple adventures as well. What are you waiting for? Plan your trip, book your hotels, and make your Batangas escapade happen!


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