10 Batangas Resorts Perfect for Barkada Outings

Batangas isn’t just the home of Philippine hero Apolinario Mabini and the Taal Volcano – it’s also the land of great diving sites, beautiful ancestral homes, and camping locations. This weekend, why not head out of the city and get to better know the province of Batangas? Here’s 10 Batangas resort and hotel recommendations from us to you.

1. Anson Beach Resort

Located in Talisay, Batangas, Anson Beach Resort is right on the shores of Taal Lake. It’s a four-hour drive from Manila, and is less than 20 minutes away from Tanauan’s Apolinario Mabini Shrine.

Why here? It’s proximity to the Apolinario Mabini Shrine in Tanauan makes it easy for you to pay your respects to one of the country’s heroes. Aside from its proximity to Taal Lake, it also has an adult and children’s pool where you can cool off. Anson’s also has Family Rooms that can house five people, so you can bring your friends along for a history lesson.

Rates. If you’re bringing your friends, room rates start at P3399.77, inclusive of breakfast for two people. However, you get an additional 10% off if you book on the app or a registered Traveloka member. That means you can get the same room at P3059.79.

2. Arthur’s Place Dive Resort

Arthur’s Place Dive Resort is located in Mabini, Batangas, and bills itself as the pioneer dive resort along Anilao. It’s right beside Balayan Bay, and was established by a local fisherman named Arturo back in the 1980s.

Why here? This quaint dive resort is located in one of the four municipalities in the country named after Mabini. If you’re a diver, Arthur’s Place is just a 10 to 15 minute boat ride away from around 30 diving sites. Aside from that, the resort also offers diving lessons and dive equipment rental as well.

Rates. You can book an air-conditioned beachfront room at Arthur’s Place for P2800.

3. Days Hotel Batangas

The 3-star Days Hotel Batangas is in Batangas City, and is a great starting point if you want to explore the province’s capital city. It’s part of the Days Inn of America brand, which bills itself as the “world’s largest and fastest growing chain”.

Why here? The hotel’s location places it near several historically interesting sites. Aside from just being a kilometer away from the Plaza Mabini Park, it is also near several ancestral houses. You can visit the Acosta-Pastor Ancestral House, the Borbon-Rosales Ancestral House, and the Babasa Ancestral House, all located in Batangas City.

Rates. Room rates start at P2244.82, inclusive of breakfast. Days Hotel Batangas is also running a 10 percent basic deal promo ongoing, so you can get the same room for only P2020.33.

4. Hotel Gregorio

Lipa City’s Hotel Gregorio is a great place to start your exploration of the points of interest of the city. It’s got everything you need as a base camp — a breakfast restaurant, room service, and WiFi.

Why here? Lipa also has a number of historical sites that you can visit. The Luz-Katigbak ancestral house is a declared Heritage House, while the Luz-Bautista ancestral home was one of the few houses that survived the Second World War. You can also visit the Museo de Lipa and Museo ng Katipunan of Bulakalan to dive deeper into Batangas’ history.

Rates. Room rates start at P1380.46, inclusive of breakfast. However, you get a 5 percent discount if you’re a Traveloka member or if you book on the app. This means you can get the same room with breakfast at P1311.43.

5. Meaco Hotel Anilao

Just one of the 30 Meaco Hotels located across the country, the Meaco Hotel Anilao is for those with a keen interest in diving as well. It’s a three-hour ride from Manila, and gives you easy access to one of the country’s best dive spots.

Why here? If you’re the sporty type, this resort is a good base camp. You can go diving in nearby Balayan Bay. If you’re tired of the water, it’s less than an hour away from the Mount Gulugod Baboy trail. All of this is located right in the municipality named after Mabini himself.

Rates. Room rates start at P2505.65, inclusive of breakfast. However, you can get a 5 percent discount if you’re a Traveloka member or if you book on the app. This means you can get the same room with breakfast at P2380.36.

6. Halo Anilao Dive Resort

While primarily a dive resort, Halo Anilao Dive Resort is also perfect for couples and families. It’s yet another dive resort in Mabini, and its secluded location facing Balayan Bay certainly gives you a break from the hustle and grind of the city.

Why here? The dive resort boasts of a diverse coral ecosystem within its area, ranging from montane forest to coral islands. If you’re not a diver, they’ve got a saltwater pool and unlimited coffee and tea.

Rates. You can book a villa for four at P5780, inclusive of breakfast. However, rates may change depending on availability.

7. Paradiso Rito – Art House

Paradiso Rito is a break from the dive resorts that populate Anilao. Made up of the Art House, the Forest House, and even a camping space, Paradiso Rito is the venue of choice if you want to to do something else in Anilao other than diving.

Why here? Aside from its location in the municipality of Mabini, Paradiso Rito’s Art House is a “living” art gallery, featuring art by the hotel’s live-in artist. It’s Paradiso Rito’s main building, and faces the ocean and swimming pool.

Rates. Rates for a twin-sharing single bed start at P4000, inclusive of breakfast. However, rates are subject to change depending on availability.

8. Paradiso Rito – Forest House

The other half of Paradiso Rito, the Forest House is located in the mountainside forest just above the Art House. If you’re a rough-and-tumble kind of guy or someone who loves nature, this is the option to take.

Why here? The Forest House is the perfect choice if you’re exploring Batangas with a group of friends or your family. It’s got two spacious shared rooms that can hold close to 30 people, and is close to the hotel’s Tree House. You can choose to camp there with a group and enjoy the panoramic sea view.

Rates. Rates per bed start at P2500. However, rates may change depending on availability.

9. Halo Secret Bay Dive Resort

The 5-star Halo Secret Bay Dive Resort is on the tip of the municipality of Mabini, on an island separate from the mainland. It’s less than a year old and is for the diver with deeper pockets.

Why here? It’s location makes the Halo Secret Bay Dive Resort perfect for people looking for some isolation and seclusion. At less than a year old, it’s still a secret to most of the populace. Enjoy all the great diving that Mabini, Batangas has to offer, without having to fight for space with other people.

Rates. Room rates start at P6300. However, rates may change depending on availability.

10. Acuaverde Beach Resort

This 5-star resort in Laiya is the best pick if you’re looking to pamper yourself while in Batangas. Its coastline is the widest in Laiya, giving you plenty of opportunities to just stare at the sunrise or sunset.

Why here? Aside from the coastline, Acuaverde Beach Resort is also a great pick for travelers bringing their animal friends along. The resort has pet-friendly services for house dogs and cats, with a maximum of two pets allowed for guests. The hotel ensures a carefree experience not just for you, but for your pet as well.

Rates. Room rates start at P7315, inclusive of breakfast. However, rates may change depending on availability.

Ready to give Batangas a try? If you’re interested in any of the hotels, use Traveloka to book!

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