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10 Fun & Unique Things to Do in Batangas

Lying just over a hundred kilometers south of Metro Manila is another favorite Southern Luzon weekend destination – the grand old Province of Batangas. Known widely for its iconic dive spots and array of captivating beach resorts, there is more to Batangas than a healthy dose of vitamin sea for the land-weary and weekend warriors.

From the heart-pumping to the awe-inspiring and relaxing, read on to find out more about the new (and old) adventures to try in this southern beauty.

1. Heritage Tour

There’s enough heritage within the confines of Batangas to satisfy your craving for history and culture. Take a guided tour of the Taal Heritage Village and find yourself surrounded by well-preserved buildings, town centers, and ancestral homes that transport you back to the Spanish colonization era.

  • Location: Taal Municipal Building, Calle MM Agoncillo, Cor. Calle J.W. Diokno, Taal, 4208
  • Fees: P50-P100 per museum/house
  • Activities: Explore old ancestral homes and museums, Historical tours
  • Tips:
    – Visit during the El Pasubat Festival (April).
    – Bring bottled water, portable fans, and umbrellas


2. Religious Shrines

If you’re in need of a miracle, The Lady of Mt. Carmel Church is said to have been the site of apparitions by Mary Mediatrix of All Grace in 1948 to a local nun, accompanied no less by a shower of rose petals.

  • Location: P. Torres Street, 4217, Lipa City, Batangas
  • Fees: FREE
  • Hours: Daily mass at 6am
  • Activities: Attend mass, say a prayer by the shrine
  • Tips: If you’re looking for a quiet place to reflect, Mt Carmel is great choice.


3. Local Fiestas

While certainly more animated and colorful, Batangas has an assortment of fiestas that have their roots still in the province’s deep religious history, such as the Sublian Festival which culminates every July 23 in Batangas City, where locals in colorful attire dance as a devotion to the Holy Cross.

  • Location: Bauan and Agoncillo, Batangas City
  • Dates: Two week long festival that ends on July 23
  • Activities: Dancing, si singing
  • Tips: Wear something colorful


4. Racetrack

Whether you’ve been a motoring aficionado all your life or a normal Jane or Joe with silent dreams of ripping through a racetrack someday, welcome to the Batangas Race Circuit. Built in 1996, this full 3.7 km permanent racetrack in Barrio Maligaya, Rosario, is open to both 2-wheel and 4-wheel circuit practices and competitions.

  • Location: Garcia-Rosario-San Juan-Candelaria Road, Rosario, Batangas
  • Fees: Practice fee for cars – P2,000, for motorcycles – P1,500
  • Hours: 8am-5pm (Tues-Sun)
  • Activities: Racing, learn how to race, watch a race
  • Tips: Make sure to bring your own vehicle; no rentals are available


5. Adventure Park

Think Wipeout, and, perhaps the more dated Takeshi’s Castle. Oh yes, you can have their fill of fun right now in Batangas.

Club Balai Isabel unveiled its Aqua Park last April 2017 and already, this massive expanse of floating inflatables has seen a steady-rise of adventure-seekers wanting to try out their human cannonball launchers, hamster wheels (for humans, needless to say), and giant waterslide.

  • Location: Fairways Drive, Talisay, Batangas
  • Fees: Daytrip – P990-1850 (1 hour in park plus lunch and use of other facilities)
  • Activities: Obstacle course racing, sliding
  • Tips: Stay overnight for longer use of the park and lower fees

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6. Climb Mountain

Mount Batulao

Or not. Because Batangas is host to 14 peaks of varying climbing grades. If you’re a first-timer seeking new adventure that’s accessible from the Metro, Mt. Gulugod Baboy, is one such option. Rising at a friendly 525 meters above sea level in Anilao, Mabini, it offers a gradual slope that any city slicker can take on, not to mention an awesome seascape view of diving mecca, Anilao.

  • Location: Barangay Ligaya, Mabini, Batangas
  • Fees: FREE (no guide)
  • Activities: Watch the sunset, Have a picnic
  • Tips: For those who don’t want to hike, you have the option to drive up the mountain to one of the peaks.

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7. Diving

If ascending mountains isn’t your cup of tea, perhaps diving underwater can be your thing. Diving and Anilao are almost eponymous with each other. Beginners can go to dive spots such as Eagle Point, Cathedral, or Twin Rocks where a shipwreck lays underneath, while those up for more advanced diving can head on to the Mapating site or Shark Cave, Mainit Point, or circumnavigate Ligpo Island.

  • Location: Anilao, Batangas
  • Fees: Scuba packages start at P1,680 to P3,360 for beginners including a dive instructor
  • Activities: Scuba Diving, Skin Diving, Underwater photography
  • Tips: Visit during summer when the waters are clear and the weather is good.

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8. Bee Farm

Batangas has a number of bee farms that are open to the public for visits or learning. Care to know more about nature’s precious pollinators? Go on a BEEsita sa Bukid at Milea Farm Apiary and Meliponiary, where you’ll face your fears and commune firsthand with these buzzing beauties.

  • Location: Kurba Rd, Lipa, Batangas
  • Fees: P200
  • Hours: Tuesdays – Sundays 9am – 5pm
  • Activities: Tour, honey drinking
  • Tips: Bring a good camera and take photos of the bees

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9. Glamp

A compound word between glamorous and camping, glamping is all that it promises to be – glamorous and hassle-free.

The Nayomi Sanctuary Resort in Bgy. Alangilan in Balete offers a full-board glamping experience complete with double beds, fresh towels, bathrooms, and an industrial electric fan. Oh and did I say mosquito zapper too?

  • Location: JM Katigbak Street Barangay Alangilan Balete Batangas
  • Fees: starts at P8,599 for 6 to 7 people
  • Activities: Team building, family bonding
  • Tips: You can bring your pets!

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10. Local Cuisine

Batangas beef is known nationwide and so it is no surprise that it figures in many of its best local dishes as well as the freshwater bounty of Taal lake. Take the Batangas Goto. This isn’t your usual Filipino congee in these parts, but a rich and peppery broth of beef. Try out Gotohan sa Barangay in Lipa for a taste of local delicacies.

  • Location: Antipolo del Norte, Lipa
  • Fees: around P100

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Enjoy a fun experience and check out other tourist spots to visit, restaurants to try and more in Batangas. Discover cheap Batangas hotel deals and cheap flights from carriers like Philippine Airlines, AirAsia, and more with Traveloka!

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