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10 Batangas Tourist Spots Off the Beaten Path

Batangas’ impressive land, sea, and culturescapes have long lured tourists from both near and far. Just as we think we know all that it has to offer, the province is opening up its doors to more hidden wonders that until recently have laid low, unbeknownst to many.

Here are ten up-and-coming travel destinations in Batangas for you to check out!

1. Masasa Beach

Tingloy Island Masasa Beach

Just across Anilao lies Maricaban Island under the township of Tingloy, also popularly referred to as “Tingloy Island”. One of its fast-rising stars is Masasa Beach, which caters best to those more game for a roughing-it-out kind of beach trip.

A public beach, Masasa is devoid of the usual string of resorts, save for some nipa huts loosely strewn in the area for rent by enterprising locals. Tourists are encouraged to patronize the small inns and local homestays that are slowly sprouting up inland if you wish to stay a night or two.

  • Location: Brgy. Masasa, Maricaban Island, Tingloy
  • How To Get There:
    Via Public Transport
    – Take a bus to Batangas Grand Terminal
    – Take a jeep to Anilao Port or Talaga Port
    – Ride a passenger boat going to Tingloy Port
    – Take a tricycle to where you’re going to be staying
  • Budget: P1,500 per head for an overnight stay without activities
  • Activities To Do: Swimming, Snorkeling, Island hopping, Hiking
  • Don’t Miss:
    Taking photos at the Hagdang Bato on one of the rock formations nearby
    Hiking to the island’s highest peak, Mag-Asawang Bato, where a splendid view of the whole island awaits
  • Insider Tips:
    – Boats depart from the ports to Tingloy during these hours: 9am, 3pm, and 5pm.
    – Chartered boats have a fee of around P2,000 to P2,500.
    – An environmental fee of P15 will be collected before riding the boat to Tingloy.
  • Contact Info:
    Mabini Tourism Office
    Phone number: +63 43 410 0607

2. Sepoc Beach by Eagle Point Resort

Just on the other side of Masasa Beach is Sepoc Beach. Owned and operated by Eagle Point Resort, this secluded beach offers a more private and leisurely getaway complete with its own beach center, view deck, and, restrooms. Guests will also be treated to lush greenery surrounding the beach to delight your senses and wanderlust for nature even more.

The practical seclusion of this beach resort makes it an ideal venue for team-building activities and other group-bonding experiences.

  • Location: Maricaban Island, Tingloy
  • How To Get There:
    Via Public Transportation: Take any bus bound for Batangas City and alight at the Grand Terminal where you can then take a jeep to Anilao Port.
  • Budget: around P4,000 to P7,000 inclusive of transportation, accommodation, tour package, and diving package
  • Activities To Do: Swimming, Snorkeling, Island hopping/Boat rides to nearby attractions, Kayaking, Hiking
  • Don’t Miss: While not part of the Eagle Point Resort, the resort boat can take you to Sombrero Island for an additional P1,000. Docking and entrance fee to the island is P200.
  • Travel Tip: If using public transport, choose southbound provincial buses that pass through less towns in Batangas, which will take you faster to the Batangas Terminal. The Alps bus and JAM Liner have route options for you to choose from.
  • Contact Info:
    Mobile: +63 917 846 4958, +63 918 846 3958
    Email: [email protected]

3. Fortune Island

Fortune Island

Closer to the mainland now in Nasugbu is the mysterious and haunting Fortune Island. Originally developed in the nineties as an uber luxury, the absence of any viable freshwater source forced the development to a halt in 2006.

What is left is a surreal collection of abandoned spaces and buildings, most notable of which are the pillars of a Parthenon-inspired structure along a narrow strip of land that would give any tourist a taste of the Athenian ruins.

  • Location: Brgy. Bucana, Nasugbu
  • How to Get There:
    Via Public Transport:
    – Take a Nasugbu-bound bus and alight at Jollibee, Nasugbu.
    – Take a tricycle to Fortune Island Resort on the mainland.
    – Take the resort boat to the island.
  • Budget: around P1,500 per head
  • Activities to Do: Swimming, Cliff diving, Snorkeling, Site tour, Diving to underwater wreck sites
  • Don’t Miss:
    – The San Diego Warship Museum on the island, complete with a replica of the San Diego galleon, a Spanish shipwreck that was discovered in the area in 1992.
    – A 30-minute trek to the lighthouse
    – Wreck of a freight ship and a Volkswagen minibus
  • Travel Tip: Be sure to bring your own refreshments, toiletries, and other personal effects when you visit the small island as there are no shops or restaurants to cater to your needs.
  • Contact Info:
    Fortune Island Resort
    Mobile: +63 915 504 7166
    Facebook: Fortune Island Dive Resort

4. Isla Verde and Verde Island Passage

Isla Verde is a bucolic little island sitting languidly between Batangas City and Puerto Galera on the world-renowned Verde Island Passage.

The waters off Verde Island itself is home to several dive sites, but with names such as “Washing Machine” and “Pinnacle (or Drop off)”, diving newbies best steer clear of these choppy waters, and satisfy themselves snorkeling in top spots such as Lalanguyin instead.

Guests are often advised to bring their own food for cooking, swimming and diving gears, flotation device, personal effects and cash (there are no ATMs or credit card facilities on the island).

  • Location: Isla Verde, Batangas City
  • How To Get There:
    Via Public Transport: Take a bus to Batangas City Grand Terminal and from there you can take a tricyle to Tabangao Port. Just take the designated boat to the resort or locality you are going to.
  • Budget: starts at P1,300
  • Activities to Do: Hiking, Snorkeling, Boat tour, Diving
  • Don’t Miss: Mahabang Buhangin white sand beach, Cueva Sitio cave, Local products made from the local Buri such as banig (mats) and purses, Tasting the local sweet delicacy called Pakaskas
  • Travel Tips:
    – The best time to go to Isla Verde is between March to May to avoid the Southwest monsoon season.
    – Be sure to schedule your trip to arrive at Tabangao Port by 8am, so you don’t miss the sole 9am public boat ride to Isla Verde but you can also arrange chartered boats in advance with the resort you’re staying at.
  • Contact Info:
    The Beach Camp Isla Verde
    Phone number: +63 916 5329592
    The Surface Interval
    Phone number: +63 916 6435848
    Isla Verde Tropical Resort
    Phone number: +63 916 4408647

5. Kapusod Treehouse

Kapusod Treehouse

Travelers are given a unique experience in its famous and literal Treehouse accomodation, overlooking the vast Taal Lake Protected Landscape. You may opt for a hobbit-like stay and book their Earth Dome, a round igloo-like earthen structure that comfortably houses two adults and kids below 12. The Kubokas on the hand are open cabanas, with simple canvas draped on the sides for when you want more privacy or shelter from the elements.

Staying at Kapusod is a full immersion in ecological living. It also gives you the opportunity to learn more about conservation and ways to reduce your ecological footprint starting by bringing your own non-biodegradable trash back home with you.

  • Location: Sitio Lipute, Bgy. Kinalaglagan, Mataasnakahoy
  • How to Get There:
    Via Public Transport:
    – Board a Lipa-bound bus and get off at the SM Terminal in Tambo.
    – Take a jeep (P20) with Mataasnakahoy signs, and alight at the 7/11 convenience store.
    – Hail a tricycle to take you to Pusod TLCC.
  • Budget: starts at P850 per head
  • Activities to Do: Swimming, Kayaking, Boat ride, Hiking
  • Don’t Miss:
    – Swimming in their natural swimming pool
    – Touring the Taal Lake Protected Landscape with trained guides
    – Watching the fireflies at night
  • Travel Tip: Those who might be arriving at dusk or later in the evening are best adviced to arrange for Kapusod’s private transport service from either Tambo in Lipa (P500), or from the Batangas Pier (P1,500). The owners discourage night commutes due to road conditions.

6. Malabrigo Lighthouse

Malabrigo Lighthouse Lobo

The Malabrigo Lighthouse, or Faro de Punta Malabrigo or simply parola to the locals, is one of two Batangas lighthouses constructed in 1891 to guide seafaring vessels voyaging through the eastern side of the Verde Island Passage and Tayabas Bay.

This historic lighthouse has stood the test of time and is remarkably still in use with updated solar-powered lamps. It has also been declared a National Historical Landmark in 2006 by the National Historical Commission.

  • Location: Lobo
  • How to Get There:
    Via Public Transport:
    – Take a bus to Batangas City and get off at Balagtas Junction.
    – Ride a jeepney to SM Batangas until the Lobo Jeepney Terminal.
    – Take another jeepney ride to Lobo town proper.
    – Hire a tricycle to Malabrigo Lighthouse.
  • Budget: FREE
  • Activities to Do: Sight-seeing
  • Don’t Miss: Going down to Malabrigo Beach from the Lighthouse staircase at the back
  • Travel Tips:
    – Go to the lighthouse early in the day to avoid the heat and, more importantly, because the road leading to the lighthouse is a steep slope.
    – When commuting, arrange with your triclycle driver if he can come back for you at the lighthouse, or simply ask where to get the next one to bring you back to the town proper (either from the beach or the lighthouse).
    – A portion of the road going up to the lighthouse gets steep, narrow, and have winding turns so take extra caution.

7. Cape Santiago Lighthouse

Cape Santiago Lighthouse

The Cape Santiago Lighthouse, or Faro de Punta Santiago, is another historical landmark that played a significant role in the country’s maritime history. Together with the Malabrigo Lighthouse, the Cape Santiago parola is one of 24 lighthouses built nationwide during the Spanish era to guide ships plying the major maritime routes.

Find yourself fascinated with stories of old told firsthand by third-generation caretaker, Kuya Junior, who is gaining popularity himself for being an excellent guide and storyteller!

  • Location: Calatagan
  • How to Get There:
    Via Public Transport:
    – Take a bus to Calatagan in Pasay Rotunda or a van at Metropoint Mall in Pasay or at the MRT Taft Station.
    – Get off at the Calatagan Public Market, take a tricycle to the Lighthouse.
  • Budget: P760 roundtrip
  • Activities to Do: Sightseeing
  • Don’t Miss: The stories that Kuya Junior, the caretaker, has to tell about the lighthouse
  • Travel Tips:
    – Do inform Kuya Junior of your intent to visit so you can coordinate about the best time to be there so he can give you access to the grounds.
    – There are many signs along the way to guide you to the lighthouse.
    – You may also want to try camping at nearby Burot Beach.
  • Contact:
    Kuya Junior
    Mobile Number: +63 919 8416486

8. San Nicolas Ecotour – Lava Walk & Bird Sanctuary

Touted as the real gateway to Taal Volcano Island, San Nicolas gives a more direct route to Volcano Island than any other lakeshore municipality. It offers an eco-tour that includes a jaunt on its famous Lava Walk – a 280-step path built right over a trail of Taal Volcano’s hardened exotic black lava from its recent eruptions in the 60’s and 70’s – and a stop at the 15th century ruins of the original Taal Church.

Guests can also enjoy a laid-back “boodle” lunch on a vast covered raft anchored at the center of the Pansipit River, from where the famed maliputo fish originates.

  • Location: San Nicolas Municipal Town
  • How to Get There:
    Via Public Transport:
    – Take a bus to Lemery and tell the driver to let you off at Tawilisan.
    – From there, take a tricycle ride to the Municiapl Hall of San Nicolas, where they can lead you to the boats.
  • Budget: around P1,600 inclusive of transportation, eco-tour, boodle food, raft use, and horse-back riding
  • Activities to Do: Trekking, Horse-back riding, Bird watching, Picnic
  • Don’t Miss: The Lava Walk, Taal church ruins, Purchasing maliputo fish from local vendors, Bird sanctuary
  • Travel Tips:
    – Contact the Municipal Tourism Office to book an eco-tour, and inform them if you will avail of the boodle fight-type lunch (you may bring your own food and utensils).
    – You can start the eco-tour as early as 6am to arrive and hike up to Volcano Island way before high noon.
    – It is best to leave shortly after noon and latest by 3pm to avoid traveling in the dusk.
    – Bring insect repellant, sunscreen, sunshades, and drinking water!
  • Contact:
    Ms. Grace Lopez, Muncipal Tourism Officer
    Mobile Number: +63 997 547 0608
    Facebook: San Nicolas, Batangas Tourism

9. Il Capo: A Gentleman’s Barbershop

Il Capo Barbershop

Try out this off-beat and avant garde hideout and give your well-travelled feet a rest. It is time for the menfolk to have their own spa day and be treated to some well-deserved grooming and a glass of whiskey. You read that right. A shot of single-malt or a cup of joe to go with that stylish new haircut.

At Il Capo A Gentleman’s Barbershop, the name says it all – “Il Capo”, meaning, “the boss”. Customers are treated to premium pampering services that cater to the manly taste.

  • Location: Hotel 1925, Pilahan St., Sabang, Lipa
  • How to Get There:
    Via Public Transport:
    – Take a bus to Lipa, and get off at the SM terminal.
    – The easiest way is to take a tricycle to Hotel 1925 .
  • Budget: Not inclusive of fare, around P700 to P1,000 for the services, depending on what you choose
  • Activities to Do: Have a “craft” haircut, Relax on their comfy barber chairs, Watch sports games on tv, Eat and drink as you have your haircut
  • Don’t Miss: Their locally-made water-based pomades, which you can purchase there along with other old-world shaving items like brush and razor sets, beard oils, and straight razors.
  • Travel Tip: Best to set an appointment.
  • Contact:
    Mobile Number: +63 917 1121258
    Facebook: Il Capo A Gentleman’s Barbershop

10. Marian Orchard

Nestled in the greenery of Balete, just off Lipa, is the secluded Marian Orchard. Inspired by European gardens, there are many a picturesque spots in this park to slip away to for a quiet reflection or an Instagram-worthy shot.

While you’re there, climb up the Sacred Hear tower – a replica of Brazil’s “Christ the Redeemer” – for an astounding view from atop.

  • Location: Balete Road, Bgy. Malabanan, Balete
  • How to Get There:
    Via Public Transport:
    – Take a southbound bus to Lipa or Batangas City and ask the driver to drop you off at Levitown in Marawoy.
    – Take a jeep or a tricyle to Marian Orchard.
  • Budget: P550
  • Activities to Do: Sightseeing, Catholic Mass
  • Don’t Miss:
    – A climb to the Sacred Heart Tower
    – Stopping by the Mary Mediatrix of All Graces Prayer Hall
    – Going up the steps to the Immaculate Heart of Mary Chapel
  • Travel Tips:
    – Parking spaces are available inside the Marian Orchard compound.
    – Best avoid the Holy Week traffic and pilgrimage crowd for a more quiet visit.
  • Contact:
    Mobile Number: +63 915 604 2566
    Facebook: Marian Orchard

Explore Batangas now and discover sights, activities, and the best places to eat!

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