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The 7 Most Romantic Beach Wedding Destinations in the Philippines

Serene, stunning, and laid-back, beach weddings are becoming more and more popular with couples nowadays and why wouldn’t it be? Imagine this: white sands against turquoise waves, a picturesque horizon, and gentle breezes across the shores as the bride and groom say their promises.

The Philippines is made up of thousands of islands with beaches that resemble your summer fantasies. If you’re looking for the perfect tropical wedding venue, this is the place to be. 

Check out Traveloka’s beach wedding ideas for your special day and experience what it’s like to say “I do” on the famed sands of some of the best summer destinations in the country:

1. Cebu

Shangri-La's Mactan Resort and Spa Cebu - Ocean Pavilion
Image Credit:

The Queen City of the South has much to offer when it comes to tropical destinations. With pristine beaches and nature spots, rich ocean biodiversity, as well as cultural and historical landmarks around the city, Cebu is a fantastic wedding venue package. 

Shangri-La Resort & Spa offers a luxurious treat for couples and will surely live up to the title of a “white wedding.” With sands that can match a bride’s dress, this five-star resort offers world-class services and facilities alongside a stunning beachfront that can make any bride and groom feel like the man and lady of the hour. 

Another great venue is the six-ha resort on Mactan Island that features a breathtaking view that is a perfect backdrop for when you say your vows. Crimson Resort & Spa Mactan offers great wedding packages that will fit any kind of wedding fantasy. From intimate ceremonies to full-on dramatic galas, this resort is simply made for this kind of romance.

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2. Batanes


When Batanes comes to mind, people think “international-looking” or even “fantastical.” If you want a dream wedding that looks right out of a postcard or from an episode of your favorite fantasy series, Batanes is the place to be! From sweeping hillside views to white-sand beaches, this province looks too good to be true. 

Try Morong Beach for white sands and grass-carpeted hills peeking in the background of your wedding photos. The beach also has that iconic stone arc which gives off a fantastical feel and looks amazing in photographs.

Looking for a venue for gorgeous wedding photos? Walk the stretch of Valugan Beach, which is filled with huge rocks and boulders by the shores, which make up a unique and magical sight! 

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3. Bohol

Alona Beach Bohol

This popular tourist site in central Visayas offers beautiful beaches and unforgettable experiences. With that being said, you should definitely consider Bohol as your wedding venue. Not only will you get to see the famed Chocolate Hills at its capital in Tagbilaran, but it also has an island famous for powdery white sands and crystal-blue waves.

Panglao Island is packed with private and public beaches that boast stunning coastlines. On top of a limestone hill sits Amorita Resort, a world-class accommodation with a stunning view overlooking Alona Beach.

If you want a high-end destination, this is the place to be. You may choose to have your wedding at their cliff deck or private beach, where you can have a serene ceremony, as well as a night of partying under the stars afterward.

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4. Quezon Province 

Balesin Island Club

Bounded by the Pacific Ocean and Tayabas Bay, Quezon province is home to several resorts with amazing beachfront locations. One resort, in particular, has been named one of the most luxurious and extravagant wedding destination venues and is famous among VIPs. 

Balesin Island Club has become a popular wedding venue because of several celebrities tying the knot on this exclusive resort. It’s true that it’s a private membership club and you will need to be a member or have a sponsor to be able to make your wedding dream come true here, but it’s totally worth it!

The 500-hectare island has seven unique villages you can choose from to match your wedding theme. Elegant, romantic, and extravagant with an international vibe—say “I do” in paradise!

5. Palawan 

El Nido Resorts
Image Credit:

You don’t have to see Palawan to believe that it’s the ideal wedding venue, as it was declared as the World’s Best Island in 2017. With turquoise waters and pristine beaches crafted from your daydreams, Palawan just might be what you’re looking for to host the wedding of your dreams.

El Nido Resorts has everything a beach wedding should have. You can get married in a cove near the lagoon which is enclosed by limestone walls or walk a sandy aisle on the beach toward a gorgeous sunset. This top-notch resort also offers wedding venues in their garden chapel, hidden coves, and private islands. 

6. Marinduque 

Image Credit: Bellaroca Island Resort and Spa Facebook page

You don’t have to fly to Santorini to have that Grecian-inspired wedding. There’s a resort in Marinduque with iconic white stone architecture, a stunning cliff-side view, and extravagant facilities that will make your Santorini dreams a reality. 

At Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa, you can exchange vows on a gorgeous beachfront and even spend the later days exploring and experiencing the many recreational activities available on the island.

7. Boracay

Discovery Shores
Image Credit: Discovery Shores Boracay Facebook page

No list involving beaches would be complete without Boracay. Famous for its white sands and great nightlife strip, this island in Aklan has gained a reputation as the go-to beach destination of the Philippines, not just for Filipinos but also for foreign tourists. 

Not only that, but Boracay is also known to have one of the dreamiest sunset views and there’s no better place to say your vows than under a golden and pink sky as the sun gently sinks into the horizon. 

Discovery Shores offers all the luxuries of Boracay and is situated in the more serene and upscale region, Station 1. More importantly, they have a stunning beachfront with powdery sands that promises an amazing sunset backdrop for your ceremony. 

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