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Bohol Shores Hotel Review: The Ideal Paradise Escape

Many guests have shared that staying at Bohol Shores is like living in a small idyllic village. It sits on a sprawling cliff that overlooks the clear blue sky and waters of Bohol, and is lined with beautiful well-kept cabanas that surround a stunning 25,000-sqm. beach pool.

What you’ll love at Bohol Shores

Bohol Shores gate

So many resorts can be found on Panglao Island, but what makes Bohol Shores unique is its offering of amenities and features that many types of guests can enjoy–whether you want a leisurely and relaxing stay, a nature-immersive vacation, or to fill your itinerary with different water activities each day.

Bohol Shores Beachfront

What’s more, being at Bohol Shores makes you feel like you’re in your very own island paradise because of its high location and the lush vegetation that almost shrouds the resort. They have a staff that’s always friendly and accommodating, so much so that you can have someone accompany you if you ever feel like exploring around.

The Villas

Guests can choose from three types of villas: The Garden Villa, the Pool Villa, and the Pool Access Villa. The villa prices depend on the dates, season, and occupancy rates.

Garden Villa

Garden Villa

With two queen-sized beds, a spacious en suite bathroom, a 42” LCD cable television, coffee-maker, minibar, WiFi access, and all the amenities you’ll ever need, it can be difficult to leave this room and venture outside.

Pool Villa

Pool Villa interior and personal pool

Pool Villa

A great choice for honeymooners. The Pool Villa offers the same amenities as the Garden Villa. The big difference is that it has its very own dipping pool that’s perfect for a cool midnight dip or an early morning swim.

Pool Access Villa

Pool Access Villas

Ideal for a family. This villa has a veranda, one king-sized and two queen-sized beds, all the amenities and features offered by the Garden and Pool Villas, and of course, its very own access to the beach pool!

The Community

Bohol Shores Beach Area

You’ll see both locals and tourists staying at Bohol Shores. Usually, this is a top choice for honeymooners or travelers who want to get away from the busy crowds of Bohol.

Beach Pool

Because of its massive beach pool and various aqua sports amenities, you’ll also find families enjoying the many activities that the resort offers.

The Food

Lunch at Susan’s

Susan Restaurant

Susan Restaurant food

Susan Restaurant can be found within the resort. It offers al fresco dining where both guests and non-guests can choose from a wide selection of local and international dishes.

Cocktail Hour at Breeze Island Bar

A tropical paradise vacation won’t be complete without you sipping cocktails or fresh fruit juice by the beach! So just find a spot at Breeze Island Bar, try a drink or two (or three!), and enjoy the cool breeze and the sound of waves as you wind down from your awesome day.

Reef Bar + Grill

Al fresco dining area

All those swimming and water sports can tire you out. Bohol Shores’ Reef Bar + Grill is the go-to place for light snacks and refreshing drinks. You can opt to eat here al fresco, or take your snacks somewhere else and go on about your fun-filled day.

The resort’s restaurants are open from 6:00AM to 10:00PM.

How to Get There

Bohol Shores is located in Barangay Dao, Dauis, Panglao Island.

Panglao Island has become a popular vacation spot for locals and tourists because it’s rich in heritage sites, beaches, diving spots, sumptuous cuisines, and recreational areas. That’s why it has become easier to get here via various modes of transportation.

Bohol is an hour and fifteen minutes away from Manila. Upon reaching Bohol, the land transfer from Tagbilaran Airport to Bohol Shores is about 25 minutes. For the best deals, don’t forget to book your flights with Traveloka.

Insider Tips

Chocolate Hills

  • Start your trip by touring heritage sites and famous landmarks around the area.
  • Go on an island hopping adventure. With a bit of luck, maybe you’ll spot some dolphins or a whale during your boat ride!
  • Choose from Bohol Shores’ water sports amenities like the banana boat, kayak, or jet ski, or try activities like parasailing, paddling, and diving.
  • Of course, you have to experience going on their famous glass-bottom boat! You’ll get to see what’s underneath the water without having to snorkel!
  • For a relaxing night, try Bohol Shores’ massage services.


Things to Do Nearby

Visit the Mysterious Lamanoc Island

Lamanoc Island

Located in Anda, a small peninsula in Bohol, is Lamanoc Island or “Bohol’s Mystical Cradle of Civilization.”

According to folklore, Lamanoc was considered a holy spot for local priests and medicine men who’d make offerings to the nature spirits that were believed to grant bountiful harvest.

Until now, the locals still give offerings to the deities or “diwatas,” a practice that began way before the Spaniards introduced Catholicism.

If you explore the island some more, you’ll see mangroves, thick forests, hidden waterfalls, and caves. Centuries-old burial jars, ceramics, and wall carvings can also be found in this magical island.

Reach the Top of Alicia’s Binabaje Hills

Rolling hills

A journey for the thrill seeker. Binabaje Hills in Alicia, Bohol is the perfect hill to conquer if you’re looking for challenge and raw terrains.

Most hikers have struggled through soft, slippery soil and harsh blades of grass, and of course, the unpredictable weather which can slow down your hike.

A camp site is available along the trail, and a tour guide can be hired to accompany you. Once you reach the top though, your aches and pains will soon be forgotten.

Dive at Cabagnow Cave Pool

Cabagnow Cave Pool

Aside from its unique crater-like formation, Cabagnow Cave Pool in Anda boasts of being one of the largest and deepest cave pools in the area.

Despite its hidden location, the water is as clear and blue as that of the ocean, and even from afar, you can see the rocks and corals underneath. You can float around, snorkel, or dive from 25 feet above!

Take a Dip in Canawa Spring

Canawa Spring
Image Credit: @pilipinasdestination /

If you think you’ve seen everything, think again. Canawa Spring in Barangay Canawa is nothing like your typical body of water. According to locals, despite numerous attempts, no one has ever reached the deepest part of this basin!

What’s more, nobody knows where the water is coming from because there is no other waterfall or body of water connected to it. This is one magical spot indeed.

Meet the Loon Macaques in Canto-mucad

Loon Macaques in Canto-mucad

Inhabiting the mangrove forest of Canto-mucad are the Loon Macaques or crab-eating monkeys. These red-brown primates are usually out and about looking for crabs, clams, and mudskippers or “tambasakan.”

They sleep on tree branches and love to play with their family members, and you can only view them from 8AM to 12PM, but their habitat can be visited until 5PM.

To visit this protected area, you can head to Barangay Canto-mucad which is about 35 km north of Tagbilaran through the town proper of Loon on the national highway. The habitat is approximately 150 meters beyond the junction of Catagbacan Pier.

Plan your Bohol trip now!Check out top tourist attractions and must-try restaurants in Bohol you shouldn’t miss.

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