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15 Fun & Unique Things to Do in Bohol

Bohol is best known for Tarsiers and the Chocolate Hills. But did you know there are a ton of things to do in Bohol besides basking in the glory of this Central Visayan province? You can try paddleboarding, kitesurfing, dolphin watching and so much more!

If you’re planning your next trip to the island, check this list of the best things to do in Bohol to help you make the most of your vacation.

1. Visit the Chocolate Hills

Chocolate hills Bohol

Bohol is Chocolate Hills. Chocolate Hills is Bohol. Your trip to this Visayas province wouldn’t be complete without seeing this natural wonder. With over 1,300 of these hills painting over 50 square kilometers of area, it is a true sight to behold. Make your way to one of the viewing decks around Bohol and bask in the beauty of the green or brown hills (from where it gets its name).

  • Location: Chocolate Hills Complex, Carmen, Bohol
  • Fee(s): P50 (entrance fee)
  • Operation Hours: 8am to 11:30pm
  • Best For: Nature Lovers
  • Highlights: Nothing spells Bohol tourist spots better than Chocolate Hills. The ultimate highlight of your Bohol trip would be seeing this wonder right before your eyes!
  • Activity Tip: If you want to see the hills brown, visit during the summer or dry season. Otherwise, the hills are usually green due to the grass.
  • Insider Info: The Chocolate Hills is the Philippines’ third National Geological Monument and is UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Contact Details:
    Chocolate Hills Adventure Park
    Phone: 0932 667 7098, 0928 256 5984, (038) 411 1281
    Email/ Site:
    Facebook: @Chocolate-Hills-Adventure-Park


2. Go Dolphin Watching with your family

Snorkeling, scuba diving, stand-up paddleboarding and even kitesurfing are popular things to do in Bohol, but did you know you can also go dolphin watching in the Visayan province? Bring your kids and the whole family, for an experience you all can enjoy.

  • Location: Alona Beach, Tawala, Panglao, Bohol
  • Fee(s): P2,750 for 1-4 persons
  • Operation Hours: 8am to 8pm
  • Highlights: Watch the dolphins as they play in their natural habitat. If you start viewing early, you might see them in schools.
  • Activity Tip: Some tour packages offer island hopping as well. Inquire from your hotel or diving shops ahead of time to get the best value.
  • Insider Info: If you don’t want to pay for a complete tour, you can just rent a small boat at Alona Beach and do the tour by yourself. Of course, it’s always easier to have a tour guide though.
  • Contact Details:
    Bohol Fun Diving
    Phone: (038) 502 4083, (038) 416 2337, 915 962 1701
    Email/ Site:
    Facebook: @PhilippineFunDivers


3. Dine at a Floating Restaurant

Loboc Riverwatch Floating Restaurant

Is there any better way to dine than in a floating restaurant along one of the country’s cleanest rivers, surrounded by nature? I highly doubt anything can top that. Well, in Bohol you get this plus more. Aside from the great food and even better ambiance, the Loboc Youth Ambassador Band would be serenading you throughout your lunch or dinner. All these set up the mood for what could be your best meal ever.

  • Location: Poblacion Sawang, Loboc, Bohol
  • Fee(s): P450 per person (Cruise and Lunch/Dinner), P800 per person (Package of Night Cruise, Dinner and Concert)
  • Operation Hours: 10:30am to 4pm
  • Best For: Nature lovers, Foodies
  • Highlights: The view and the ambiance of this one-of-a-kind restaurant are enough highlights.
  • Activity Tip: Best to reserve your spots ahead of time to be sure you and your group have seats at the buffet of your preferred date and time.
  • Insider Info: If you just want to experience the cruise and wouldn’t mind skipping the meals, you can rent a banca at the Loay Bridge.
  • Contact Details:
    Phone: (038) 537 9460, 0999 582 4655
    Email/ Site: [email protected]
    Facebook: @RiverwatchFloatingResto


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4. Go on a bike tour around Bohol

Cycling may not be the first thing you think of when looking for things to do in Bohol. But believe us, you won’t regret going on a biking tour during your vacation. The trails, the sites and the view make pedaling along cemented, dirt and rugged roads all worth the sweat and exhaustion.

  • Location: Depending on the tour, you can visit just a few sites or bike around the whole province (at least 300km).
  • Fee(s): starts at P950 (can increase depending on the package and number of days)
  • Operation Hours: Bike tours can range from 2 hours to 8 days
  • Best For: Adventurous, Athletic, Nature lovers
  • Highlights: Go off-road and appreciate the beauty of Bohol while cycling! An outdoor adventure you won’t forget.
  • Activity Tip: Depending on the time and budget you have, there are tours that will suit you and your group. The more people you have joining, the cheaper the tour price is.
  • Insider Info: Some cycling tour agencies also offer other activity options. You can try some of them while on your bike tour, just make sure to inquire ahead of time.
  • Contact Details:
    SUP Tours
    Phone: (038) 537 9011, 0947 893 3022, 0917 713 7577
    Email/ Site:
    Facebook: @standuppaddlephilippines


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5. Witness the first-ever “Sandugo”

Blood Compact Monument Bohol

The sculpture depicts the first-ever treaty between Filipinos and the Spaniards. Performed by Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and Datu Sikatuna, the blood compact or “Sandugo”, served as the mark of friendship between the two nations. Today, the Blood Compact Monument stands tall in Bohol in remembrance of the historical event that happened in 1565.

  • Location: JP Inting Street, Tagbilaran City, Bohol
  • Fee(s): FREE
  • Operation Hours: 24 hours
  • Best For: Any type of tourist
  • Highlights: The life-size sculpture looks real enough that you can almost imagine how the blood compact took place. The art piece was made by National Artist and Boholano, Napoleon Abueva.
  • Activity Tips:
    – Make sure to read the Historical Marker found on the monument. It should give you a better picture of what the monument commemorates.
    – Several souvenir shops line the road along the monument. You might be able to find a few pasalubongs here too.
  • Insider Info: The Blood Compact Monument is easily accessible via public transportation. You can take a tricycle, bus or van to and from the site.


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6. Go Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Ever tried paddleboarding? Well, in Bohol there are several tour agencies and services that offer this unique attraction. Cross the Loboc River standing on a board as you paddle your way through the waters. Firefly and Full Moon paddleboarding is also popular among tourists. With the moon as you guide, appreciate the beauty of nature while fireflies entertain you.

  • Location: Loboc River, Bohol
  • Fee(s): P800 (1 hour), P1,650 (Half-day), P2,550 (Whole day with lunch)
  • Operation Hours: 8am to 6pm
  • Best For: Families, Nature lovers, Adventurous
  • Highlights:
    – Experience a whole new kind of thrill as you stand-up paddleboard across the Loboc River to different parts of Bohol, while the trees and mountains envelop you.
    – If you choose to paddle at night, you might just be accompanied by fireflies that light up your path. If you’re really lucky, you’ll have the full moon to guide you.
  • Activity Tip: Paddleboarding is safe and easy to learn. Kids as young as 8-years old can try the watersport.
  • Insider Info: Loboc River is known as one of the cleanest and calmest rivers in the Philippines and is best for beginners.
  • Contact Details:
    Loboc River Watersports
    Phone: 0917 324 2217, (038) 510-6191
    Email/ Site:
    Facebook: @lobocriverresort
    SUP Tours
    Phone: (38) 537 9011, 0947 893 3022, 0917 713 7577
    Email/ Site:
    Facebook: @standuppaddlephilippines


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7. Cross one of the world’s most spectacular hanging bridges

Bohol Hanging Bridge

Just about 25 meters above the Loboc/ Sipatan River is the Bohol Hanging Bridge. The 40-meter long bridge is made of bamboo and steel wires and was originally built to help locals cross the river, going from one barangay to the other.

In 2014, CNN named the Bohol Hanging Bridge as one of the 13 “Most Spectacular Foot Bridges” in the World. It joined others from Switzerland, Germany, and Nepal. Crossing the Hanging Bridge continues to be one of the most frequent things to do in Bohol.

  • Location: Sevilla, Bohol
  • Fee(s): P10 (entrance fee)
  • Operation Hours: 8am to 5pm
  • Best For: Adventurous
  • Highlights: The bridge itself is the highlight of this trip and crossing it is an adventure in itself. The wobbly bridge will keep you holding tight on the rails and ropes, but the view of the green Sipatan River will have you staying in the middle while you sway to and for as you take in the view.
  • Activity Tips: For safety, only 10 people can cross the hanging bridge at once.
  • Insider Info: Since the bridge grew in popularity among tourists, the provincial government decided to charge an entrance fee to fund the maintenance of the site.
  • Contact Details:
    Facebook: @Twin-Hanging-Bamboo-Bridge-Sevilla-Bohol


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8. Enjoy Paradise in Panglao Island

Beach in Panglao

Alona Beach in Panglao Island is a little paradise in Bohol. The small stretch of white sand coupled with clear blue waters make it one of the most visited beaches in Bohol. But aside from the beautiful beach, the coral reefs near the shore make it the perfect spot for snorkeling and scuba diving.

  • Location: Alona Beach, Panglao Island, Bohol
  • Operation Hours: Open 24 hours
  • Best For: Families, Beach lovers
  • Highlights: Because of the great marine life in Panglao Island, snorkeling is a great activity to try while at Alona Beach. Equipment rentals are available along the beach too.
  • Activity Tips:
    – If you plan on going snorkeling or diving, there are bancas along the beach which you can rent.
    – You can get a massage beach-side, for the ultimate R and R.
  • Contact Details:
    Henann Resort Alona Beach
    Phone: (38) 502-9141 to 44, (63) (2) 230-3000 to 03
    Email/ Site:
    Facebook: @henannbohol
    Bohol Divers’ Resort
    Phone: (02) 404 4784
    Email/ Site:
    Facebook: @boholdivers


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9. Visit the Second Oldest Stone Church in the Philippines

Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception in Baclayon

Being a Catholic nation, churches are almost synonymous with Philippines culture and heritage. In Bohol, you can find one of the oldest stone churches in the country. The Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception in Baclayon is believed to have been built in 1717. The structure was built by 200 forced laborer and is made from coral stones from the sea with egg whites used as cement.

  • Location: Baclayon, Bohol
  • Fee(s): FREE Church entrance, P50 Museum entrance
  • Operation Hours: 10am to 4pm daily
  • Best For: Religious
  • Highlights: A small convent by the church serves as a museum for religious relics and artifacts dating back to the 16th century.
  • Activity Tips: Given the age of the statues and artifacts found in the museum, taking of photos are not allowed.


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10. Face your fear of heights and take “The Plunge”

One of the highest canyon swings in the world is found in Bohol. Danao Adventure Park is an Eco-Park that offers extreme sports and activities for anyone who wants to face their fears while appreciating the views of Bohol in the process.

Among its attractions is “The Plunge”, a 650-foot high canyon swing that will allow you to free fall more than 200-feet before throwing you into a pendulum atop a gorge. It’s probably one of the craziest but most thrilling things to do in Bohol.

  • Location: Buenavista-Carmen-Danao-Jetafe Road, Danao, Bohol
  • Fee(s): PHP700 per person for The Plunge
  • Operation Hours: 8am to 5pm
  • Best For: Thrill-Seekers
  • Highlights: Free-falling for 200-feet in over four seconds is the thrill any thrill-seeker would want to experience. Obviously, the attraction is not for the faint of heart.
  • Activity Tips:
    – If you have the guts to try out “The Plunge” best to bring a portable, sports camera (e.g. Go Pro) with you to capture the big moment. Just make sure you keep it fastened to your body.
    – Danao Adventure Park also offers other extreme attractions — some as thrilling and some more relaxing than “The Plunge.”
  • Contact Details:
    Danao Adventure Park
    Phone: (047) 252 9978, (02) 404 4784
    Email/ Site:
    Facebook: @Danao-Adventure-Park-EAT-Danao


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11. Learn more about Bohol and Philippine History

National Museum in Bohol

The National Museum in Tagbilaran City, Bohol is a smaller, but no-less interesting version of the National Museum in Manila. Housed in an old library, it exhibits some of the oldest relics of the Filipino history. You will find pre-Spanish items, old money bills, dated paintings from the 1500s, old photos, archeological finds, burial jars and so much more.

  • Location: Tagbilaran North Road, Tagbilaran City, Bohol
  • Fee(s): FREE (donations are encouraged)
  • Operation Hours: 9:30am to 4:30pm
  • Best For: Kids, Families
  • Highlights: If you want to know how Boholanos lived before and during the Spanish era, then this is the place to do. Make sure to make a beeline for the old peso bills and Gen. Douglas McArthur’s cane.
  • Activity Tips: Items in the museum are super old. While children will find it interesting to finally see stuff they’re only taught in school, make sure they’re cautious not to break anything.
  • Insider Info: The museum building used to be a school, then a public library before it was turned into the Bohol National Museum.
  • Contact Details:
    National Museum of the Philippines
    Phone: (02) 527 7889, 0919 593 1265
    Email/ Site:
    Facebook: @nationalmuseumofthephilippines


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12. Cliff diving at Mag-Aso Waterfalls

Standing 25-feet tall deep into the bottom of a gorge is Mag-Aso Falls. The site is enchanting, to say the least. The rushing of the waters and the chirping of birds are painted with the blue waters, the forest-green trees and the mountains that envelope the pool. Whether you plan on taking a dive off the cliff or just swim in its clear waters, you’ll definitely enjoy Mag-Aso Falls.

  • Location: Barrio Mag-aso, Antequerra, Bohol
  • Fee(s): P25
  • Operation Hours: 8am to 5pm
  • Best For: Adventurous, Nature lovers
  • Highlights: The view of the falls, the pool, and the mountains that surround it is breathtaking. Make sure you take in nature’s beauty before diving in.
  • Activity Tips: Before reaching the waterfalls, you’d have to scale down a 200-step staircase. While the stairs are cemented, it’s not an easy feat for kids, disabled or those physically weak.
  • Insider Info: There is a picnic area near the falls. You can bring your baons, just be sure to clean up after.
  • Contact Details:
    Phone: 0926 220 8748
    Email/ Site:
    Facebook: @Mag-aso-Falls


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13. Spy on Cebu from Sagbayan Peak

Sagbayan Peak

Sagbayan Peak is a resort on top of a mountain, but that’s not why it’s a must visit. The recreation center offers several attractions that tourists will enjoy, including high-powered telescopes that allow you to view the skyline of Cebu right from Bohol. Other attractions include life-size statues (T-Rex, Donald Duck, etc), Chocolate Hills viewing deck, butterfly dome and a few more.

  • Location: 6331 Sagbayan, Bohol
  • Fee(s): P10 (park entrance fee), P10 (additional entrance fee for each attraction)
  • Operation Hours: 24 hours
  • Best For: Kids, Families
  • Highlights: A 19-foot long and 10-foot tall T-Rex will welcome you as you arrive at Sagbayan Peak. The life-size statue is one among many other scattered in the resort compound.
  • Activity Tips: There are enough attractions in Sagbayan Peak for the whole family. There’s a Kids’ Town park with life-size cartoon characters, a Chocolate Hills viewing deck, Tarsier sanctuary, a pool, a restaurant and a few more.
  • Insider Info: Sagbayan Peak is about 46km northeast of Tagbilaran City. The drive may take a few hours.
  • Contact Details:
    Phone: (038) 511 9167
    Email/ Site: [email protected]
    Facebook: @Sagbayan-Peak


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14. Go Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing may not be as famous as other water sports, but it’s definitely as thrilling, if not more exciting. With sprawling beaches in Bohol, kitesurfing has been a favorite among watersports enthusiasts and foreign tourists. If you have enough to shell out, this sport is worth trying.

  • Location: Alona Beach, Panglao, Bohol
  • Fee(s): P9,000 to P10,000 (all including dive gear)
  • Operation Hours: 9am to 5pm
  • Best For: Adventurous, Watersports enthusiasts, Athletic
  • Highlights: Those who complete the courses will be given an IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) certification. This confirms that you have completed a course/ level and can kitesurf independently.
  • Activity Tips:
    – You don’t need to be strong to Kitesurf. However, learning the correct technique takes time. It usually takes 7-12 hours of training and practice to learn the ins and outs enough to ride on your own.
    – All gears are included in the rates quoted. However, should you bring your own gears, prices will be discounted.
  • Insider Info: Kitesurfing is best done from October to May when the wind is just strong enough to safely ride the waves.
  • Contact Details:
    Bohol Kitesurfing Center
    Phone: 0920 619 6888
    Email/ Site:
    Facebook: @boholkitesurfing


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15. Play with Tarsiers

Philippine Tarsier and Wildlife Sancuary

Tarsiers are mostly found in Southeast Asia, with Bohol being one of its main habitats in the Philippines. These small, monkey-like animals live in the forest and are best known for their huge eyes that beam on tourists. Bohol is the best place in Asia to find these creatures as they are kept in their natural habitat, kept safe from extinction.

  • Location: Km. 14, Canapnapan, Corella, Bohol
  • Fee(s): P60 (entrance fee), P500 (day trek guide), P1,000 (night trek guide)
  • Operation Hours: 9am to 4pm
  • Best For: Animal and Nature lovers
  • Highlights: Be awed by these cute, little monkey-like creatures! The tarsiers are allowed to live freely in their natural habitat at the Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary.
  • Activity Tips:
    – Tarsiers are sensitive creatures, especially with their wide eyes. Make sure not to use camera flashes when taking snaps of the little creatures. You wouldn’t want to agitate them.
    – The trek will rocky and muddy when it’s raining, wear the appropriate shoes. Flip flops and sandals won’t do.
  • Insider Info: Tarsiers could be as small as twenty centimeters, but can jump as high as six meters.
  • Contact Details:
    Philippine Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary
    Phone: 0908 937 8094
    Email/ Site:
    Facebook: @tarsierfoundation

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Enjoy a fun experience and check out other tourist spots to visit, restaurants to try and more in Bohol. Discover cheap hotel deals and cheap flights from carriers like Philippine Airlines, AirAsia, and more with Traveloka!

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