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Christmas in Boracay: Top 5 Reasons to Celebrate with the Family

Christmas is a big deal in the Philippines, not only because it’s a predominantly Catholic nation. Filipinos treat the holiday as the “celebration of celebrations”, the one time where families, friends, and even foes get together to celebrate.

If you’re Filipino, you well know that you could either go big or go home for Christmas. No in-between.

With that being said, why not spend a one-of-a-kind holiday at one of the most gorgeous beaches in the world? Start new traditions today and trade snow for white sand in Boracay for a merry holiday to remember!

Why Boracay for Christmas?

1. Decked out beaches

Boracay Sunset

Who said cities are the only places decked to the nines during this season? Boracay is also decorated in a flurry of bright lights and sparkly garlands that make up a Christmas wonderland.

Every nook and cranny from the hotel establishments down to the sandy beach pathways are decorated in celebration of the world’s most popular holiday. Even the beachfront takes on a festive vibe as palm trees are wrapped in lights and lit up like tropical Christmas trees.

2. Respite from the holiday rush

Let’s face it, despite the fun and cheer this holiday brings, it’s also the most stressful time of the year. With party preparations, last-minute Christmas shopping, and the terrible holiday traffic, the season proves to be a struggle for most. 

Escape and recover from the bustling city life and spend Christmas lounging by the beach or bonding with the whole family with a wide range of activities on the island. After a whole year of work, school, and other responsibilities, there’s no doubt that you deserve a break!

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3. Redefine home

Family Beach

It’s common practice for Filipinos to come together and spend Christmas in their hometown. Some claim home is where you spent most of your life in or the place where you were born.

But home doesn’t always mean a physical house with four walls and a roof. Its very essence defines it as a place with people who make you feel safe, comfortable, and loved. Spending Christmas in a new place makes way for new traditions that will definitely bring the family closer together.

4. They have fantastic parties

Boracay is known for its vibrant nightlife. Head over to the many restaurants and bars and drink and be merry this Christmas!

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5. Take the season of love to a whole new level

Arguably the most wonderful gift anyone can give to someone are memories.

There are a ton of activities to do and several things to see in Boracay. You can take on water activities, go island-hopping to see the nearby islets, or even just lay back and enjoy the beautiful scenery this island has to offer. 

Give yourself and your family the best gift ever by creating memories that will last for a long time.

“New Boracay” Rules

Boracay White Beach

Since its re-opening, the Department of Tourism has made an effort to maintain the island’s beauty and protect it from anything that can harm the beaches and its visitors.

There were several rules implemented such as no drinking on the beachfront and the prohibition of the extraction of shells and pebbles from the beach, which can eventually cause erosion. Keep Boracay a safe and beautiful place for everyone by learning more about the rules here.

Weather in Boracay

Beachfront Boracay

The island hardly feels the transition into winter and is still predominantly warm and dry throughout the month, giving its visitors more sunny days to enjoy the beach.

What to Do


  • Christmas by the beach. Spend time with your loved ones as you gather around a campfire against a gorgeous beach view. Christmas has never looked this hot!
  • Try a different kind of holiday rush. Dare to try the various water sports and activities. Feel your adrenaline pumping as you parasail through the clouds, jet ski across crystal-blue waters, or dive from a steep cliff!
  • Go beach-bumming. Hire a boat and visit the nearby islands like Puka Beach, Crocodile Beach, and Tambisaan Beach on a half-day tour!
  • Delight in a Christmas Eve buffet. What’s Christmas without a feast? Many hotels offer a scrumptious Christmas Eve dinner and other holiday packages that will definitely add cheer to your getaway.


Where to Stay

Here are our picks on where you can spend a fantastic holiday in Boracay:

Belmont Hotel Boracay

Belmont - Premier Deluxe Room

For a scenic and serene getaway, book a stay in Belmont Hotel Boracay where you can get amazing relaxation options on the island. The property has complete amenities and a wide range of facilities that cater to its guests’ comfort and entertainment.

Whether you’re looking for an adventure or simply a private spot to relax and escape the crowded beaches this Christmas, Belmont Hotel Boracay can help you achieve that holiday getaway you’re dreaming of and is definitely the ideal place to make more memorable moments with your loved ones.

Book Belmont Hotel Boracay here

Savoy Hotel Boracay Newcoast

Savoy Hotel Boracay Newcoast - Room Premier Deluxe

A private resort where you can unwind and spend quality time with the whole family? Yes, please! At Savoy Hotel Boracay Newcoast, you can have an unforgettable stay experience with their exclusive services, completed by a full range of facilities.

With its location away from the bustling part of the island, it will definitely feel like you’ve finally escaped the holiday rush. Add color and cheer into your Christmas getaway by booking a stay here today!

Book Savoy Hotel Boracay Newcoast here

Ready for a tropical holiday? Trade the hot chocolate for something fruity this December. Book your Boracay Christmas Getaway on Traveloka for amazing deals!

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