Rediscover a Cultural Capital

Unknown to many, this landlocked province is a go-to for adventure seekers and history buffs. Try out the many hiking and biking trails within its towns and be prepared to bask in stunning views of the Sierra Madre mountain range. Go spelunking, cliff diving, or swimming to your heart’s desire in the many caves, waterfalls, and rivers that are ready to be explored.

If you’re looking for something less tiring but still just as fun, get transported to the Spanish era through historic tours of old churches and heritage homes.

Fields in Bulacan

Aside from the rich and deeply rooted history of Bulacan, the province is also known for its pyrotechnic industry, fiestas, and great delicacies. Going on a food trip during festivals is never a bad idea and you’ll always know where to go to get literal bang for your buck just in time for New Year’s eve.


Fast Facts

  • Public Transportation: Buses, Jeepneys, Tricycles
  • Languages/Dialect: Tagalog, English
  • Payment Options: Cash, Credit/Debit Card
  • Known For: Fireworks, Chicharon, Barasoain Church, Biak-na-Bato


What to Know Before Visiting

Fiesta in Bulacan

  • It is widely known that Filipinos are friendly and will easily treat you as a part of their family. If you get invited to Fiesta celebrations in Bulacan, don’t be shy to eat and celebrate with them.
  • “Dakip” is a Bulakeno Lenten tradition where in towns men reenact the capturing of Jesus Christ.
  • The Obando Fertility dance is widely believed to help women become more fertile and have a successful pregnancy.


Best Time to Visit Bulacan

Barasoain Church Bulacan

Dry season, which is around November to April, is the best time to visit the province. Aside from less delays and traffic due to bad weather, you’ll have an easier time going to nature spots like hike trails and caves or going on historical tours of heritage towns. Fiestas are also definitely more enjoyable when it’s not raining.


How to Go to Bulacan

By Air

There are no direct flights to Bulacan but there are direct flights to the neighboring city of Manila via Ninoy Aquino International Airport and the nearby province of Pampanga via Clark International Airport.

By Land

Most buses bound for Northern Luzon pass by Bulacan. There are also direct routes from Manila to towns like Malolos, Bocaue, Baliuag, and Hagonoy.

By Sea

Going to Bulacan by sea is not possible as there’s no commercial port in the province.


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