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9 Must-Buy Cebu Pasalubong

With so much to see and to do in Cebu, you may be too busy to think about what pasalubong from Cebu to buy for family and friends. We’ve got your back though. From local treats to items that are proudly Cebuano-made, here are some things that you should consider buying:


1. Dried Mangoes

Dried Mango of Cebu
Editorial Credit: Keith Homan /

Best known for being sweet, juicy, and delicious, mangoes from Cebu are inarguably one of the best in the region, if not in the world!

While often enjoyed as a midday snack or after a meal, they’re also cut up into small pieces and sun dried—hence, dried mangoes.

These sweet and chewy treats are served in snack-sized packaging which can easily be brought out for a quick treat on the road, at work, or at home. There are chocolate-dipped dried mangoes that you can enjoy, as well.

2. Lechon

Lechon Pasalubong

Also known as the “Lechon Capital of the World,” Cebu is unsurprisingly the go-to for crispy and succulent roasted pig. So much so that there are stores, upon stores in Cebu City alone, that serve this delicious dish which is usually reserved for birthdays, festivals, fiestas, and other celebrations.

If flying out of Cebu, make sure you have a pig wrapped up and flown out with you—or you can order something that’s already been chopped up and that you can carry on to the flight.

3. Rosquillos

Image Credit: @titayscebu via Facebook

Rosquillos are home-baked ringlets with flowery-edges that are made up of eggs, flour, shortening, sugar, and baking powder.

Distinctive to Cebu, Rosquillos apparently originate from the municipality of Liloan, Cebu and were named by the late President Sergio Osmeña Sr.

This delicious treat is celebrated every May during the Rosquillos Festival in Liloan and can be easily found in Cebu’s local supermarkets, and at pasalubong centers and stalls.

4. Otap

Shamrock Otap
Image Credit: @GuillcosPasalubongCenter via Facebook

Made up of flour, shortening, sugar, and coconut, Otap is an elongated puff pastry that turns into a flaky and crumbly mess when you bite into it.

The best way to enjoy this Cebuano treat is with a plate or your hand placed under your mouth to catch the crumbs as they fall. Like the Rosquillos, Otap can easily bought at the local supermarket and at food stalls

5. Masareal

Image Credit: @struggledinvain via Instagram

Masareal is a sweet, nutty treat that originated in Mandaue City, Cebu. A real standout in the market, Didang’s has been the top masareal brand since 1914. These saccharine bars will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth when in Cebu.

6. Lapu-Lapu Guitars

Lapu-Lapu Guitars

Guitars made in Lapu-Lapu City are known to be budget-friendly, sturdy, and well crafted.

In fact, the guitar-making industry in Cebu dates back to the Spanish colonial period when Spanish friars would task the locals to either make new guitars or to repair the guitars they brought over so that they wouldn’t have to wait for new ones from Mexico.

Cebu guitars are usually made from narra, black wood ebony, and other imported woods. They can have either a simple or intricate design, dependent on what the customer wants. Other stringed-instruments that are made alongside these guitars are ukuleles, banjos, and mandolins.

7. Handcrafted Jewelry

Jewelry of Cebu

There are several brands from Cebu that proudly produce handcrafted jewelry made up of natural materials such as wood, bone, and shell.

These brands support eco-friendly initiatives which is why they recycle and make use natural materials for their products, which in turn help provide a sustainable livelihood for the locals.

8. Paintings and Portraits

Queva Loca
Image Credit: @qvbylc via Facebook

Looking for something unusual and interesting to bring back home? Why not by paintings from Queva by LoCA? It is a community of local artists that accept commission work. You can request self-portraits as well.

9. Shirts and Panyo Dresses

Cebu T-Shirts
Image Credit: Editorial Credit: Vassamon Anansukkasem /

Shirts bearing a printed name of the place visited are a hit among Pinoys. There are multiple shops in Cebu selling souvenir shirts that highlight the best of Cebu. On the other hand, you can tap Anthill, a Cebu-based textile company, that create woven panyo dresses with beautiful contemporary designs.

Banner Editorial Credit: RaksyBH /

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