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6 Best Coron Beaches for the Perfect Getaway

The island of Coron in Palawan is one of the world’s most beautiful destinations. With a surreal topography, this paradise on earth makes each visit a unique, magical experience.

To better appreciate this wonder, island-hopping is the best bet as it explores countless picturesque spots and alluring beaches.

Planning a trip to Coron but don’t have any idea which beaches to go to? Here’s a list of 6 best and breathtaking beaches on the island:


1. Banol Beach

Banol Beach Coron

Immaculate, powdery white sand and crystal clear water. They sound familiar but this short stretch of land takes it to the next level.

Banol is beautiful, to say the least, plus it projects a cozy and laid-back vibe. It’s home to a diverse species of marine life visitors can experience up close when swimming.

There’s a good selection of food establishments that also serve refreshments, perfect when sunbathing. Nearby is the old Skeleton Wreck—a WW2 Japanese ship—ideal for tourists who are into snorkeling and diving.

2. Malcapuya Island Beach

Malcapuya Island Coron

This place gives-off that “Castaway” isolation feel. The boat ride takes more than an hour, but it’s worth it. If you’re after a quiet, relatively undisturbed location then this is your spot. Part of Malcapuya’s charm is its simplicity, which makes island-hoppers appreciate the mesmerizing scenery as a whole.

The surrounding foothills and neighboring islets set the backdrop for picture-perfect experiences, while the beach itself is the centerpiece.

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3. Banana Island Beach

Banana Island Beach Coron

It’s not a banana plantation by the sea and it doesn’t host packs of monkeys—it simply has a crescent-shaped area. Banana Island has super fine white sand, so if you love beach strolls under the sun, go for it!

Stopping-by in this place means chilling-out in the water or at the different parts of the beach. Otherwise, make sure to bring some snorkeling or diving gear because Banana Beach boasts of a thriving marine life. There’s a small entrance fee, by the way, but it’s all worth the plunge.

4. Coron Youth Beach Club

Coron Youth Beach Club

Also called, CYC, the main catch is that it’s free—yes, there’s no entrance fee here. Yet, it remains clean and maintains its beauty.

There’s also a lot of natural scenery to explore in this area It’s a popular snorkeling spot due to its surrounding coral reef formation and lush foliage. It’s simple, serene, and it delivers—one can never count this tiny island beach out when in Coron.

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5. Bulog Dos Island Beach

Bulog Dos Island Beach

Best experienced during sunsets, Bulog Dos has stretches of sand bars for the whole gang. The area is vast and each photogenic corner could be the location for the perfect Gram.

Bulog Dos Island is an ideal setting for unforgettable experiences as visitors can feel like they own the place. So, enjoy the waters, the sandbar, and the tranquility, just don’t forget to bring supplies to get the sunset in full effect.

6. Atwayan Beach

Atwayan Beach Rock

Atwayan is a small and semi-secluded beach, surrounded by natural limestone structures. If the white sand and cool waters aren’t enough to lure you in, maybe the beach bar and restaurant can do the trick?

This place is a usual island-hopping stop, but is less populated and provides shelter from the sun. When it’s time to swim, go further, snorkel and discover the vibrant underwater scene. This is where you take a break yet still enjoy the comfort of the sand, sea, and sky.

Coron has countless beach destinations. Plan your tours with this 4-day relaxing Coron itinerary for solo travelers.

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