Five Things to Do in Coron

With its stunning white sand beaches, emerald green lakes, and imposing limestone karsts, it’s no wonder that Coron is a favorite among travelers looking to lose themselves in the grandeur of nature.

While it’s tempting to just find a white sand beach in Coron and just drink in the beauty of the place, there are actually quite a number of things you can do in Coron to really maximize the time you spend there.

We’ve compiled a list of things you can do and enjoy in one of Palawan’s first class municipalities, so when you do take that flight, you’ll have a bevy of things to do and explore.

1) Travel to the top of Mount Tapyas


Getting to the summit of Mount Tapyas in Coron town is quite the test of endurance. The mountain is 210 meters above sea level, making it the second highest mountain in Coron. While there are steps on the mountain, that’s still more than 700 steps someone looking to conquer the summit needs to climb. But those who persevere are rewarded with a beautiful 360-degree view of Coron town, as well as the view of Coron Island itself, where you can find the next item on this list.


2) Visit Kayangan Lake and have lunch at Banol Beach


Kayangan Lake is one of Coron’s signature destinations, and it’s pretty easy to see why. Once you’ve taken the 10-minute climb to get to the lake, you’re treated to Kayangan Lake’s crystal clear waters and the limestone karsts that surround it. It’s one of the two lakes that the Tagbanua people have opened to the public, and its cleanliness is all thanks to the effort of the Tagbanua.

After your time at Kayangan Lake, you can also visit the white sand of Banol Beach and have a filling feast of fresh food, ranging from fish to crab, to seaweed. The Kayangan Lake and Banol Beach combo is certainly a perfect way to spend your morning and early afternoon.


3) Feel the heat at the Maquinit Hot Springs

Located just 25 minutes from Coron town, the Maquinit Hot Springs are the perfect destination after you’ve made your way up and down the 700-plus steps of Mount Tapyas. The springs’ 38- to 40-degree Celsius temperature is attributed to the mountain from which the water is believed to come from, and is a perfect balm for any sore muscles you may have after that Tapyas trek. The view isn’t bad either, as the Maquinit Hot Springs are bordered by mangroves that separate it from the nearby sea water.

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4) Take a dip in the Twin Lagoon


There’s something magical in the whole process required to visit the second of the two bodies of water that make up the Twin Lagoon. While the first lagoon is easy enough to visit at any time of day, it’s a little more difficult to visit the second lagoon during the high tide, as visitors will have to climb a set of ladders to see it. But during the low tide, visitors can simply float into the lagoon and marvel at how its mixture of freshwater and saltwater results in a lagoon that has pockets of alternating hot and cold water.

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5) Go back in history on the island of Culion

Previously the largest leprosarium in the world, Culion has now refashioned itself as a tourist destination in Coron, especially for those curious about its previous life as a leprosarium. The island has a museum where visitors can watch a documentary about its history, pore through rare leprosy journals, and look at the currency used only on the island of Culion during its days as a leprosarium.

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These are just some of the things that you can do on the beautiful island of Coron. If just these five things have piqued your interest, you can check out Coron yourself. Traveloka has more than 70 hotels in Coron in its inventory, so you can choose whatever fits your budget. And you even get exclusive discounts when you use a discount code!

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