Davao City

A Southern Wonder

Welcome to the Crown Jewel of Mindanao! This modern city with an idyllic setting offers various adventures, cultural-heritage sites, and natural wonders that will make a one-of-a-kind experience in the Southern part of the Philippines.

Enjoy a fun-filled family vacation in Eden Nature Park, the Philippine Eagle Foundation and Nature Center, or the Crocodile Farm. Discover the more laid-back side of Davao in Samal Island. It’s famous for its beautiful beaches where you can relax and enjoy a quiet time.

Philippine Eagle Center Davao

Don’t miss the People’s Park in downtown Davao. This four-hectare wonder features landscape greenery and huge sculptures including the Durian dome, Philippine Eagle replica and more that showcases what the city is know for. There’s also a rainbow-colored track, playground, and dancing fountain.

Davao is home to many Philippine pride like the Philippine Eagle, Mt. Apo, and waling-waling. It is also well-known for its fresh and affordable fruits including pomelos, marang, mangosteen and rambutan. And while you’re here, it’s certainly a must to try their yummy durian! Although the smell is not for the faint-hearted, many stand by its tasty flavor and creamy texture.


Fast Facts

  • Public Transportation: Taxis, Jeepneys, Multi-cabs, Payong-Payong (Tricycles with umbrellas)
  • Languages/Dialect: Davaoeño Cebuano, English, Tagalog
  • Payment Options: Cash
  • Known For: Durian, Philippine Eagle, Waling-waling, Mt. Apo


What to Know Before Visiting

Tinuy an Falls

  • Prepare for heavy traffic coming to and from Samal Island especially if you’re doing a day trip.
  • The Aldevinco Shopping Center is known for its wide option of local Mindanao products and handicrafts that you can bring home as souvenirs. Some antique shops here have been around since 1965.
  • Buy some goodies and delicacies including pomelo, Malagos chocolates, and more in Pasalubong Center. The local government saw to its establishment along Palma Gil Street to promote Davao-made products.
  • The government enforces strict rules on smoking in public, vehicular speed, and more.


Best Time to Visit Davao City

Festival Masks in Davao

Like most parts of the Philippines, Davao City has a hot and humid weather particularly during the summertime of April to May. Want to attend the Kadayawan Festival? This is celebrated in the third week of August. Expect some showers or more as the rainy season in Davao typically begins at the end of May up until October.

Meanwhile, the driest and coolest months are between December to February, which is also a peak season aside from summer.


How to Go to Davao City

By Air

Many local airlines including Philippine Airlines and AirAsia have daily flights to Davao City from different parts in the country including Manila, Cebu, Clark and more. It is served by Francisco Bangoy International Airport, also known as Davao International Airport.

By Land

Prepare for around two days’ worth of travel (land and sea) if you decide to go this route. There are bus lines such as Philtranco with direct trips to Davao City from Manila.

By Sea

If you’re not flying to Davao City, the RO-RO (roll-on/roll-off) mode of transportation is a cheap option. This type of travel requires a longer vacation time as it would take about two days.


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