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10 Davao Tourist Spots to Check Out

An exciting adventure is waiting for you in the South when you choose Davao as your next travel destination. Whether you’re a nature lover, a shopaholic, or a history junkie, you’ll be able to enjoy a trip here. We rounded up the top Davao tourist spots you shouldn’t miss.

1. Museo Dabawenyo

Davao Museo

Museo Dabawenyo also known as “The Museum of the People of Davao” or the NEW Museum, is one of the top attractions in the city.  The museum is a hotspot for tourists because of its extensive collection of local handicrafts and historical items you won’t find anywhere else.

It is divided into four sections; The Indigenous People’s Gallery, The Moro People’s Gallery, The Contemporary Gallery, and the Memorabilia Gallery.

  • Type: Museum
  • Location: Andres Bonifacio Rotunda, Poblacion District, Davao City
  • How to get there:  Catch a jeepney along C.M. Recto Avenue or nearby streets going to San Pedro. Get down by the City Hall near Rizal Park, and take a 2-minute walk to the museum
  • Budget: FREE
  • Operation Hours: 9am-6pm
  • Activities to do: Learn about Mindanao history
  • Contact Number: +63 82 222 6011


2. D’ Bone Collector Museum

D' Bone Collector Museum

The D’ Bone Collector Museum houses over 700 specimens and one of the largest collections of bones, skulls, and skeletons in the country. Here, guests get to enjoy a fascinating display of various animals from the tropical rainforest all the way to the deepest parts of the ocean.

  • Type: Museum
  • Location: San Pedro St, Poblacion District, Davao City
  • Budget: P80/adult, P70/child
  • Operation Hours: 10am-5pm
  • Activities to do: Get educated about how you can help save the animals
  • Contact Number: +63 82 222 6011


3. Tribu K Mindanawan Cultural Village

Fire Dance Davao

Just a 15 minute drive from downtown, Tribu K Mindanawan gives you a glimpse of the rich culture of Mindanao’s indigenous people. The village highlights the ways of life, structures, and customs of the different tribes from around the province. For the best experience, schedule your visit on weekends, 530pm onwards, where they perform traditional dances and spectacular fire shows.

  • Type: Cultural Village
  • Location: Davao Crocodile Park | Riverfront Corporate City, Davao City
  • Budget: P250/ inclusive of entrance to Crocodile Park and Butterfly House
  • Operation Hours: 8am-7pm
  • Activities to do: Attend a fire show
  • Contact Number: +63 82 302 9923


4. Jack’s Ridge/Taklobo Restaurant

Sitting atop a steep hill overlooking the Davao skyline up until the gulf, Jack’s Ridge offers one of the most spectacular views of the city. The strategically located deck was once used as headquarters and watchtower for the Japanese army during World War II.

Today, more than half a century later,  it functions as a popular restaurant called Taklobo that serves ihaw-ihaw and other local favorites.  If you missed out on the window seat during your plane ride, Jack’s ridge is a great alternative.

  • Location: Shrine Hills Rd, Talomo, Davao City,
  • How to get there:  From downtown, take a 15-30 minute taxi ride straight up the hill.
  • Budget: P200-P250
  • Operation Hours: 10am-11pm
  • Activities to do: Watch the sunset, KTV, Learn about history, Watch a live band
  • Contact Number: +63 82 297 8830


5. Tamayong Prayer Mountain

Flower garden

Also known as the Garden of Eden Restored, the Tamayong Prayer Mountain is more than what you’d imagine. Despite the religious connotations of its name, the sprawling 8-hectare property in the idyllic foothills of Mt. Apo has also become a major tourist destination. It features  a coffee shop, european-style buildings, a restaurant, manicured greens, and more.

Before you make the trip, remember to wear appropriate clothing since it’s considered a sacred place. Visits can be made by appointment only.

  • Type: Mountain Retreat
  • Location: Calinan District, Davao City
  • How to get there:  From Davao City center, catch a ride going to Calinan. Once you reach Calinan town center, take a habal-habal to the Prayer Mountain.
  • Operation Hours: By appointment
  • Activities to do: Meditate, Souvenirs Shopping, Lunch
  • Budget: P250
  • Contact Number: +63 82 234 2866


6. Chinatown


In addition to being the only one in Mindanao,  Davao Chinatown also claims to be the biggest one in the world. The 44 hectare business center is much different than  Binondo in Manila.

Instead of the rows of little shops, and family restaurants, the Davao version is filled with warehouses and commercial establishments. Those exploring can choose to visit one of the four buddhist temples, and go shopping in one of the five malls including the famous 168.

  • Type: Business District/Shopping Center
  • How to get there: Davao Chinatown encompasses Ramon Magsaysay Avenue, Monteverde Avenue, Sta. Ana Avenue, and Leon Garcia Street. All accessible via bus or any public transport.
  • Activities to do: Shopping, Temple Visit


7. People’s Park

Public park

Boldly dubbed as the best park in the Philippines by many, People’s Park tops the list of one of the most visited spots in the City. The 4-hectare park features sculptures of different Davao symbols by Kublai Milan, manicured greens, a rainbow colored track, and even a children’s library. With a whopping P72-million budget, visitors get to enjoy the upscale and well-maintained amenities for free.  

  • Type: Park
  • Location: Uy Building, 49 Palma Gil St, Poblacion District, Davao City
  • Activities to do: Jogging, Exercise, Sightseeing
  • Budget: FREE
  • Operation Hours: 530am-10am,  2pm-11pm
  • Contact Number: +63 907 907 7807


8. Japanese Tunnels

Step back in time in this 300 meter long tunnel of history where two life-sized Japanese soldiers stand guard. For a small fee, guests are allowed to explore the former headquarters used as chambers, offices, and even dungeons for prisoners during the 2nd World War. There you’ll find vintage weapons, statues dressed in kimonos, and old bullets fired during the battle.

Given the dark history built around the tunnel, expect to feel a little uneasy inside.

  • Type: Historic Sight, Landmark
  • Location: AH26, Talomo, Davao City
  • Activities to do: Explore
  • Budget: P50
  • Contact Number: +63 82 295 0678


9. San Pedro Street

San Pedro Church Davao

San Pedro Street, or simply called “downtown,”  is one of the oldest and busiest parts of Davao City. It’s the everyday-place for Davaoeños, while tourist flock the area for a dose of local life.  During daylight it’s a busy, slightly serious district with the Davao Capitol building looming closeby. While San Pedro at night is just as busy, possibly even more.

Expect to see second-hand shops, dirt-cheap exports, and food vendors all noisily announcing their special prices.  And of course, there’s also the San Pedro Cathedral, the focal point of the street, where you can stop by for a quick prayer.

  • Type: Business/ Shopping District
  • Location: San Pedro St, Poblacion District, Davao City,
  • Operation Hours:  Always open
  • Activities to do: People watching, bargain hunting, food-tripping


10. Kublai Art Garden

Located in Kapatangan, one of the favorite outdoor-adventure destinations in the foot of Mt. Apo, Kublai Art Garden is a collection of sculptures scattered around the lush valley. The garden serves as a giant canvas for artist, Kublai Millan, and his works. One of the most notable pieces is the Agong House, a structure patterned after the Mindanaoan percussion instrument, which is also used as a resthouse by the artist himself.

  • Type: Nature retreat
  • Location: Kapatagan, Digos City, Santa Cruz, Davao
  • How to get there: From Davao City Ecoland Terminal, take a bus headed to Digos City. From there, take a van to Kublai Art Garden in Kapatangan.
  • Operation Hours: 6am-6pm
  • Activities to do: Take photos, Explore, Appreciate Art


Enjoy a fun experience and check out other restaurants, things to do and more in Davao. Discover cheap hotel deals and cheap flights from carriers like Philippine Airlines, AirAsia, and more with Traveloka!

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