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The Cheapest Michelin Star Meals Around the World Revealed

Dining in a Michelin-star restaurant might sound like a dream reserved for the moneyed few, but the hallmark of fine dining and delicious food does not discriminate.

To prove this, Traveloka scoured the ends of the earth for the 50 cheapest one and two star restaurants ranked by the lowest price based on the most expensive main course item.

Liao Fan Singapore

The research concluded that eight out of the 10 most affordable Michelin-star restaurants in the world are located in Asia. Number one on the list goes to Singapore’s beloved Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle whose most expensive item will set you back $2.20, while number two goes to Hong Kong’s Tim Ho Wan.

Dimsum from Tim Ho Wan

In Europe, the cheapest restaurant goes to L’Antic Moli, a former flour mill located in El Castell, Spain. Their set lunch menu will cost you $16.60. In the US, guests can feast in Al’s Place for $18.

While 49 out of the 50 cheapest restaurants only have one Michelin Star to their names, Tuju, a two-star restaurant based in Sao Paulo, has made the cut at number 14.

team of chefs

The Brazilian restaurant serves a seasonal menu of native and specially handpicked products from the region. The set lunch menu goes for $22.40 a head.

To give you a clearer picture, the most expensive restaurant, Sublimotion, which is run by 2-Michelin Star Chef Paco Roncero, charges $1,761 for a set menu — two dollars more expensive than if you eat in all the 50 restaurants combined!

Intrigued? You can view the full list in detail here!

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