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8 Unlimited Korean Barbecue Restaurants in Manila That Are Worth Visiting

Widely regarded as healthy, Korean cuisine has been dominating the local food industry over the last few years. Generally speaking, Filipinos find joy in gathering around an open grill to cook flavorful meats in just a matter of minutes.

If you’re into marinated meats and other Korean treats, you should definitely visit eat-all-you-can Korean barbecue restaurants in the metro. You have plenty of options, and we have listed some of those you should not miss.

1. Sambo Kojin

Sambo Kojin
(photo via Instagram, @sambokojin)

  • Location: Several Branches
  • Rates: At least P849
  • Operating Hours: Varies per Branch (Usually 11AM to 10PM)
  • Must-Order:
    • Ox Tongue (Lengua) – Thinly sliced meat that melts in your mouth when grilled correctly
    • Hanging Tender – A premium cut of beef that oozes with flavor
    • Shrimp – Can be grilled directly or wrapped in foil pockets with lemon and dill
    • Norwegian Salmon – A bright orange meat that’s fatty and juicy, making it great for sashimi and sushi
    • Marble Beef – Full of fat and flavor, this meat is usually added to make sukiyaki soup

Sambo Kojin usually comes to mind whenever one thinks of Korean and Japanese grill restaurants. To satisfy its diners, it only uses high-grade US beef and seafood meticulously selected by food specialists.

This is the place to be if you want a delightful feast with your loved ones. You can expect only the freshest meats and vegetables at every visit.

2. Samgyupsalamat

(photo via Instagram, @rafaelfadriga)

  • Location: Several Branches
  • Rates: At least P400
  • Operating Hours: Varies per Branch (Usually 11AM to 12AM)
  • Must-Order:
    • Beef Boolgogi – Korean beef drizzled with sweet soy sauce
    • Yangnyum Beef Samgyup – Sliced beef short plate with seasoning sauce
    • Daepae Samgyupsal – Thinly sliced pork belly great for grilling
    • Yangnyum Moksal – Pork neck bone steak with sweet seasoning sauce
    • Beef Ramyun – Korean noodle with imported US beef

The name of the restaurant was based from two words: “samgyupsal” which means “pork belly” in Korean, and “salamat”, the Filipino word for “thank you”. It has its own factory that supplies top-grade meats to all branches.

The restaurant promises that even though they’re supplying unlimited meats, quality will never be compromised.

3. Hwangso-Ga

Hwangso Ga
(photo via Instagram,

  • Location: 1535-1551 Adriatico St, Ermita, Manila
  • Rates: Lunch (P399); Dinner (P449)
  • Operating Hours: Saturday to Thursday: 11AM to 3PM, 5PM to 10PM
  • Must-Order:
    • Beef Brisket – Red meat that’s tender and juicy, also perfect with rice
    • Banchan – A side dish with kimchi, sweet potatoes, and baby potatoes
    • Kimbap – Steamed rice and other ingredients rolled in dried seaweed
    • Spicy Korean Fried Chicken – Deep-fried chicken partnered with a special sauce
    • Bulgogi – Thin beef slices marinated and grilled on a barbecue

Unlimited samgyupsal and beef brisket await diners at Hwango-Sa. The restaurant also serves traditional Korean favorites such as chapchae, bulgogi, and kimchi.

4. All 4 U

All 4 U
(photo via Instagram, @jzprrfrnt)

  • Location: 4/F Century City Mall, Kalayaan Ave cor Salamanca St, Poblacion, Makati
  • Rates: P599
  • Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday: 11AM to 11PM
  • Must-Order:
    • Special-Cut Korean Pork – Tender and juicy, and is usually partnered with sate sauce
    • Seasoning Soup – Highly recommended for vegetarians looking for mild-tasting soups
    • Kimchi Jjigae – Spicy soup with fresh veggies
    • Mille-Feuille Bulgogi – Bulgogi-flavored soup with generous servings of meat
    • Grilled Beef and Shrimp – Buttery meats grilled to perfection

All 4 U is a Korean buffet restaurant with pleasant and inviting interiors. Aside from the look of the place, the restaurant boasts of its selection of Korean treats made using the freshest ingredients.

Guests can also choose a free add-on, which can be a bowl of ramen, an ice cream, or a drink.

5. Sing Sing

Sing Sing
(photo via Instagram, @the_twin_stars)

  • Location: 268-A Aguirre Ave, Parañaque, 1720
  • Rates: P299 to P599
  • Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday: 11AM to 10PM
  • Must-Order:
    • Beef and Pork Samgyupsal – Tender meats cooked on a stone grill
    • Kotsal Beef – Juicy slice of bottom sirloin meat
    • Mixed Vegetables – Perfect partner of meat for that authentic Korean flavor
    • Buchujeon – Korean pancakes made with garlic chives
    • Egg Rolls – Tiny appetizers with a mild taste

Dine in with your family in one of the oldest restaurants in Aguirre Avenue. Sing Sing serves delectable grilled and pork perfect for diners who can make the most out of an unlimited meat offer.

The best part is that you can stay in the restaurant as long as you want!

6. Seoul Garden

Seoul Garden
(photo via Instagram, @ridwan_wh)

  • Location: 2/F SM City North EDSA, Annex, EDSA cor North Ave, Quezon City
  • Rates: At least P388
  • Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday: 10AM to 10PM
  • Must-Order:
    • Ginseng Chicken – Chicken soup with energy-boosting ginseng roots
    • Thai Tom Yam – Tangy soup with a spicy flavor
    • Chicken Bulgogi Myon – Chicken meats topped with fresh vegetables
    • Kimchi Pickles – Fermented vegetables with chili seasonings
    • Bibimbap – Mixed rice with assorted vegetables

Before opening stores in the Philippines, Seoul Garden has been operating in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Aside from grilled beef and pork, this buffet restaurant’s main stars include their hotpot options.

Students can get a discount when they present their school IDs.

7. Go! Kizip

Go! Kizip
(photo via Instagram, @michelleandin)

  • Location: 1776 Adriatico St, Malate, Manila
  • Rates: P500 to P1,000
  • Operating Hours: Open 24 Hours
  • Must-Order:
    • Japchae – Korean pancit topped with vegetables
    • Gyeran Jjim – Steamed eggs topped with scallions and toasted sesame seeds
    • Seaweed Soup – A hot bowl of soup completing the taste of grilled beef and pork
    • Tuna Mayo Rice Ball – A filling rice ball with a little hint of sourness
    • Congee – Rice porridge cooked with chicken broth

Head over to Go! Kizip for an unlimited shabu-shabu experience. A hit among those who work at night, the restaurant serves diners any time of the day.

Whether you’re having late-night Korean cravings or just wanting to snack on grilled meats, Go! Kizip is the restaurant to visit.

8. Matgalne Korean Restaurant

Matgalne Korean Restaurant
(photo via Instagram, @chaw.der)

  • Location: 4768 Kalayaan Avenue Corner Mariano St., Poblacion, Makati City
  • Rates: At least P599
  • Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday: 11AM to 11PM
  • Must-Order:
    • Kimbap – Sweet and healthy appetizer dipped in special soy sauce
    • Sweet Barbecue – Pork meats in sweet red sauce
    • Wrapped Sausages – Deep-fried sausages with a tasty coating
    • Mandu – Meat and vegetable dumplings
    • Woosamgyeop Salad – Pan-fried beef belly with vegetables in soy sauce seasoning

Aside from the restaurant’s unlimited pork and beef promos, diners keep coming back for the wide range of side dishes available. It is a popular choice among professionals working in Makati’s business district. Additionally, the restaurant has bright interiors, making the food look more tempting than they already are.

Want to try the real deal? Book your flight to Seoul now to experience eat-all-you-can Korean restaurants!

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