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Relive the Magic at Enchanted Kingdom: A Guide to the World-Class Theme Park

“The magic stays with you.”

Enchanted Kingdom’s tagline truly defines what you can experience in the country’s most loved theme park. Located in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, this fun-filled place is perfect for kids and kids-at-heart alike.

Since opening its doors in 1995, this 25-hectare theme park has been offering exciting attractions, interactive entertainment, and exhilarating activities to guests of all ages—and they keep coming back for more.

Victoria Park at Enchanted Kingdom

Ask someone if they’ve already visited this popular destination and they’d probably answer yes. The amazing thing about Enchanted Kingdom is that every visit offers a new experience—there’s always something fresh to try and explore.

If you’re planning your next family bonding or barkada getaway, EK, as most people call it, is always the best choice. It’s accessible and convenient because it’s only an hour’s drive away from Manila, plus, it’s packed with the kind of thrill you cannot experience anywhere else in the city.

Welcome to Enchanted Kingdom.

Rides and Attractions

Before you enter the park, you can take a snap with Eldar, the park’s main mascot, at the Grand Gateway.

Enchanted Kingdom's Grand Gateway at night

The park is divided into zones for easy navigation. Each part has a different theme, so whether you’re looking for something chill or extreme, the park has something for you.

Victoria Park

Upon entering, the first section you’ll see is Victoria Park, where the Security, Group Sales, and Magical Guest Relations offices are located. Eldar’s Specialty Shoppe is here as well, where you’ll find uniquely designed souvenirs such as shirts, hats, and stuffed toys.

Enchanted Kingdom's Grand Carousel

In front of the fountain pond is the sole attraction in this zone, the Grand Carousel, a charming and iconic ride that guests of all ages love. Ride it during the daytime for a chill and sunny merry-go-round experience, and then during the night when it’s all lit, romantic, and whimsical.


Located a few steps east of Victoria Park, Boulderville is filled with attractions designed for children. Aside from the rides, there is a playground where toddlers can enjoy climbing, sliding, gliding, and swinging!

Boulderville at Enchanted Kingdom

Rides and attractions include Bouncing Boulder, Bumbling Boulders, Petreefied House, Time Depot, Air Pterodactyl, Rock Quarry, Stone Eggs, and Dino Soar’Us.

Stone Eggs and Bouncing Boulder
Stone Eggs and Bouncing Boulder

Midway Boardwalk

After letting the youngsters enjoy Boulderville, it’s time to move on to more adventurous thrills. Midway Boardwalk is one of the places to be if you want to scream your lungs out and have a crazy, good time.

Go on a bumpy ride, literally, with Dodgem. With 24 bumper cars, it will put your driving skills to the test as you try and evade the other riders!

Dodgem and Up, Up and Away
Dodgem and Up, Up and Away

Feel like you’re flying on Up, Up and Away, wherein hot air balloons rise from the ground then rotate a number of times. It’s a fun alternative to the real thing, and one that’s just as memorable.

Enchanted Kingdom's EKstreme Tower

EKstreme Tower is not for those with acrophobia or fear of heights. It will take you to the top—about 40 meters above the ground—then suddenly drop you at a speed of 76 kph. Make sure you don’t have motion sickness if you want to try this one.

If you’re into roller coaster rides but not in the mood for an extreme thrill, then Roller Skater is the ride for you, which is like a mini version of the Space Shuttle. The loops and twists are small but still exhilarating.

Enchanted Kingdom's Anchors Away.

Anchors Away is not for the faint-hearted. The “ship” swings up to 70 degrees in a pendulum motion. No wonder some say it’s the most spine-tingling ride in the park. Sit at the far end of the ride for a more extreme adrenaline rush. If you can: check out the reactions of the other riders sitting across you!—It’ll be one for the books, for sure!

Enchanted Kingdom's Bump N' Splash

Get into the fun with other guests as you use the water squirters at Bump N’ Splash. You’ll have to ride any of the 15 bumper boats, navigate your way through the pond, and get yourself a little wet.

Enchanted Kingdom's Wheel of Fate

Standing tall and beautiful at the park’s center is the Wheel of Fate. This Ferris wheel has 36 gondolas, accommodating up to six guests each. From the top, prepare to be awed by the spectacular view of the entire park.

Midway Boardwalk also houses Kindermagic, a facility created to provide kids aged 8 and below with educational entertainment while their parents or guardians are out enjoying the rides.

Arts and crafts, storytelling, and role-playing activities are offered at Kindermagic. This facility also offers a secure space for breastfeeding and diaper-changing.

Jungle Outpost

Designed based on the Amazon Jungle in South America, the Jungle Outpost is filled with browns and greens. It has two rides, both of which are water attractions.

Take a break from all the shouting and screaming on the extreme rides by going on a relaxing boat ride at the Swan Lake. Even if the giant swan boats require you to paddle, it’ll still calm you down and allow you to enjoy the scenery around you.

Enchanted Kingdom's Swan Lake

The Jungle Log Jam, on the other hand, lets you ride a dug-out log that takes you to a lift and then slides you down a slope. Speed and splashes are two things to expect here.

You can also get temporary tattoos at the Amazon Skin Art, which is just beside Jungle Log Jam.


Get the feel of being in space with the attractions that await you at Spaceport. The rides are futuristic and exciting, and will make you feel as if you’re actually in a different dimension!

Enchanted Kingdom's Space Shuttle

The most popular ride in this zone is the Space Shuttle. True to its name, it can actually be seen from, well, the South Luzon Expressway. Take the challenge and go full throttle on this zippy, extreme ride.

Enchanted Kingdom's Air Race

Have you ever dreamed of riding a jet plane? Air Race lets you experience several 360-degree loops and dives as you revolve around a central tower. Making it more amusing is the cover version of Donna Cruz’s song I Can playing in the background.

Spaceport also has other attractions that require an additional fee. Fun Kart allows you to be a race car driver for up to 10 minutes. Admission rates range from P250 to P380.

Fun Kart and Laser Mission
Fun Kart and Laser Mission

Meanwhile, at Laser Mission, you have to navigate your way through a web of lasers until you reach your goal. Prizes await those who finish the task in the shortest time. The attraction requires P100 for each guest.

Lastly, you can enjoy a fun-filled paintball game at XPP Paintball for only P150 per session.


After taking the challenging rides at Spaceport, it’s time to experience a different kind of delight at Portabello. If you survived the rides at the aforementioned sections, then the attractions here should be easy-peasy for you.

Inside Enchanted Kingdom's 7D Interactive Motion Theater

The 7D Interactive Motion Theater takes you to a multi-sensory interactive adventure where you have to use your light gun to defeat the characters that will pop on the screen. Earn huge points to see your name on the leaderboard. A P100 fee is required.

Enchanted Kingdom's Rio Grande Rapids

Rio Grande Rapids can get you wetter than expected. You have to board a rubber raft and traverse the raging water. There are waterfalls along the way so it’s always best to bring extra clothes. Outside the attraction are Magic Dryers where you can just stand until your clothes get dry.

Enchanted Kingdom's Flying Fiesta

Offering another rotating escapade, Flying Fiesta has 52 swing seats that take you to gradual lifts and tilts. There are tandem seats ideal for couples and parent-and-child pairs.

Enchanted Kingdom's Disk-O-Magic

A state-of-the-art ride from Italy, Disk-O-Magic is one of the newest attractions in the park. It takes you to speedy, rocking spins that create a visual treat for the onlookers.

Brooklyn Place

Designed based on one of New York’s boroughs, Brooklyn Place resembles a romantic park within a theme park. It’s a charming, colorful alley where you can strike a pose for a photo or simply enjoy the sight of twinkling lights at night.

Brooklyn Place at Enchanted Kingdom

Rialto 4D is the only attraction in this zone, which is a motion simulator theater with more than a hundred seats. Shows change every season.

Enchanted Kingdom's Rialto

Agila Grounds

This section is where you can find Agila the EKsperience. This one-of-a-kind attraction takes you on a visually stunning journey (as if you’re riding an eagle) across some of the country’s most incredible mountains, beaches, and islands. From your seat, you can easily appreciate the diversity and beauty that the Philippines offers.

Agila the EKsperience at Enchanted Kingdom

What Else to Do

Aside from trying out the rides, you can play rounds of interesting games at the skill game booths located across the theme park. Put your abilities to the test and win prizes such as five-foot stuffed toys.

Skill game booths at the Enchanted Kingdom

There are also zone shows where you can watch the characters in a sing-and-dance performance. The park announces where the next zone show will be held.

Talents performing at Portabello
Talents performing at Portabello

Souvenir shops are scattered all over the place. There are even stalls outside the park.

Bandstand Foodcourt at the Enchanted Kingdom
Bandstand Foodcourt

You are not allowed to bring food inside the park. Food stalls and stores can be found inside, offering meals, snacks, and refreshments. The main food sections include the Bandstand Foodcourt and the Amazon Grill in Jungle Outpost.

How to Get There

Via Public Commute
If you’re commuting from Manila, take a Balibago bus at the station near Buendia LRT. Another option is to take an FX ride from the EDSA Crossing van station in front of Star Mall. Travel time takes about an hour.

Via Private Car
Getting to Enchanted Kingdom via private car is pretty convenient. Just input the destination in Waze and you’re good to go.

Park Schedule

Schedules vary depending on various factors. There are also special park events that affect the schedule.

Grand Carousel and Wheel of Fate

However, the park is usually closed every Monday and Tuesday. The park operates from 12 NN to 7 PM during weekdays and 11 AM to 9 PM during weekends.

Customer Service

Outside the park is a spacious parking area that requires a minimal fee per entry. Make sure to keep your parking ticket.

If your gadgets need some charging, just head over to either Victoria Park, Jungle Outpost, or Spaceport. You can find charging stations there. Meanwhile, the First Aid Station is located at Midway Boardwalk.

Victoria Park stroller and locker station

Victoria Park is where you can rent electronic lockers and strollers. Rentals cost P150 and P350 for small and jumbo lockers, respectively. Stroller rentals, on the other hand, cost P250 to P300, depending on the size of strollers.

Lost something? Report it at the Lost and Found booth at Brooklyn Place.

Enchanted Kingdom crew

If you have a concern to raise, just ask a crew member in the park. You can easily spot them in their pale yellow top and khaki pants. There are also staff members stationed throughout the park ready to assist as needed.

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