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Why Book an Airport Transfer?

Travelers often prioritize getting the best flight to their destination and securing a comfy hotel room. They tend to forget that they need safe transportation from the airport to the hotel, and vice-versa.

Booking an airport transfer comes with advantages, so remember to book one day before your flight.

The Benefits of Booking an Airport Transfer

Still not convinced? Here are the reasons that may just convert you:

1. It’s convenient.

Convenient airport transfer

By booking a private cab or shuttle, you no longer have to wait in a queue to get a cab. You can save as much as an hour of your time and allot this for exciting activities instead. Don’t worry if you arrive past your flight schedule as the assigned driver is often directed to wait in case of delays.

Convenience is also guaranteed for wanderers with oversized luggage. Plus, the driver will willingly take care of your belongings.

2. Safety is prioritized.

Prioritized safety

Drivers know the best route to get to your destination. This could ease your anxiety about being in a new place. These drivers are also accredited and have passed a thorough background check. No need to worry about shady individuals who pretend to be reliable drivers.

3. It gives you peace of mind.

Peace of mind guaranteed

After booking an airport transfer, you can be sure that you will be picked up according to schedule. You don’t have to grapple with public transport you aren’t familiar with.

4. No cashouts.

No cashouts

You already paid for the service when you booked the service, and that’s it. Meanwhile, there are times when passengers who take airport taxis need to shoulder additional costs such as fuel and toll fees. You also don’t have to deal with foreign currency upon arrival. No cash, no problem.

5. You get to choose a car.

Choosing a car

Taxis can normally take up to four passengers only. But what if you’re traveling in, say, a group of seven? Or you need a car with a baby seat? In instances like these, booking an airport transfer is the easy solution. You have the freedom to choose your preferred car, considering factors such as size, price, and features.

6. No filling out of documents.

No paperwork

Travelers can also opt to hire a car service, but this sometimes entails tedious paperwork. As much as possible you’d want to devote your time to things that matter more (especially if you’re on vacation).

How to Book an Airport Transfer?

With Traveloka, you can book international airport transfers without any hassle, as the steps are pretty straightforward. Make sure to download the app to gain access on more exciting deals, not just on airport transfers, but on flight tickets, hotels, flight + hotel packages, and attractions as well.

Here’s how you book an airport transfer via the app:

Airport Transfer Booking Guide

1. Open the Traveloka app. Click on the “Int’l Airport Transport” feature.

2. Fill out the necessary details. You will be asked to input your origin, destination, pickup date, and time.

3. Hit “Search.” Afterward, you will be provided with a list of options, including rates and some reminders. Choose by tapping “Select.”

4. A list of vehicles will appear next. Tap on the private car of your choice.

5. More details about your chosen car will be displayed, such as car model and capacity. Additional instructions on meeting the driver will be posted as well. Hit “Continue” after noting the details.

6. Proceed with the payment. Check out Traveloka’s promo page to see if there’s an available code you can use for discounts.

7. Once your payment is confirmed, you will be receiving a voucher on your registered email.

For safety, security, and convenience, try to book an airport transfer for your next trip.

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