10 Animal Instagram Accounts That You Should Follow

There’s nothing cuter than seeing a pet traveling with their owners. So much so that there have been several Instagram accounts dedicated to the adventures of these little critters.

Check out and follow 10 of our favorite animal Instagram accounts. Don’t forget to double tap their photos!


1. Loki

Meet Loki the Wolfdog! With a huge following of 1.5 million, Loki is definitely an Instagram star. Owned by animal lover Kelly Lund, the arctic wolf had his first snowboarding trip when he was just four months old. Just before his third birthday, Loki has seen almost the entire western United States.


2. Aspen the mountain pup

This lovely Golden Retriever loves climbing up and down trails in Denver, Colorado with his owners, Hunter and Sarah Lawrence. Never one to back down from adventure, Aspen and his owners recently went to Canada for some canoeing. Aspen can swim, ride a sled, and hike a mountain. He currently has a strong following of 253,000.


3. Burma

Burma is loved and owned by war veteran, Stephen Simmons. Like many soldiers in Iraq, Stephen had difficulty transitioning from military to civilian life. Thus, traveling with Burma has been a means of therapy. They live in a jeep with a dog named Puppi. It wasn’t long before this trio became an Instagram sensation with almost 52,000 followers and counting.


4. Miami

This little globetrotter has flown to Santorini, Navaja, and Rome (Miami’s hometown). Miami’s owner, Marianna Chiaraluce, says that she researches each travel destination to make sure that it is dog-friendly. Currently, Miami’s Instagram account has more than 7, 500 followers, wherein all of them love the Chihuahua’s Italian fashion sense.


5. Amelia the sailor cat

Amelia was six-months-old when Liz Clark found her in an abandoned house in French Polynesia last November 2013. Liz is a surfer, writer, and an environmental activist who decided to live on a boat. She bought her sailboat in 2003 and has traveled to Mexico, Panama, and Karibati since then. Their Instagram account has 97,400 followers.


6. Max and Louise

Thiago Ferreira documents the trips of his dogs, Max and Louise. These animals have lived with Thiago in Paris and Venezuela. They also accompany him during his yearly Christmas visits to Brazil. Max and Louise are both Parson Russell Terriers. They have over 13,000 Instagram followers.


7. Hamlet the beach hog

Megan Peabody treats Hamlet as her best friend and therapist. For one, Megan has flying anxiety. Luckily, with Hamlet, she feels safer whenever she is off to another escapade. In Megan’s words, Hamlet is a “beautiful distraction”. Both of them now have more than a thousand Instagram followers.


8. Millie the climber

Millie has zero fear when it comes to heights. Professional climber Craig Armstrong owns Millie, whom he describes as the “best climbing partner” ever. The lucky cat has seen a couple of mountains and canyons like Moe’s Valley, Ferguson, and Alcatraz. So far, they have racked up a total of 42,500 followers on Instagram.


9. Esther the wonder pig

Partners Steve Jenkins and Derek adopted Esther in the summer of 2012. Esther’s Facebook page has 1.1 million likes while her Instagram account has 387,000 followers. The luckiest pig on Earth has a book deal and has had a lot of international events.  Steve and Derek also opened a place called “Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary” in Ontario, Canada, where they raise Esther and other animals in need.


10. Monique

Monique, the traveling hen, is owned by French explorer Guirec Soudee. One of the highlights of Monique’s life is her two-year RTW (round-the-word) sailing trip with Guirec. They now have 28,500 Instagram followers and continue to explore places like the Atlantic, Greenland, and Caribbean.


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