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Benefits of Traveling Without Kids: Here’s Why Couples Deserve “Us” Time

It’s always great to travel and to discover new places with the family. But all parents know that taking a break from your kids is a necessary evil.

Couples need it; the chance to stay in bed all day, grown up conversations without worry of being overheard or interrupted, and the freedom to not keep it PG all the time.

If you still need some convincing, here are more benefits of traveling without kids:

1. Strengthens your relationship as a couple

Couple paddle boarding

Don’t get me wrong, I love taking my kids on trips especially since they’re pretty well behaved, but there are times when I just need a breather, where I can go wherever i want and sleep however long I like,” shares Josephine A.

The 42-year-old housewife and her husband would take yearly couple trips when the kids were still young, but old enough to not miss them too much, and it did wonders for their marriage.

If you think about it, taking a trip with just the two of you is just as much for your children as it is for yourself. If things don’t work between you and your spouse, then nothing would work.

The reality is, once you’re a parent you won’t have much time for yourself anymore. So, when you get the chance, take it.

  • Where to Go: El Nido
  • Activities to Try: Island hopping, kayaking, paddle boarding

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2. You don’t have to feel the distance

Couple on skype

For solo parent Hana, it was a little different;

“Being a single parent is complicated because the guilt of leaving your child comes extra hard. Thankfully, I had the full support of my parents. I have to talk to Santi (her son) everyday though, so thank God for Facetime.”

Nowadays, staying in touch is much easier than it was years before — they probably won’t even feel the distance (they can even send you live updates if you’re that type of parent).

Separation anxiety could be a thing of the past thanks to the likes of Messenger, WhatsApp, and all those messaging and social networking apps.

  • Where to Go: Tagaytay
  • Activities to Try: Romantic dinner, spa date


3. You get to save on travel costs

Couple Packing

Planning a vacation with the entire family could feel like a production number. Never-mind the stress of packing for every single child, think about the amount of money you’ll have to save just for the plane tickets alone.

While a lucky few can afford to pay extra for hired help, that added expense does not come easy for everyone.

“If I could, I’d take the whole family all the time, but it takes time to save up for a big trip especially since we’re a pretty big family,” says Ivan A., a a business man with kids aged 3, 7 and 11.

  • Where to Go: Hong Kong
  • Activities to Try: Sunset cruise, Ngong Ping 360 tour


4. You get a well-deserved vacation

Couples Retreat

Parents have to realize that it’s okay to treat yourself once in awhile. Ignore the judgemental comments you might get from purists who believe you have to be around your child 24/7!

You will have many more opportunities to bond with your kids. Chances are your two-year-old won’t remember her trip to Disneyland, anyway.

  • Where to Go: Bali
  • Activities to Try: Traditional Balinese massage, yoga & meditation


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