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Watch: Camiguin Tourism Video Leaves Viewers With “No Words”

For some of us, we only know two things about Camiguin: it produces delicious lanzones and is a regular in beauty pageant puns (“Come again to Camiguin!”). But thanks to a video by the Camiguin Tourism Office, we may now know a lot more about the beautiful island province. This is because we’ll all be clamoring to go there.

The video entitled “No Words” opens with a tourist complaining to a friend who backed out at the last minute – leaving her alone to explore “small, quiet and boring” Camiguin. She then encounters a mute tour guide who helps her explore the island province.

Throughout the four minute video, we get to see beautiful landscapes, a gorgeous waterfall, white sand beaches and more. Finally, the video ties it all up with an ending that drives home the “No Words” title. Watch the full video here:

The Camiguin Lanzones Festival

The video was launched to invite people to Camiguin’s 38th Lanzones Festival, which is ongoing until the end of the month. It’s an annual thanksgiving celebration for the bountiful lanzones harvest, and numerous activities are lined up to keep visitors happy and buzzing.

Dance contests will be happening today and tomorrow. Meanwhile, the Mutya sa Buahanan competition culminates with a pageant on Friday, October 27. A tennis tournament will be happening throughout the week, as well.

However, the festival’s biggest events are on Saturday, October 28. A street dancing competition kicks off at 9 in the morning, alongside a lanzones eating contest. There will also be a fireworks display, as well as a performance by the Itchyworms at 9 in the evening.

The last three days of the festival look to be an all out party. Raves, live performances, and a monster bash featuring a zombie run, a horror house, a monster bus, a zombie kitchen, and trick or treating are part of the activities.

With all these fun activities and that great tourism video, it probably won’t take a lot to convince anyone to come to Camiguin!

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