Reasons Why Traveling As a Couple Strengthens a Relationship

Making a relationship last takes a lot of hard work. Love alone is not enough. But fret not. Experts offer a few tips on how to keep the spark going.

Doing things together, like traveling, is one of them. Apparently, couples who travel together, stay together.

According to a telephone-based survey conducted by Edge Research in the United States, it appears that couples who travel together are happier in their relationship compared to couples who don’t travel at all.

In this post, we’ve compiled four reasons why traveling together strengthens a couple’s relationship.

Traveling together opens the both of you to new and possibly life-changing experiences.

Traveling together makes everything feel new again.

In the survey, 86 percent of the traveling couples questioned believe that their relationship is still filled with sparks of romance, even after being in a committed relationship for many years.

In comparison, only 73% of the non-traveling couples felt the same way.

It’s hard not to see why that’s the case. When you travel to new locations together, both of you get to experience something new and possibly life-changing together.

It’s a powerful thing to experience together, and is bound to always keep you seeing your partner in a new light.

Traveling together opens you up to each other in really intimate ways.

Traveling bonds the two of you like nothing else.

With the exception of raising a child, an experience like backpacking through Southeast Asia is guaranteed to bring any couple closer together.

Time spent in the close quarters of a hostel or hiking up a mountain opens you up to each other in really intimate ways.

As such, it’s no surprise that 94 percent of the traveling couples polled in the survey feel that they are close with their partners, as opposed to only 86 percent of non-traveling couples who believe they are intimate with their partner.

When you’re traveling, you realize the time you spend with your partner is something to be treasured.

Traveling gives you a whole new appreciation of your partner.

When you’re in a new country where you don’t speak the language and your partner is literally the only one who understands you, you get to see them and the time you spend with them as something to be treasured.

The Edge Research study supports this, as it discovered that 84 percent of the traveling couples are happy with the quality time spent with their partners, while only 70 percent of non-traveling couples enjoy their quality time together.

When traveling, you and your partner end up with a shorthand that enriches your relationship.

Traveling improves communication.

There’s nothing like being in a foreign environment to strengthen the lines of communication between you and your partner.

When getting to your next destination depends on you and your partner understanding each other, the two of you end up with a shorthand that enriches the way you communicate and interact as a couple.

No wonder 84 percent of the traveling couples say they communicate well with their partners, as opposed to 73 percent of non-traveling couples who believe they have no communication issues.

Aside from these findings, the study also showed that when it came to couple with kids, 76 percent of parents who take regular vacations with their children believe that the amount spent on their travels are worth it.

The couples believe that the children earn more priceless experience and lifelong memories by traveling together as a family.

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