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10 Environmental Organizations in the Philippines You Can Join

Being able to travel and to see what the world has to offer is such an adventure that, more often than not, we forget that it is actually a privilege that we get to see such breathtaking landscapes, beaches, and more.

If you want to go beyond being an environmentally responsible traveler, then why not volunteer for these environmental organizations in the Philippines:


1. World Wide Fund for Nature

World Wide Fund Philippines
Image Credit: WWF.Philippines / Facebook

The name of the organization says it all. Their projects don’t only focus on food, water, and climate, but on wildlife as well. In fact, they exert effort to ensure the survival of the rarest and most endangered species in the country.

Also part of their aim is to transform lives by providing livelihood programs.


2. Waves for Water

Waves for Water
Image Credit: wavesforwater / Facebook

Imagine the country running out of water – a drought would take over leading to a shrinking food supply, damaged habitat, crop damage, and more. If the thought of this makes you cringe, then you may want to work with Waves for Water.

The organization works with leaders and partners to provide clean and potable water for communities here and abroad.


3. Save Philippine Seas

Save Philippine Seas
Image Credit: savephilippineseas / Facebook

Our country is surrounded by seas. It’s only apt for us to protect them so they can protect us from possible harm.

Part of the advocasea of Save Philippine Seas is to promote community empowerment, environmental education, and shark conservation.

The org also initiates citizen-led programs to empower Pinoys towards behavioral change.


4. Earth Island Institute

Earth Island Institute
Image Credit: earthislandph / Facebook

Earth Island Institute is an international org that jumpstarts programs focused on hyperlocal and grassroots environmentalism.

Their local arm implements the International Monitoring Program (IMP) which ensures that the country’s top tuna companies conform to industry standards and practices.

The organization also hold campaigns against dolphin captivity and killings.


5. Greenpeace Philippines

Greenpeace Philippines
Image Credit: greenpeaceph / Facebook

The main goal of Greenpeace Philippines is to protect natural landscapes, species, and more from environmental threats such as perilous waste imports, coal projects, and illegal logging.

Aside from promoting ecological farming, this volunteer-based group also holds campaigns against land, air, and water pollution.


6. Haribon Foundation

Haribon Foundation
Image Credit: GoHaribon / Facebook

Haribon Foundation uses their widely known platform to save different bird species and to conserve their habitats as they empower and educate people. 

They also partner with various groups and local government units to conserve biodiversity.


7. Rare

Image Credit: RareOrgPH / Facebook

Rare is an international organization that promotes campaigns focused on sustainable fishing and resource management. They work with local groups to educate people on the best and proper fishing practices.

Through their efforts, we can all hope for healthier seas and bountiful oceans.


8. Mother Earth Foundation

Mother Earth Foundation
Image Credit: / Facebook

Garbage is among the top enemies of nature. To address this alarming concern, Mother Earth Foundation campaigns zero-waste advocacy to local authorities.

They hold programs in schools and barangays to promote environmental education and proper waste management.


9. Philippines Biodiversity Conservation Foundation

Philippines Biodiversity Conservation Foundation
Image Credit: philippinesbiodiversity / Facebook

Philippines Biodiversity Conservation Foundation works to restore natural habitats and aims to educate the public on how to protect wildlife from feasible harm.

So far, they have completed programs to conserve rare species such as Philippine bats, Calamian deer, and cloud rats.


10. Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines

Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines
Image Credit: marinewildlifeofthephilippines / Facebook

With its strategic location, the Philippines could be considered the heart of marine biodiversity in the world.

We have quite a number of sea creature species that can be extinct soon if we don’t act on it today.

Thankfully, Marine Wildlife Watch exerts strong efforts to protect these creatures from illegal trading and capture.


Visit the respective websites of these eco-friendly organizations to learn how you can help and donate. Explore by Traveloka supports environmental protection and education.

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