10 Filipino Travel Bloggers You Should Follow On IG

A lot of people dream of getting paid to travel the world. However, only a lucky few have been able to do so. Among them are 10 brilliant Filipino backpackers who constantly share stunning photos of their latest destination – stirring up the wanderlust in us all. We’ve listed them down for you, so take a look and make sure you follow them and Traveloka, too:



1. Angel Juarez (@thelakwatsero)

Having worked with the big players in the local travel industry, it’s no surprise that “Lakwatsero” is first on our list. He stays true to his mission of promoting “the Philippines by showcasing its different scenic spots” by taking stunning photos of local destinations. He also shares several travel tips and budget-friendly travel guides – making sure that his followers are provided with well-researched information about several destinations.

2. Aaron Palabyab (@apalabyab)

As a director, cameraman and an internationally-acclaimed photographer, Aaron’s Instagram feed has sprinkle of city shots but is mostly filled with picturesque landscapes. His images aim to help city-dwellers reconnect with nature and to help them see the stars blocked out by city buildings.

3. Trisha Velarmino (@psimonmyway)

Traveling the world wasn’t planned, it happened by accident – and Trisha hasn’t stopped since. From South America to Africa, from Asia to her current home base in Tel Aviv, Israel, Trish shows no signs of slowing down. Follow the adventures of this free spirit on her blog or even better, on her IG account.

4. Kimi Juan & Thomas Caja (@kimijuan & @thomascaja)

Talk about #CoupleGoals! Kimi and Thomas have traveled to several local and international destinations, documenting and writing about them all on their blog, “Escape Journal”. Their individual Instagram feeds are made up of well thought out photos, so much so that they’ve been featured on The Huffington Post, Esquire, Buzzfeed and more.

5. Javi Cang (@javycang)

What separates Javi from other Filipino travel bloggers is his ability to balance corporate work and travel activities. He focuses on mountain trips beautiful mountain views. For formality’s sake, he is a certified banker slash travel junkie.

6. Dr. Amadeus Baraan (@grandeurtraveler)

Dr. Amadeus Baraan is a board-certified dermatologist whose blog and Instagram account gives us a taste of high life traveling. From one destination to another, “Deo” (as he’s fondly referred to by family and friends) shows the best of what the location has to offer – whether it be a luxury hotel or resort. One thing we absolutely love about his account though is the calming presence of the color blue in almost every post that ties everything together, so well.

7. Anton Diaz (@ourawesomeplanet)

Anton is the founder of the blog, “Our Awesome Planet”. What once started as a humble family blog has now exploded into one of the country’s go-to sites when it comes to anything travel and food-related. Having been in the industry for 11 years, it’s no surprise that the Instagram account has amassed as huge a following as the blog.

8. Kara Santos (@karasantos)

Kara Santos is a freelance writer and photographer who’s currently based in Manila. While she’s gone on several international trips, she is currently trying to visit all 81 provinces of the Philippines. So far she’s visited 60. Her blog “Travel Up” is where she documents her adventures, oftentimes of her riding from one destination to another on her motorcycle.

9. Estan Cabigas (@langyawtravel)

In Cebu, “Langyaw” means “outsider” or “traveler”, which is exactly what Estan Cabigas is. Never able to stand still, Estan has traveled across the country, and has gone to several Asian and European destinations. He is fond of taking photos of architecture and also writes about Philippine Coleoptera (beetles).

10. We Are Sole Sisters (@wearesolesisters)

Featuring the escapades of Filipino travel bloggers Emma, Sarah, Julienne, Adi, and Lois, “We Are Sole Sisters” is perfect for Filipina travelers. Other than promoting the wonders of the Philippines, they also take their readers on a journey towards women empowerment. Basically, it proves that exploration knows no gender.


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