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There’s Scientific Proof that Girls Trips are Good for Your Health

Sometimes all you need to feel better when everything seems to go wrong in life is an all girls trip. And that isn’t all in your head — science agrees with you!

According to a study done in 2016, hanging out with friends doesn’t only put you in a better mood, it’s great for your health too! Here are the benefits of traveling with your girl squad:

1. Longer life

Female friends

While you might have experienced a few near-death experiences thanks to the more reckless ones in your friend group, having them around actually might help you live longer.

Studies have shown that there’s a correlation between life expectancy and social relationships. And the best thing? With your friends around, you know you’ll never have to grow the aches and pains of old age alone.

2. Higher pain tolerance

Psychologists were able to prove that your ability to withstand pain is related to the size of your social network, which explains why girl time is the first thing we need after getting our hearts broken.

Having a solid set of friends around to support your through painful times will help you heal faster than you think.

3. Production of oxytocin

An article from Southern Living pointed to a study that proves spending time with your friends increases the production of oxytocin in your body, which is also known as the feel-good hormone. Oxytocin is also responsible for that warm fuzzy feeling you experience when you’re in love.

So, when you’re feeling stressed at work, or down about something that happened, you probably just need a big dose of friend time.

4. Decrease chances of depression

Girls on a motorbike

The article went further on to cite a study from Harvard, which explained how individuals who don’t have strong friendships are more likely to experience depression.

Haven’t talked to a friend in a long time? Pack your bags and see how they’re doing! Building stronger relationships with people around you is good for everyone. Nobody ever has to feel alone.

5. Less likely to have dementia

Happy Friends

The risk of getting dementia later in life is apparently higher for those who experience loneliness frequently. So, if you want to keep those memories with you until you’re old and gray, then keep your friends close.

Even if majority of a friendships are kept intact thanks to smartphones and social media, sometimes digital connections aren’t enough. Invest in your relationships, make time to see your friends, and go on a trip — it’s good for you!

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