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Halloween Horror Nights 9: Expect a Frighteningly Fun Experience

Five haunted houses, two killer shows and scare zones, and 16 terrifying nights. Universal Studios Singapore™ Halloween Horror Nights—the largest and most-renowned scare event in the region—returns for its ninth year to make your Halloween nights 10 times more frightening!

This year, the event aims to be darker and even more terrifying with new features and exciting surprises that will definitely bring chills down your spine.

Dare to enter the Land of the Dead? Here’s what you can expect at this year’s horrific festivities:

When and Where

The most iconic scare event in Singapore takes place from September 27 to October 31 at Universal Studios Singapore. The event runs on selected nights from Thursdays through Sundays, from 7 PM to 1:30 AM.

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Terror Features

Halloween Horror Nights 9 gets a scare upgrade with its collaborations and partnerships, making it truly out of this world (…or should we say out of the Underworld?)!

Prepare to scream your lungs out at the exciting haunted houses, scare zones, and shows.

Haunted Houses

Halloween Horror Nights 9 has five themed haunted houses:

The Chalet Hauntings

HHN9 - Chalet Hauntings

Traveloka has partnered with Universal Studios Singapore for The Chalet Hauntings house to heighten your fear experience.  Navigate through dark corridors and sinister rooms that will put your courage to the test.

You might even encounter several demons—including the evil Toyol and the ruthless Langsuir, who rips her victims to shreds for blood!

Prepare to have a terrorizing experience as the house is designed to touch all five senses with its uniquely-designed illusions, animatronics, and special effects.

Spirit Dolls

Be transported to the mysterious village of Nagaro, Japan where the story of a girl who died a terrible death is whispered around.

It is told that her parents performed dark magic to bring her back, through a handmade life-size doll. Unfortunately, they never anticipated she would return evil and murderous.

Curious to see the dolls? Visit the village but be careful, you might just find yourself unable to leave.

Twisted Clown University

HHN9 - Clown University

Enter the twisted underground carnival of clowns, who disguise their psychotic and blood-thirsty ways with painted smiles and round red noses.

Definitely far from a typical children’s party!

Hell Block 9

This place makes a regular prison look good. In Hell Block 9, Experience horrifying scenes of damp prison cells and bloody prisoners being tortured by their violent wardens.

With the place reeking of blood and death, can you survive your sentence?

Curse of the Naga

HHN9 - Curse of the Naga

It may seem like a leisure trip through the busy streets of Bangkok, but soon you’ll stumble upon a village in the jungles of Thailand where an evil serpentine spirit lurks.

In collaboration with the masters of Asian horror films and the directors of blockbuster Thai movies, Shutter and 4bia, Halloween Horror Nights 9 offers an Asian-inspired haunted house that’s nothing like you have ever experienced before!

Scare Zones and Shows

This year’s Halloween Horror Nights scare mazes will be overrun by the undead.

At Death End, see the place where the living meets the dead and where macabre funeral rites are practiced. But beware of the Undertaker, who takes souls by gouging the eyes of his dead victims.

Meanwhile, witness a gruesome concert and procession by a terrifying metal band at Death Fest! Let the music posses and enthrall you into devotion for the band’s satanic master.

HHN9 - Death fest

Are you ready to enter the ghastly realms of Halloween Horror Nights 9? Get your tickets with Traveloka and skip the long lines with Traveloka Easy Access!

There are also a bunch of special Flight, Hotel, and Xperience promos for Singapore this September that you will definitely enjoy!

What are you waiting for? The Undertaker awaits. Book your Halloween Horror Nights 9 tickets here!

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