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Hawker Chan in Manila: Michelin-star Resto Serves Food for Under P200

Tender chicken, flavorful noodles, signature rice, and other delectable dishes await hungry eaters at Hawker Chan. You don’t have to fly to Singapore to enjoy this gastronomic oriental treat, though. This Michelin-star restaurant has finally opened up in Manila, specifically in SM Mall of Asia!


Hawker Chan entrance


More than eight years ago, the first hawker stall opened at Singapore’s Chinatown Complex. The freshly roasted chicken quickly became famous among the locals, resulting in long queues and a massive number of orders, day in and day out.

Proving to be a hit among foodies, Hawker Chan then expanded to neighboring countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, and Australia.

The Manila branch, as quaint and humble as it is, can cater to more than 80 guests at a time. Despite just opening, the restaurant is always buzzing with hungry customers and uniformed staff rushing to serve Hawker Chan’s famous chicken.


Hawker Chan roasted chicken


I arrived at the restaurant at 11AM on a Monday (hopeful there wouldn’t be a crowd), but much to my surprise – there was an incredibly long queue of people waiting to get in!

I lined up for about eight minutes, quickly gave my order at the counter, and was given a number that would flash on the screen when my food was ready. It took around 15 minutes before I finally settled down with my chicken meals.

Just a heads up though, while the lunch hour is already considerably busy – expect lines to get even longer starting 3PM onwards!


Soya Sauce Chicken Rice


One of Hawker Chan’s must-try’s is the Soya Sauce Chicken Rice (PHP128). As soon as I bit into this dish, I could taste the chicken’s natural juices that perfectly matched its succulent red soya sauce. The dish comes with savory soya beans and a cup of soya sauce rice.


Char Siew Rice


If you want to veer away from chicken though, then Hawker Chan’s pork and rice meals are must-try’s as well! Try out their Char Siew Rice (PHP148), Roasted Pork Rice (PHP148), or Pork Rib Rice (PHP168).

Hawker Chan also caters to noodle fanatics. In fact, they offer four varieties of noodle dishes that will surely please your palate: Soya Sauce Chicken Noodle (PHP158), Char Siew Noodle (PHP178), Roasted Pork Noodle (PHP178), and Pork Rib Noodle (PHP198).

Each dish features thin and firm egg noodles with a reasonable serving of meat and an ample amount of leafy vegetables on the side.


Soya Sauce Chicken Noodle


Now, back to the food that I was devouring. For variety’s sake, I ordered three out of the four side dishes available. Seasonal Vegetable (PHP99) is basically water spinach (or more fondly known here as kangkong), with special sauce and topped with a fermented ingredient.

The Soya Bean Sprouts (PHP89) and Thai Style Tofu (PHP160) are taste delicious alongside whatever dish you decide to order. Lastly, the Wonton Soup (PHP150) is a warm appetizer with fat pieces of dim sum and vegetable stalks swimming in a delicious broth.


Seasonal Vegetable

Wonton Soup


Given how mouth watering the dishes were, you’d think they’d come with a hefty price tag! Surprisingly enough though, they weren’t. In fact, you could get a heavy and delicious meal even if you only had PHP250 in your wallet! Not so bad considering that you’re eating a Michelin-star restaurant.


Hawker Chan meals


Overall, I had a blast eating at Hawker Chan – so much so that I know I’ll be back pretty soon! The crew was friendly, the place was quaint and buzzing – but the best part was, the food was worth every penny! I look forward to them opening up more branches.

Tempted to visit Hawker Chan? Book a hotel nearby and discover other must-try restaurants at SM Mall of Asia!


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