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9 Health Benefits of Going to the Beach

There’s nothing better than having a relaxing and/or fun day at the beach. The waves crashing, the powdery white sand, the sun on your face, and more—there are so many reasons why you keep coming back.

While we may not pinpoint the exact reasons why we feel happy and relaxed at the beach, it does have many positive effects on our physical and psychological body.

Check out these health benefits of hitting the beach!


1. The beach puts us into a meditative state

Medidating at Beach

Imagine sitting by the shore and watching the waves as you sip your favorite smoothie. Just thinking of it gives us the idea of relaxation.

It has been proven that staring at the sea has a positive effect on our brain waves, luring us into a mild meditative state.

2. Blue is a positive color

Peacefully looking at the Blue Sea

We easily associate the color blue to calm, peace, and unity. Spending time near the coast exposes you to this appeasing hue. A clear cerulean sky is visible and the cool azure waves approach you. Ah, life is good.

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3. The sound of the waves relaxes you…. literally

Beach Waves

The sound of the waves stimulates our parasympathetic nervous system (PNS). PNS is what triggers the body to secrete hormones that decrease the heart rate and blood pressure, this in turns lead to you becoming calm and relaxed.

4. The breeze of the ocean is soothing to smell

Breeze of the Ocean

Inhaling air at the beach seems to be tranquilizing. It may have to do with the air’s negative ions. According to The Journal of Alternative Complementary Medicine, the negative ion therapy may cure the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder.

5. The beach helps us get a better sleep

Sleeping at the Beach

Related to the previous entry, the negative ions in the air help us absorb oxygen more easily. As a result, it helps our body relax which leads to a better shut-eye.

6. The sand is great for your skin

Feet on the Sand

Putting your feet in the soft, powdery sand gives you a warm, alleviating sensation. The sand is not just good for your feet, though. It is also a natural exfoliant and can be used to shed dead skin away. Rubbing sand onto your skin opens your pores and let them breathe, eliminating blackheads away.

7. Vitamin sea is Vitamin D

Sun Exposure

Going to the beach means exposing yourself to direct sunlight. An hour of sun exposure gives you enough Vitamin D, which makes your bones tougher, your teeth healthier, and your immune system stronger.

8. The beach is a great venue for an exercise

Training on the Beach

The beach is simply a wonderful place to do nothing. However, it also gives you the opportunity to work out. You may take a swim on the sea or jog by the shore. These exercises improve your stamina and body strength.

9. A positive perspective awaits

Woman enjoying freedom in Beach

Staring at the blue waters make you feel small. It is absolutely beneficial in such a way that it helps you assess and evaluate your problems in a better perspective–and that you can do so much more than focusing on life’s difficulties, given how vast the world is.

Indeed, a visit to the beach is delightful and therapeutic. Given these benefits of going to the beach, you have more reasons to explore what the sea has to offer.

Take advantage of your time at the beach, savor every moment, and make yourself feel at peace. You simply deserve it.

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