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For the ‘Gram: The Most Instagrammable Spots on Lantau Island

Connecting downtown Tung Chung and Ngong Ping on Lantau Island is the world-renowned bi-cable ropeway, Ngong Ping 360. Named as one of the world’s best cable car experiences, Ngong Ping 360 is the first of its kind in Hong Kong and is definitely one unforgettable ride!

But what lies beyond the waters is what makes this place even more enchanting. Get your phone’s camera ready—we’re listing down the most picturesque destinations on Lantau Island!

Ngong Ping 360’s Crystal Cabin

NP 360 - Crystal Cabin

Cable car rides are great, but Ngong Ping 360 offers a whole new experience as it gives you a stunning view of the island from all angles! No wonder it was named one of the world’s best cable car experiences.

With a glass floor and glass walls, it feels like you’re flying over the seas and sprawling grassland slopes. Now that’s worth a shot!

Ride Cost: HKD 315, roundtrip (per adult), discounted price if tickets are purchased in advance from Traveloka Xperience
Photo tip: Take a photo while standing or sitting on the glass floor to make it look like you’re floating on air!

Ngong Ping Village

Bodhi tree - Ngong Ping Village

Immerse yourself in this culture-themed village that blends contemporary and historical elements. Here you’ll find an array of dining and shopping experiences that will definitely bring flavor to your Instagram feed.

Don’t forget to check out the Bodhi Tree and make a wish; as well as the Wall Painting, which will be finished soon.

Photo tip: Stand in the middle of the “bliss” or “health” drum to capture the drums, the tree, and its lovely “wishing placards” in one shot.

Ngong Ping Piazza

NP360- NP Piazza

At the beginning of your nature and religion tour in Ngong Ping, stand at this gorgeous plaza surrounded by Buddhist stone statues along Bodhi Path and manicured landscapes that mirror the architectural designs of the Po Lin Monastery.

Photo tip: Capture the gorgeous white pai lau in the middle of the piazza (built to reflect the northern architectural style of Qing dynasty) or simply take a shot of it angled to the side to include The Big Buddha peeking in the background.

The Big Buddha

NP360 - Big Buddha

Majestically situated atop Mt. Muk Yue is the island’s most iconic attraction. Tian Tan Buddha (more commonly known as The Big Buddha), is a massive outdoor bronze Buddha statue sitting next to the Po Lin Monastery.

It’s said to have been modeled after Siddhartha when he received enlightenment. Inside the statue’s pedestal is a three-story exhibition hall with Buddhist items including Buddha’s relic.

Photo tip: Climb up the 268 steps and capture a bird’s-eye view of the entire island. You can also capture the structure’s beauty from the base or while walking the path toward it.

Po Lin Monastery

NP360 - Po Lin Monastery

Apart from being an iconic Ngong Ping attraction, the monastery is a world-renowned Buddhist establishment known for its unique and majestic architecture.

The structure features the design of the Ming and Qing palaces, with a gable roof and ridges decorated with gorgeous patterns and ornaments. It’s definitely a sight to behold!

Photo tip: Take close up shots of its beautiful roof ridges or capture the entire majestic structure from the main axis at the front of the temple.

Wisdom Path

Wisdom Path

Serene and inspirational, this wooden installation on a hill is a beautiful photo spot! Look over Lantau peak as you walk through this magical area, which is reported to look just like a cloud kingdom when fog and mist cover it.

The wooden columns are inscribed with verses from the Heart Sutra by Professor Jao Tsung-I, which summarizes the thoughts of Buddha.

Photo tip: Stand against the wooden columns with the sun’s rays streaming through the pillars to get that “heavenly” shot. You can also take individual shots of the columns to feature its calligraphy.

Explore more of Lantau Island:

Lantau Trail

Lantau Trail

If you’re up for a hiking adventure, head over to the Lantau trail right after your stop at Wisdom Path. The hiking path is divided into 12 sections—all of which offer a scenic landscape view and trail paths worthy to be posted on your feed.

Photo tip: Take a break from the hike and enjoy the stunning view. There’s a winding stone path worth capturing that features the sea and hills in the background.

Tai O Fishing Village

Tai O Fishing Village

Visit the oldest fishing village in Hong Kong and go back in time as you explore this rustic water world of Lantau.

The highlight of the village is the iconic stilt houses built on the area’s tidal flats. These houses—which are often featured in many Instagram posts—are best seen up close through a boat excursion. They were constructed by the Tanka fishing folk over 200 years ago—their age makes them a rare sight in Hong Kong.

This beloved village is also where you can find Solo, a café that serves delicate homemade cakes with a cup of smooth coffee. The café also has a cute terrace where you can take pictures of the stilt houses and the boats that go by—perfect for your Instagram feed!

Photo tip: Snap photos of the unique stilt houses and bustling marketplace. Or take a boat ride to capture all the cultural sights in the village.

Show your best smiles for the camera and Xperience the wonders of Lantau Island today! Book your trips on Traveloka for great deals! 

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