Viral “Ma, ok lang ko!” Guy Takes Mom On Sweet Vacation

It’s natural for mothers to worry about their child. It’s just as natural for children to reassure them that they’re okay. But for Kirby Gaitano and his mom, Belinda, a creative way of reassurance earned them viral fame, media coverage, and a #SurpriseStaycation on Traveloka!

The Post That Started It All

Kirby’s journey to a #SurpriseStaycation began last week, May 7, when his mom posted photos of Kirby’s trip to Baler and Dingalan, Aurora. In the album’s caption, Belinda shared that she “gets so nervous when he doesn’t text me back”. In an effort to calm his mom’s nerves, not only would Kirby text her, but he’d also send pictures of himself with a sign that read “Ma, ok lang ko!”

The post quickly blew up. As of this writing, it has 12,750 shares and a collective 37,000 likes, “haha”, and “love” engagements. It even got picked up by news media. Kirby says that he got the idea for the sign from his mother’s nervousness whenever he’d travel.

“Whenever I’m on a trip, she keeps on texting me [asking] how I was doing. She would even get the number of my travel buddies in case I couldn’t reply within an hour. But I would always text her back to say that I was doing well,” he shares. “But for that trip, I took things way too literal. I literally printed a placard saying ‘Ma, ok lang ko!'”

Kirby says that even if he isn’t a parent himself, he understands how parents feel when their child is away from them. The sign was an effort to not just reassure his parents, but to put a smile on their faces as well.

The #SurpriseStaycation

Traveloka found the post totally sweet, which is why we decided to send the entire family on a relaxing #SurpriseStaycation.

We quickly arranged a #SurpriseStaycation for them at Samal Island’s Hof Gorei Beach Resort. The three-star resort is the only one on Samal Island with personalized butler service, and we thought an overnight stay would be a great break for Belinda on Mother’s Day.

“She was happy that she didn’t have to do any chores on her special day. The place was relaxing, a great place raw if you’re looking for some place quiet and serene,” he says.

Kirby says they were also pleasantly surprised by the butler service, “Akala namin makukulitan kami sa kanya pero he entertained us just fine. Not too much and not boring. Just right. Akala rin namin mawawalan kami ng privacy pero di naman.”

We’re happy to have given you and your mom this experience on her special day, Kirby!

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