Siesta & Go: Take A Nap In Madrid’s First Siesta Bar

If you happen to be in Spain and are struggling to keep your eyes open , then head over to the latest place to be, “Siesta & Go.”

Inspired by similar establishments in Japan, London, and Argentina, Madrid’s nap bar is the first of its kind in Spain.

According to Lonely Planet, Siesta & Go offers both private and shared rooms for napping. You can pre-book or walk-in and check-in to any of the 19 beds available.

Aside from taking a quick nap, customers can also relax in a comfy armchair while reading a book, the newspaper, or while surfing the internet.

It is located at Nuevos Ministerios in Azca, the heart of Madrid’s central business district. Home to giant firms like HSBC, Google, and Deloitte, patrons may opt to rent a workspace to study or to catch up on emails. Siesta & Go serves coffee, too. Slippers and nightshirts for a more comfortable nap are also sold on-site.

Customers can pay by the minute or by the hour (private room per hour can go for about $14-16).

Interestingly, there is no need to worry about paying additional charges if you oversleep. Employees of Siesta & Go are ready to wake you up at the end of your session.

Personal hygiene is not a problem either as bedding are for single-use only. The rooms are professionally cleaned and management assures that nobody will catch anything bad.

On its website, the company claims that napping can help relieve tension, stimulate creativity, and improve daily performances.

Siesta & Go is the brainchild of Maria Estrella Jorro de Inza. She was inspired by a sleeping service she found in Tokyo referred to as nap cafes or capsule hotels. These establishments would give clients a place to rest if they needed a nap during their busy day – a practice that gives “enormous” health benefits.

For the record, Spaniards racked up a total of 1, 695 hours of work last year, beating Germany and France. The data comes from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Only Italy and Portugal managed to pull longer hours out of the main euro-area economies.

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