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7 Wonderful Benefits of Multi-City Traveling

Visiting another country is always a delightful experience. You get to discover scenic landmarks, explore a different culture, and stuff your tummy with unfamiliar yet interesting food, among others.

But why travel to only one country when you can extend your trip to one or two more destinations, allowing you to experience more of the above.

Seasoned travelers have got this down—they check out as many countries as they can in only a few days and without having to file more than one vacation leave request. The trick is multi-city flight booking.

Change the way you explore the world by taking on the multi-city traveling challenge and say goodbye to boring layovers and wasted free time. Here are seven reasons why multi-city traveling is perfect for your wanderlust:

1. Combine multiple trips in one

Maps With Multiple Pins Marked

Got a business trip or a special event in Bali but have also been wanting to take a vacation for some time now? Why not extend your overseas trip and include either Singapore or Kuala Lumpur in your flight booking? This way, you not only get to have some work done (or make a friend happy with your presence) but also squeeze in some me time with less the hassle of planning another trip.

2. See more, pay less

Money Jar Fill With Coins

Imagine booking two separate roundtrip flights for Singapore and Bangkok. Not only will it require you more funds, but it will also eat up a big chunk of your time. With multi-city traveling, you only need to add a few extra pesos and you’re on your way to enjoying your IG-worthy snaps at Singapore’s Haji Lane or Jewel Changi Airport. Next day, you can be seen shopping for pasalubong at the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market in Bangkok. All that without blowing your budget.

3. Be a more organized planner

Traveler Planning Itinerary

A multi-city trip is fun in a way that you get to see more must-visit wonders. It also entails careful planning.

Completing a multi-destination itinerary requires time and research. Take it as a challenge to enhance your organization skills, and later you’ll be surprised that you can actually do it. Making mistakes is normal, but at least you get to learn from them and be a better planner next time.

4. Get excited the entire trip

Woman Surprise Scoping The World

If you’re the type of person who always wants to try new experiences and see different sights in one go, then multi-city traveling is your best bet. At the end of each day, the feeling of excitement never wanes as you prep yourself for your next adventure in an entirely new city the next day or two.

5. Take more unique snaps

Male Traveler Taking Photos

Traveling to showcase your travel photography skills? Multi-city traveling will help you do that and more. Impress your friends not only by the number of destinations you were able to cover in say, a week, but also on your colorful and well-curated IG feed.

6. Avoid the stress caused by long flights

Female Traveler Sleeping In Long Flights

If it’s your first time to fly, perhaps you’d expect long flights as somewhat exciting. For most frequent travelers, however, they find lengthy airplane rides as physically taxing and stressful at times. Multi-city traveling can help cut seemingly endless trips into relaxing escapades.

7. Reach out to more business clients

Business Man Shaking Hands In Meeting

Multi-city traveling is highly recommended for business travelers who need to meet up with multiple clients in various cities. Paying only a few additional costs, entrepreneurs and business owners can make as many stopovers as they need in a single booking.

Go on Multi-City Tours with Traveloka

Not sure where and how to start? Fret not. Traveloka lets you book multi-city trips in four easy-to-follow steps that you can find in our multi-city booking guideline.

Excited to try your first multi-city travel? Download the Traveloka app for a hassle-free booking experience!



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