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10 PH Instagram Accounts That Will Inspire You to Travel

Admit it, you spend hours and hours scrolling through your Instagram feed, watching stories, and mindlessly hitting like. But your browsing doesn’t have to be so monotonous. Thanks to these amazing photographers, we have free access to our dream destinations and inspiration for our next trip. Here are 10 PH Instagram accounts that will inspire you to travel:



1. Nico Nuyda (@niconuyda)

If it isn’t obvious from his feed, he is up for any adventure. Nico is a storyteller through and through. Aside from his beautiful photographs, he also has a way with words. Each post tells a story – a refreshing break from everything else thoughtless on the internet.


2. Angelo Mendoza (@angelomendo)

From the break of dawn, to the coming of the storm, for Angelo, it’s not just about amazing views. It’s about capturing the essence of a place, and being able to communicate it through a single photograph.


3. Danna Pena (@dannapena)

The writer-photographer shares snippets of her adventures through her Instagram and blog. From there you’ll find everything she’s passionate about – literature, travel, and all things that inspire her to create.


4. Paolo Cuarteron (@paocua)

Follow Pao for photos of the highest summits, starry skies, and even the Northern Lights. His adventures will urge even the laziest of people to get out and start exploring.


5. Kir Ubungen (@kiriosityy)

Kir is a versatile creative who specializes in travel, portrait and lifestyle photography. Her feed will give you a glimpse of her life as a photographer and the people she meets, as well as her trips up mountains, and hangouts at the beach.


6. Enzo Cruz (@iamenzocruz)

If you’re in doubt about the beauty of the world, Enzo’s feed will remind you why you shouldn’t. His feed is a mix of dreamy landscapes and breathtaking views — places you never thought of visiting, until you see it on his Instagram.


7. Rachel Halili (@rachelhalili)

Rach doesn’t just take snapshots of “Instagram-worthy” tourist destinations, but she also truly sees the beauty of every single place. Being one of the brains (and beauties) of the famous, @wtn_wheretonext, it’s no surprise that her travels inspire us to finally plan adventures of our own.


8. Kelsey (@kelseaswim)

Kelsey is the local explorer we all aspire to be. Her sunny profile consists of palm trees, white sand beaches, and pink skies – the Philippines in all of its tropical glory. One look at her feed and you’re off to the nearest beach, you really don’t have to travel far to see something wonderful. and Instagram, and see how the world transforms with the click of his camera.


10. Ayen dela Torre (@ayenonlife)

The other beauty & brains behind the Where to Next? blog and Instagram, Ayen’s feed is nothing short of inspiring. Not only does she share the beautiful backdrops of her travels, she also captures the heartwarming faces of the locals she encounters.


If these Instagram accounts have awoken your wanderlust, then be sure to book your next flight out and stay with Traveloka

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