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10 Local Theater Shows to Stream Online for Free

Different levels of community quarantine are still being enforced across the country in the battle against COVID-19. As most of us are staying at home and doing our part in preventing the virus from spreading, we’re unable to do a lot of activities that we usually enjoyed, like eating out, going to the cinema, or simply spending time with our friends and family.

Because of this, people have turned to the virtual world and many companies have been able to bring their services to consumers’ homes through various online offerings. This includes Philippines theater companies streaming their shows for free! Whether you’re a theater fan or not, it’s always fun to catch a show and get yourself acquainted with the dramatic arts.

The Philippines is home to plenty of amazing plays and equally amazing actors that are worth checking out. Not sure where to look? Check out our list of local stage productions that are now accessible online, for free:

1. Ang Nawalang Kapatid 

The first in the series of online offerings by Dulaang UP, Ang Nawalang Kapatid is an adaptation by Floy Quintos of the well-known Indian epic, “The Mahabharata.”

Featuring an all-student cast, this play follows the story of the Pandavas and the Kauravas clans on their journey to achieve harmony, and was the highlight of Dulaang UP’s 38th Theater season in 2014.


2. The Kundiman Party

Kundiman Party
Image Credit: Dulaang Unibersidad ng Pilipinas (DUP Official Page) Facebook page

Another play written by Floy Quintos, this production stars Shamaine Centenera-Buencamino as Maestra Adela Dolores, a distinguished kundiman singer. This critically-acclaimed play centers on the theme of resistance and explores the position of art in society. It opened in 2018 and was restaged by PETA Theater Center the following year.


3. Orosman at Zafira

This 2011 comedy by Francisco Baltazar tells a love story in the time of war and features three kingdoms’ epic struggle for power. This was first staged in 2008 by Dulaang UP and received much success. It was revived thrice in later years. This video features the 2011 performance at SM Mall of Asia CenterStage Theater.


4. Rated: PG

Rated PG
Image Credit: Philippine Educational Theater Association Facebook page

Uploaded in time for Mother’s Day, this timely piece revolves around the theme of family and the relationship between a parent and a child. The play is directed by Mae Quesada-Medina and will be up online for a limited time only, so make sure to tune in!

  • Theater Company:< Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA)
  • Watch here


5. Lysistrata ng Bakwit

An adaptation of the ancient Greek comedy by Aristophanes, Lysistrata ng Bakwit follows the story of a woman who convinces the women of Bakwit to withhold sex from their partners in protest of the tribal wars and disputes that they consistently face year after year.

Tanghalang Ateneo staged the play in 2018 and took inspiration from the situation in Marawi where families are being forced away from their homes due to territorial clan wars.


6. Darangen ni Bantugen

Darangen ni Bantugen
Image Credit: Philippine Ballet Theatre Facebook page

The word “Darangen” is interpreted as a Maranao epic poem chanted by the elders of their people. The story was reinterpreted into dance form, specifically ballet, and is one of the company’s most notable productions.

The video was captured from the 2016 performance, which was shown during the celebration of National Heritage Month in Davao City.

  • Theater Company: Philippine Ballet Theatre
  • Watch here


7. Adarna

Many know about the tale of this mythical songbird whose song could heal any disease, thus becoming a sick King’s only hope of survival in the story. Relive this classic corrido (a narrative song) through creative puppetry, shadow play, and other multimedia advancements that bring this story to life on another level.

With actor JC Santos starring as Don Juan, come with him on a journey to find the magical bird—a quest that prepares him to become the next ruler of his kingdom.


8. Daddy’s Girl

Daddys Girl
Image Credit:

This play was written by the same playwright that penned Ang Huling El Bimbo, Dingdong Novenario. This one-act story tells of a woman’s trip to a psychologist, which enables her to meet her estranged father in the afterlife and confronts him about the truth of their relationship.

You can stream it for free on Pelikulove. You will have to register first (which is also free) to be able to access the video.


9. Indigo Child

Indigo Child
Image Credit:

Also available on Pelikulove, this play follows the story of a boy’s relationship with his troubled mother—a woman diagnosed as bipolar due to several traumas. It’s written by Rody Vera and stars Skyzx Labastilla and Rafael Tibayan.


10. The Winter’s Tale

If you’re a fan of the poet and playwright William Shakespeare, you’ll want to watch the Manila Shakespeare Company’s live reading of one of the playwright’s famous books, The Winter’s Tale.

It tells the story of a King who had falsely accused his wife of infidelity and exiled her with his newborn daughter. As most of Shakespeare’s romances, it has a happy ending, but it’s emphasized here that in order to reach that ending, one must go through sadness and sacrifices which were embodied by the innocent deaths and the King’s madness in the play. The Winter’s Tale was said to have been chosen to be read by the company to match the current crisis.

  • Theater Company: Manila Shakespeare Company
  • Watch here


What are you waiting for? Catch some of these awesome virtual theater shows and discover more wonderful Xperiences on Traveloka!

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