9 Places That Look Like Greece In The Philippines

As breathtaking as the Philippines already is, we’ll have you know that there are several places that make you feel like you’ve gone abroad – to Greece, specifically. From towering cliffs to white-washed villages, Filipinos are sure to feel like tourists on their own turf.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head of to one or all of these 10 places that look like Greece in the Philippines.

1. Fortune Island, Batangas

Budget: P5,500 for two people

Boasting of Partheon-inspired pillars, Fortune Island sets several sculptures of ancient gods and mythical creatures against a backdrop of greenery and the ocean. Apart from the Greece-inspired decorations, there is also a replica of the Spanish galleon, San Diego, seated on the shore. Visitors can go swimming, snorkeling, cliff-diving, and hiking.

2. Vitalis Resort & Spa, Ilocos Sur

Budget: P12,200 for four people

Vitalis Resort & Spa is one of the newest Santorini-inspired resorts that overlooks the West Philippine Sea. It has a private footpath to the beach, tranquil seas, and attractive sunsets. A total of 27 modern, Greek styled rooms and suites are available here.

3. Balesin Island Club, Polillo

Budget: P3 Million (Membership)

This luxury resort boasts of seven themed villages: Bali, Mykonos, St. Tropez, Costa Smeralda, Costa del Sol, Toscana, and Phuket. Out of the seven, Mykonos is a crowd favorite due to its whitewashed walls, blue windows and doors. However, this Greek elegance is exclusive for its members only.

4. Thunderbird Poro Point, La Union

Budget: P6,600 for two people

Thunderbird Poro Point is a “world-class” hotel complete with dining, entertainment, and gaming facilities. Its location is perfect for an afternoon siesta with porches that offer front-row seats to golden sunsets and sunrises. 

5. Camp Netanya, Batangas (Currently closed for renovations)

Budget: P6,900 for two people

Camp Netanya’s whitewashed villas are a stark contrast against the gorgeous Balayan Bay. The 10-room resort has an infinity pool that allows guests to overlook the waters. Camp Netanya temporarily closed last year due to change of ownership. Nonetheless, it is now fully operational with improved facilities. 

6. Bellarocca Island Resort & Spa, Marinduque

Budget: P15,000 to 20,000 for two people (plus 2 children)

Opening its doors to the public in 2009, Bellarocca has several hotel rooms, suites, casas, villas and more. It also boasts of a nine-hole golf course, a fine dining restaurant, three swimming pools, a Piano Lounge, and luxurious sun loungers that definitely make its guests feel like they’re sunbathing in Greece vs the Philippines. 

7. Kantorini, Quezon City

Budget: P1,000 for four people

Located along Katipunan Avenue, Kantorini is the place for quiet, relaxing, and delicious escapades. Comparable to Maginhawa Street, there are 28 food stalls that serve a variety of cuisines: Japanese, Korean, Greek, and American. Some of the stalls found here include All Day Breakfast, Hi To Kori, The Shrimp Basket, NY Crepe, and the Hong Kong Foodie.

8. Estancia Resort Hotel, Tagaytay

Budget: P5,500 for two people

Instead of a coastal view, Estancia offers Greece in the highlands of Tagaytay. The breathtaking view of Taal Volcano and the Taal Lake definitely make up for the absence of the sea. Estancia has two swimming pools and a fine dining restaurant with the colors and pillars of Santorini.

9. Sundowners Vacation Villas, Pangasinan

Budget: P10,000 for 10 people

Sundowners offer seven villas suitable for “barkada outings” and family reunions. Even then, there are several rooms available for smaller parties and for couples. There is an infinity pool and a rooftop viewing deck. Despite its “ancient” Greek touch, the rooms are well-equipped with all the needed amenities.

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