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Your Plane Seat Choice Tells More About You Than You Think

What’s your preferred plane seat? You’re either a window seat or an aisle seat, there’s no in between. (Well, technically there is, but nobody would voluntarily take the middle seat.)

Typically, the window seat passenger would choose his seat for the views, and to have something to lean on while sleeping. While the aisle passenger might prefer his seat for easier access to the bathroom or for more legroom to stretch.

It may sound like it all boils down to different preferences or a weigh in of pros and cons, but according to psychologists, that might not just be the case.

window seat

Apparently, “Passengers who favor the window seat like to be in control, and are often more easily irritable”, Dr. Becky Spelman, chief psychologist at Harley Street’s Private Therapy Clinic, told The Telegraph . “They also like to ‘nest’ and prefer to exist in their own bubble”.

While those who choose the aisle seat are said to be more reserved, and are more considerate of the needs of others.

Plane Seat

“Aisle passengers are often more sociable and definitely more amenable as people. They are also more likely to be restless flyers and less adept at sleeping on planes”.

Of course, these generalizations don’t take into account other reasons like longer legs or a weaker bladder that could influence a passenger’s seat preference. Whether these stereotypes are true, however, is still subject to argument.

In the end, it seems like your answer to the question, “Would you rather disturb, or be the one disturbed?”, might dictate your seat choice more than you originally thought.

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