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10 Telltale Signs You’re Becoming a Full-Blown Tita Traveler

If you are used to bringing a huge bag and are always the go-to person for a tissue, a snack, or even some change when traveling, chances are you’re becoming a tita. 

That’s not necessarily bad, though! Instead of feeling old, take it as a sign of maturity. It means you now have a way of handling things that make you—and everyone you’re traveling with—ready for anything! Take our own Tita T, for example, who knows where to get the best hotel deals and hassle-free bookings! 

So hold your head up high and claim the fabulous title. Because let’s face it, they wouldn’t survive a trip without you. 

Not sure if you’re a tita yet? Here are 10 signs that will confirm it:

1. Itineraries are your bible

Planning an itinerary

It’s essential for all titas to have everything planned out before a trip. Every day corresponds to a particular set of activities and straying from the plan makes you anxious. I mean, what if you get lost?! 

2. Packing days beforehand is a must for you


You’ve booked your flight and hotel, and then laid out the itinerary. Now it’s time to pack. “The earlier the better” is a tita’s motto. Why wait until the last minute when you can do it early? You don’t want to forget anything from your packing checklist. (Yes, all titas have this list.)

3. Overpacking is your norm


No, we’re not talking about fashion pieces for #OOTDs but travel essentials like big scarves for when it gets chilly, eco-bags to carry pasalubong, sunscreen, and a whole lot of medical supplies like motion sickness tablets and band-aids for emergencies.

4. You have the “Mary Poppins” bag


Every tita has this bag where she can retrieve almost anything from it. Be it an umbrella for sudden weather changes, wet wipes for cleaning unsightly stains, a powerbank for long trips, makeup to look flawless, or sanitizer for perpetually clean hands. It truly is magical—like pulling a rabbit from a hat!

5. You budget everything


To save more is ideal. Titas will do whatever it takes to save on meals, flights, hotel deals, and even on pasalubong bundles! Haggling is life. 

6. You have a handy dandy notebook

travel notebook

Who said planners are just for school girls? Every tita has everything planned out and written down, from the flight departure date to the time of arrival back in your hometown. 

Of course, it’s not a tita notebook unless there are emergency contacts listed on its pages.

7. Every day is pasalubong haul day


Shopping is in every tita’s blood. Why waste an opportunity to shop for pasalubong when souvenir stores are in sight? It doesn’t even have to be a souvenir boutique, because any “open” sign is basically an invitation.

8. You’re the early riser in the bunch

early riser

It takes a while to be up and ready for a long day of sightseeing. There are essentials to pack (and double-check) and other things to prepare. Plus, your hair and makeup won’t do itself, right?

9. You check everything twice (or more)


You know how writers have an editor? Tita travelers play both roles. It’s crucial to check everything not just once but twice, especially on your way back home when pasalubongs become overwhelming and things have to be rearranged in your luggage. 

10. You always look FAB (even under stress)


Let’s face it, traveling can be stressful at some point but titas always look FAB no matter what. Fresh, Awesome, and Brilliant—this is the kind of traveler all titas-in-training aspire to be.


Ready to go on the best vacation ever? Tita T says go for it! Book via Traveloka for the best deals. 

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