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7 Types of a Staycationer

Ideal for travelers who just want to chill, staycations don’t really require intricate planning. It practically involves spending quality time in your favorite hotel, doing what you love most—from binging on your favorite TV series to eating delectable food you’ve ordered from room service or the restaurants nearby.

Staycations may also be about discovering local attractions that are relatively easy to go to. If you’re looking to spend a simple yet enjoyable staycation in Manila, check out our recommended hotels based on certain types of staycationers.


1. The Family Buddy

Family Vacation at Fraser Hotel

The Family Buddy is the type of staycationer who sincerely loves their relatives so much that they take them with them over a weekend of relaxation. You can easily spot them as they’re normally in huge groups.

You can see them in hotel lounges busy arranging their bookings and talking to the hotel staff, assuring that their needs will be taken care of. They are innately sweet and generous, too.

Recommended Hotel: Fraser Place Manila

  • Location: Forbes Tower, Valero Street, Salcedo Village, Bel-Air, Makati

Fraser Place Manila is a fully furnished luxury serviced apartment building in the heart of the bustling Makati. It’s the favorite choice for traveling families looking for a long-term stay.

The hotel offers the freedom of space, the comfort of modern amenities, and convenient proximity to key areas around the city.

The building features 89 spacious apartments tastefully designed to meet the highest of standards. All units come with a sitting area, dining area, kitchen with microwave and refrigerator, and ensuite bathroom complete with all your necessities and more. It’s like a complete home away from home.

2. The Super Solo

Staycationer Solo

The complete opposite of the first type, the Super Solo is fond of spending vacations alone. This type of staycationer often kills time in front of the TV watching an inspiring show or in a quiet space holding a book.

In addition, he/she likes discovering new places on his/her own and doesn’t mind eating at a restaurant alone.

Recommended Hotel: Amax Inn Makati I

  • Location: 7554 Santillan Street, Pio del Pilar, Makati

Amax Inn Makati I is located a stone’s throw away from the Makati Central Business District, close to various commercial establishments including malls in Ayala Center.

Quiet times are also well spent here thanks to its cozy, unpretentious rooms. Rates are also quite reasonable. Needless to say, the hotel ticks off all the boxes for the Super Solo’s perfect hideaway.

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3. The Room Magnet

Couple at Microtel

Room Magnets are those who simply prefer to stay in. They can spend the entire day snuggled up in bed either listening to music, reading a book, or watching their favorite show on Netflix.

This type of staycationer are masters of ordering room service or food online, getting out of bed only when delivery has arrived, or when nature calls.

Recommended Hotel: Microtel by Wyndham UP Technohub

  • Location: UP-Ayala Land Technohub, Commonwealth Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City

With its well-appointed rooms, inviting pool, delicious buffet breakfast, and friendly staff, Microtel has everything a Room Magnet will ever need for the perfect staycation.

4. The Hungry Foodie


What is traveling without trying out the local flavors? The Hungry Foodie enjoys checking out hole-in-the-wall restaurants and even small food stalls. But before he/she tries the grub, of course, he/she has to take photos of it — and we’re talking about loads of snapshots here.

Hungry Foodies see weekends as an opportunity to relax with good food and drinks. And that includes sampling what the hotel has to offer.

Recommended Hotel: F1 Hotel Manila

  • Location: 32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

The Hungry Foodie will never run out of food options –in and outside the hotel. The in-house restaurant serves international and Filipino cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Meanwhile, the Canary Lounge serves drinks, bite-sized snacks with beautiful views of the city’s landscape.

A short walk away from the hotel, renowned international and local restaurants will satisfy the Hungry Foodie’s every craving. Bon appetit!

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5. The Curious

Staycationer Curious

The Curious are born to travel. They love going to various places, making the best out of every destination. You can easily spot them befriending the locals and trying everything there is to try.

A two-day weekend may be a short time for some travelers to enjoy, but the Curious are experts in making the most out of their limited time to fully savor a staycation.

Recommended Hotel: Diamond Hotel Philippines

  • Location: Roxas Boulevard corner Dr. J. Quintos Street, Ermita, Manila Bay, Manila

Being less than a kilometer to Manila’s various points of interest, the hotel is a great starting point to further explore the nooks and crannies of this historic city.

Manila Baywalk, famous for its beautiful sunsets, and the centuries-old Malate Church, are only a short walking distance away. Binondo, the world’s oldest Chinatown, is a short drive away.

With its luxurious rooms, health club and spa, swimming pool, tennis court and gym, the hotel offers the best respite after a long day of exploring. Or the Curious can simply decide to stay in and let the hotel’s topnotch service and amenities do the talking.

6. The Lovey Dovey

Lovers at Hotel H2O

The Lovey Dovey are those annoyingly, inseparable, much too loved-up couples. You can find them enjoying hotel amenities together, feeding each other at the in-house restaurant, and they are probably wearing couple shirts.

Recommended Hotel: Hotel H2O

  • Location: Luneta (Behind the Quirino Grandstand), Manila Bay, Manila

Located right beside the Manila Ocean Park, Hotel H20 boasts rooms featuring either aquarium walls, for that “under-the-sea” experience, or beautiful views of the Manila Bay. All of these are complemented by multiple dining and leisure options. The Lovey Dovey are in for a truly intimate treat at this hotel.

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7. The A-listers

Swimming at Manila Marriott Hotel

The A-listers got money to burn. Everything has to be top-notch, and according to their specifications –from the hotel room service to their sheets’ thread count number and toiletry. Staycation for them also means being close to places where they can splurge.

Recommended Hotel: Manila Marriott Hotel

  • Location: 2 Resorts Drive, Newport City, Pasay City

With its timeless elegance, world-class service, and signature Filipino hospitality, the Manila Marriott Hotel embodies luxurious accommodations perfect for the A-listers.

Premium room amenities, multiple dining options, and rest and relaxation are aplenty here to ensure the ultimate staycation for the big spenders. Did we mention shopping is just a hop and a skip away?

So which type of staycation-goer are you? Always take a break at a divine hotel and feel pampered by these Weekend Deals once in awhile.

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