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8 Reasons Why Hotel Staycations Are Better Than Vacations

Open your social media channels and you will easily find friends enjoying family getaways on faraway beaches. There’s also that group of buddies living their life in a colorful city that’s miles away. No matter the day or season, there seems to be at least one friend you know who’s on a break.

Then you start to think about yourself and your next adventure. When will it be? After considering the budget and other factors, you realize you can’t pull off a vacation. Not now, at least.

This is not game over for you, dear. You may opt for a staycation in a nearby hotel instead. Like vacations, staycations can take our stress away. Plus, it comes with a heap of advantages. Check out the following points to see why staycations can sometimes be better than vacations.


1. Staycations cost less.

Planning Staycation

That’s compared to vacations, which could entail flight bookings, car rentals, and lots-a-food, among others.

If budget is a serious constraint, you can spend an entire weekend spoiling yourself in a cozy staycation instead. There are a number of hotels offering budget-friendly accommodations where your can relax without doing your wallet any harm.

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2. Staycations are easier to plan.

Organize staycation plan

When planning a vacation, there will come a time when you need to rummage through hundreds of deals to get the best one. You’ll probably end up going back and forth various travel websites to compare their offerings. It’s not yet your vacation, but you’re already tired—what’s up with that?

A little research is all you need for a staycation. This way, you’ll be able to buyback time even before your well-deserved break starts.

3. No packing required.

Packing luggage

The unspoken truth among many travelers is that they hate packing. With staycations, you can stuff anything you want inside that luggage, as there are no restrictions on weight and what not. This also means you don’t have to pay for extra baggage fees, hoorah!

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4. Comfort is easily within reach.

Breakfast at hotel room

Comfort is probably a staycation’s best asset. You often get what you demand, and basically, all you gotta do is lie down there, feel like a king or queen, and wait until your break’s over.

You are encouraged to take advantage of the room service—simply order food from their menu and wait for it to be delivered to your unit.

Should you need a laundry service, a spa treatment, or an energizing workout session, you can opt to book full-service hotels instead. Indeed, hotels make you feel like royalty.

5. Staycations don’t require any season.

Raining in Shifen Taipei

You can hold a staycation be it a sunny, a windy, or a rainy day. While vacations are more apt during the dry season, staycations don’t require a specific day or month. In fact, staycations are more enjoyable during the -ber months, when the temperature’s at its lowest.

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6. You get to discover more of the place.

Women exploring

Going on a staycation makes you appreciate your city or town more. Perhaps, there’s an art scene nearby or a fancy restaurant just a few blocks away.

Staycations let you explore corners of the city that you have overlooked in the past. You’ll also have the chance to support local and regional businesses during your stay.

7. Staycations let you avoid fatigues.

Vacation fatigue

Planning for a comprehensive vacation may leave you feeling tired. Imagine all the time and energy you consume as you prepare your things, wait in an airport queue, and recover from a jet lag. Staycations just let you stay inside the four corners of the hotel of your choice. Goodbye, fatigue.

8. You can bring your pet with you!

Bonding with pet

Vacations, especially those that require flights, won’t let you bring your beloved pal with you. These cute creatures make getaways more fun and memorable, so why leave them behind? Thankfully, there are pet-friendly hotels in Manila where you can bring your furry friend.

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