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The Grid Food Market Gives a New Meaning to Market Day

Just when I thought that Rockwell Mall’s roster of new restaurants couldn’t get any better, The Grid comes along to shatter the glass ceiling (and rip a few good pair of jeans).

The Grid is not your typical mall food court where stalls battle for attention. Each booth is identical, labeled with a number, and just a tiny name underneath. No banners, no giant branding — it’s all about the food.

The Grid Food Hall

Unlike all the other regular food halls, this one presents an all-star cast of Manila’s best chef’s and their babies.

It felt like a mini Disneyland or a toy store for adults, everywhere I looked there was something I wanted to try. The only downside was I had to pay for everything myself.

It’s a good idea to visit with a group of friends, but no judgement’s if you want a solo feast.

Croquetas de Jamon

“If I had to choose my last meal on earth this would be it”.

Because it’s pretty much a crime to just buy from one stall, I decided to order a dish from every single one (possible): a Lobster Roll (P695) from the Salcedo Market favorite, Bun Appetit, Croquetas de Jamon (P170) from Rambla and a gigantuan slab of Pork Chop (P305) from Flower Boy.

I also ordered two massive pieces of Saigon Chicken (P395) by Joshua Boutwood, and Happy Ongpauco-Tiu’s beautiful beautiful Porchetta (P371). It was a mouthful (literally).

Chickens with Chorizo Rice
One of the juiciest fried chickens you’ll ever have paired with chorizo rice.

I told myself that I would never say this but… the hype is real. I mean, I wasn’t really surprised because the dishes were by the who’s who of the Manila food scene, but woooow.

Craving for some Mexican? Vietnamese? Spanish? Would you like some wine with that?
The Grid’s got E V E R Y T H I N G.

The Grid Chicharron
Friendships have ended over that last piece of chicharron.

I think it’s pretty apparent that I didn’t think about the balance of taste and whether everything went well together. Strangely, It didn’t bother me at all that I was having buttery lobster buns with all kinds of fried things and rice.

Flowerboy’s Pulled Pork Monggo
Flowerboy’s Pulled Pork + Monggo with Rambla’s Croqueta de Jamón

Think about it as a make-it-yourself buffet — you get all your favorites AND you can stuff yourself to death (the servings are huge!).

To cap off my bingeing, I ordered a slice of The Workshop’s 17 Layer Chocolate Cake. Not a fan of cakes in general, but this one stunned the dessert snob in me.

It’s best to come during off hours but that would mean missing out on La Chinesca (like I did huhu). Lines could get pretty long during peak meal time but I guess for this, I will almost always be willing to wait.

Some last few stalls like Bucky’s and Ping-Pong Diplomacy are still set to open but trust me when I say that there’s no shortage of good stuff here.

Is your mouth watering already? Check out Makati’s new restaurants!

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