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Travel Tips from a Lifestyle Influencer

If there was one weird thing you should know about me, it’s that I hate being in front of a video camera. I know, sounds funny especially because my sister Verniece and I run a Youtube channel, but it’s just so nerve-wracking for me. Once the record button’s been pressed, I just freeze and become someone other than myself.

I guess that’s why I was a bit hesitant to accept the invitation to be part of the first ever Traveloka Talks. Traveloka, the online app that makes booking flights and affordable accommodations crazy easy with just a few clicks, wanted to hold a series of talks.

However, when I was told that it would be in front of an audience and I wouldn’t even feel that cameras were around, I immediately said yes! 🙂

Traveloka Talks with my fellow influencers

Vern with Kerwin and Lucky

Giving talks is one of my favorite parts of my job. For those of you who are new readers and don’t know much about my background as a blogger and how I started, this blog simply began as an outlet for me to express my teenage angst.

After nine years of being in the industry, it made my dreams come true. It opened doors for me that I never even knew existed! Giving talks, I feel, is a way for me to share my story to people who felt exactly the way I did when I started.

Vern Enciso TVLK Talks Presentation

Traveloka arranged a platform for the generation of today to get inspired to pack their bags and explore what’s out there. It was a privilege to be chosen to be part the first ever #TravelokaTalks. Plus, I got to be with Lucky So Albado, the genius behind Discover MNL, and Kerwin King, a travel blogger whose feed is worth following!

BTS Vern Enciso TVLK Talks

The program was hosted by the gorgeous Jazmin Reyes (whom I hit it off with easily!) and there was a little Facebook live Q&A that I got to participate in before it started. I was tasked to talk about how to still dress up while traveling and share little pieces of advice on how to take dreamy travel photos.

One of the things I also got to share was my journey around places in the Philippines. It was only a year ago that I started to prioritize certain places in the Philippines on my personal list of travel destination. After being able to check them all, I realized that nothing beats the beaches we have here in the country.

Falling in love with Siargao

We’re lucky because we don’t have to travel far to get a taste of paradise. I love the beaches of Siargao in particular—it’s just so different from everything else we have. Not only is the water so clear and the sand so pristine, but the vibe of the whole place just made it for me.

I’ve gone there twice before even before the influx of tourists and back then, the place was such a hidden gem that I felt like I was a tourist in my own country. I could literally count with my hands how many Filipino tourists were in the island.

I’ve tried both upscale and low-end resorts there and for me, my personal favorite would be Isla Cabana. The service, the rooms, and the feeling of seclusion right in the heart of General Luna are the three reasons why I recommend the hotel. The food’s great, too! You can even have authentic Italian cuisine at Kermit, a surf resort and restaurant which some claim to have the best Italian food in the country.

Vern Enciso Siargao

What makes every trip to Siargao memorable though is the motorbike Ben and I rent to get around the island! I love Siargao so much that one of my life goals is to buy a piece of land there and build my dream beach house. Aside from the tips I got to share about that trip, I also got to tell my personal story on how I started and how perseverance and self-belief will always get you somewhere.

Siargao Bird's Eye View Vern Enciso

What made this talk different from others though is that it was recorded to become modules later on that people could download and watch over and over again! What a treat right? I’ll surely rewatch Lucky and Kerwin’s talks to get their own travel tips.

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