10 Fun Trips Every Barkada Should Take After College

Traveling solo lets you discover new things about yourself and pushes you to your limits, but traveling with your friends has perks of its own, too. This is perhaps the only time when “peer pressure” may be a good thing – in the sense they urge and cheer you on while you go cliff diving, climb mountains with you and more.

If you love your friends and love having good times, then go on one or all of these 10 trips every barkada should take


1. Music Festivals

According to Elite Daily, there are two things every Millennial should do before his or her late 20s: first is to travel abroad and second is to attend a music festival. While vacations are fun, concerts allow you to be continually surrounded by new people.  The “electricity” produced at these events spark every connection you have with your crew and the strangers around you

2. City Breaks

If you want a quick break, then kick back and relax within the confines of the concrete jungle. There’s so much to do! You can go resto hopping, you can check out different parks and basically explore places in the city you would’ve skipped over on a normal basis.

3. Staycations

In line with the city break, why not have a staycation too? While you can opt to check into a hotel, why spend when you can have just as much fun when staying at home!

Whip up a delicious meal in the kitchen, lounge by the pool and have a crazy sleep over.  From movie marathons to simply playing cards, there’s a lot that you can do to have a good time.

4. Bar hopping

Nothing gets a party started faster than alcohol and your group of friends! Let loose and have fun. Though keep in mind that you should never mix drinks and that you should know your limits.

When at a bar with friends, don’t huddle together too much – go around, mingle! People may be interested in approaching and talking to you guys, but will put off doing so if you’re standing all intimidating in a group.

5. Road Trips

Gather your friends, hop into a car and drive off! While you may be excited about where you’re headed to, actually getting there is twice the fun.

Come up with a playlist you can sing-a-long to, stock up on food and drinks, have games at the ready and more. Better yet, why not start swapping stories – what’s shared in the car, should never leave the car!

6. Camping

If your idea of a perfect day-off involves a bonfire, a pack of marshmallows, and a bunch of happy campers then camping may be the best activity for you.

Disconnect from your gadgets and take a break from the concrete jungle – depending on what you and your friends like to do, this can either be a trip full of outdoor adventures or just all of you kicking back and appreciating mother nature. Whatever the case, it’s fun to take head out of the city once in a while.

7. Spontaneous Trips

The best trips (and the ones that usually push through) are the ones that happen on a whim! One minute you’re having dinner, next thing you know, you guys want to drink coffee in Tagaytay.

It’s crazy moments like these that strengthen your bond and that definitely bring on the laughter. You end up taking silly photos and posting on Instagram with captions like, “Spontaneous night out!” or “How’d we get here?”

8. International Trip

While it’s always fun and great to travel domestic and to get to know your country better, it’s just as exciting to get to know another country, too!

Take an international trip and learn about another country’s culture, language, history, people and more, together. Take cooking classes. Go shopping. Navigate the streets and try to speak to the locals in their own language.

9. Volunteer Trip

Whether you like working with children, animals or like helping build communities – this is a trip that you and your friends will most likely never forget. There’s nothing wrong going out to have fun, but if you can do so while helping others, then why not?

10. Celebrate fun & friendship

Take a trip together because you want to. Because you simply enjoy each other’s company and because you are happy to be a part of each others lives.

Take a trip because you’re thankful that they’ve come into your life, and they’re thankful you’ve come into theirs. Take a trip, because your friends. Period.

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