May Forever Ba? 5 Trips Every Couple Should Take

Whether you just started your relationship or have been together for a long time, going on a trip with your partner is a must-do. Traveling allows you to discover a new place and culture together, but more importantly, it lets you get to know each other even better.

You learn about your partner’s personality, how they handle situations, other people and more. So, in honor of that, here are 5 trips every couple should take – in hopes that it’ll create sweet memories and that it’ll strengthen your bond:

1. Nature Trip

Got a special occasion coming up? Why not skip the material gift and go for a nature trip instead? After all, a recent study found that people are far happier with experiences vs. acquiring a new object. You two can head off to the Puerto Princesa Underground River – where its pristine waters and untouched nature leave locals and foreigners alike speechless and in awe. You can also go to Pangasinan’s Hundred Islands – go snorkeling, kayaking and island hopping. You can also enjoy the breathtaking sunrise and sunset together. 

2. Foodie Trip

To paraphrase a popular saying: “The couple that eats together, stays together.” Luckily for us, the Philippines is a melting pot of different cultures and cuisines. Why not fly south for some of Cebu’s famous lechon? Or head over to Legazpi City and enjoy Bicol’s coconut milk and chili cuisine. 

3. Beach Trip

With a coastline that’s 36,289 kilometers long, there’s no shortage of beach for couples to explore. Whether you want to lounge around or want to party on the beachfront, there’s bound to be a sandy destination perfect for you. If you like water sports, beach front parties, cliff jumping and sailing, then head over to Boracay.

But if you want something more relaxing and calm, why not visit Patar Beach in Pangasinan? It’s a six to seven hour drive from Manila – but the trip is well worth it. Apart from its cream- colored sand, Patar beach also boasts of the century-old Cape Bolinao Lighthouse, as well as the Enchanted Cave, a cold, natural lake inside a land formation.

4. Artsy Amores

Are you the kind of couple who plan their dates around gallery openings and are often hanging out at The Collective? Then you may want to check some of the many art spots scattered across the country such as Baguio. Not only is it the home of National Artists Benjamin “BenCab” Cabrera, but filmmaker Kidlat Tahimik also grew up here. The Tam-awan Village, an ethnic, living artist’s colony, also calls Baguio home.

Looking for art that’s more ecclesiastical? Fly to Bohol and visit what remains of its centuries-old churches, most of which were either damaged or destroyed by the 2013 earthquake. Visit the Baclayon Church museum while the church itself is being repaired. The Albuquerque Church, which emerged from the earthquake relatively unscathed, is also an option.

5. Staycation

If you’d rather kick back, stay in and avoid the traffic – then a staycation at a nearby hotel is your best bet. If you live in the metro, then why not check out Makati? It has several luxury and budget-friendly hotels you can choose from. Most of which, if not all, are walking distance from the malls, restaurants and more.

If you want an even more memorable staycation, head on over to Bataan’s Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. The resort is a godsend for history buffs, as it has painstakingly reconstructed 18th century Philippines. It’s like a living museum, and the two of you can stay in traditional houses that also serve as hotel accommodations.

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