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12 Trips for Solo Female Travelers to Take Before 30

Nowadays, it’s no longer uncommon to see a woman flying solo and on her way to a new place to explore. Whether this increase was influenced by another hit movie, or the rise of the independent woman mentality, one thing’s for sure – women have become fearless travelers. Here are 12 trips for solo female travelers:

1. Disconnect from Tech Trip

This digital detox trip is one of the most life-changing (and difficult) trips you’ll have take, but you’ll be thankful for it anyway. Go to a place with no signal, forget about your gadgets, and appreciate #nofilter through nothing else but your eyes.

2. Learn a New Life-Skill Trip

They say traveling is the best teacher, more so if you actually learn a useful skill. You could learn how to cook, or ride a bike. Whatever it is, make sure it’s something useful.

3. Face Your Fears Trip

We all have our fears, it’s human nature. But don’t let these fears stop you from making the most out of your life. If you’re afraid of deep water, go on a scuba-diving trip, if you’re afraid of heights climb a mountain. Once you’ve conquered your fear, you’ll realize that the only thing stopping you is yourself.

4. Learn a New Language Trip

Learning another language is always a valuable skill. Take a trip to learn the local language, and observe how this can open doors to new opportunities and even cheaper transactions.

5. The I Can Survive Trip

Go on a backpacking trip where you’ll actually have to work for food. Forget about five-star accommodations, and learn how to rough it out with just the basics. This trip will definitely help you grow, and give you life lessons like you’ve never had before.

6. The Sleepy Staycation

Spend the whole day in a comfortable hotel, wrap yourself around a duvet, and relax. This is your time to forget about any responsibilities.

7. Extreme Adventure

Try something that will make your heart pound. Do this while you’re young and able, and you’ll look back with no regrets.

8. Volunteer Trip

Find a cause you’re passionate about and understand a culture through the eyes of the people you’re helping. If you’re looking for a more meaningful adventure, this is it.

9. Search for Your Roots

Do you know your family’s origins? There’s nothing more fascinating than discovering your own history. Who knows? You might even find long lost relatives along the way.

10. Live Like a Local Trip

Five-star hotels and luxury accommodations is one way to enjoy a vacation, but if you really want to get to know a country, you have to live like a local. You can do this through couch-surfing or renting a bed, but make sure it’s safe!

11. The Unplanned Trip

Free yourself from deadlines and work, don’t overthink things and just book it.

12. Somewhere Close to Home

Reignite your love for your hometown by exploring the area. Traveling doesn’t always have to mean going far, there’s always something beautiful to see if you just look close enough.

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