10 Trips Every Traveler Should Take In Their 20s

We don’t always get the opportunity to travel, so it’s not surprising we want whatever trips we go on to be something worth remembering. Rather than heading to a destination because it’s popular, why not take one or all of the trips listed below for an experience you won’t forget:

1. A passion trip

This kind of trip is the one you take to really immerse yourself in the interests you’re passionate about. Really into K-pop? Save up and head to Changdong, which the government has dedicated to K-pop. Enchanted by elephants? Head on over to Chiang Mai, Thailand and visit the Elephant Nature Park. If you want to stay local though, then why not satisfy your passion Chinese food by heading over to Binondo? 

2. A heritage trip

We’ve got a rich and colorful history – it would be a shame if you never got to see that heritage. Vigan is a quick flight away from Manila. Head there to visit Calle Crisologo and its rows of  Spanish-style houses that evoke a bygone era. Head on over to Silay City in Bacolod and visit three heritage homes open to the public: Balay Negrense, the Pink House, and the Manuel Severino Hofileña Ancestral House. Not a Manila native? If you grew up in the province, it would be great to go back to your roots and explore the place with brand new eyes.

3. A road trip

Road trips are perfect for memories, life lessons, and bonding moments like no other with your family or friends. Hop into the car, pick a destination, and get ready to make a lot of memories.

4. A volunteer trip

A journey doesn’t always have to be about conspicuous consumption. With the right organization, you can travel to places that will not just widen your perspective, but give you an opportunity to help out as well. For instance, Habitat for Humanity has a Juan Build Program where you can build houses in select Habitat Philippines communities.

5. A relaxing trip

Modern life is full of stress. Make sure to go on a trip where you just relax and forget about the outside world for a few days. You could head to Batanes, where it’s easier to unplug. Wherever your chill-out place is, make sure you set aside time to visit.

6. A solo trip

Barkada and family trips are fun, but there are times when you just want to be on your own. Don’t be afraid to go on a solo trip. You can take a solo trip to Bohol and keep the budget at P8000. If you’re a motorcycle rider, check out our tips for solo riders written by Kara Santos.

7. A bus trip

If you’ve watched That Thing Called Tadhana, you’d know that bus rides can lead to adventure. You can take a bus to Sagada and see the clouds roll in. Craving for laing? Take the bus to Bicol. Make the most of the long travel time and take in what you can at the various stops along the way.

8. A barkada trip

We’re Filipinos, so it goes without saying that time with our barkadas is essential. But don’t make it just another day trip with your friends. Plan something epic that you’ll remember forever and gush about on social media for weeks to come. How about heading over to Batangas, which has plenty of hotels and resorts that feature group activities?

9. An active trip

Mountain-climbing is a popular trip for a lot of Filipinos, but if that’s not for you there are other things to do for an active trip. You can go canyoneering in Cebu. You can snorkel in Coron. Our country has so much to offer that you’d be spoiled for choice.

10. A last-minute trip

It’s scary, but if taken with a great companion or with an open mind, a last-minute trip can be exhilarating. Let your gut decide and see where it takes you. You may be surprised at where you end up!

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