10 Types of Pinoy Travelers You Meet on the Road

If you’ve spent enough time out on the road traveling, then you know that the people you meet all have very different reasons why they’re taking their journey. And if you’ve crisscrossed the Philippine archipelago more times than you can count, some of these travelers have probably become very distinct types in your head.

That said, check out our list of 10 types of travelers you meet on the road.


The Kapamilya Package


The ‘Kapamilya Package’ can be commonly seen during the Christmas or summer holidays.

We all know how close-knit Filipino families are, and this is evident even when they travel. These travelers probably occupy rows and rows of bus/plane/van seats, they’re most commonly seen during the Christmas and summer holidays. They’re probably a loud and boisterous bunch, and If you haven’t been with your family for a while, you may just find yourself getting homesick.

The Workada Travelers


‘Workada’ travelers probably met each other in the office and bonded over their shared wanderlust.

As the name suggests, these travelers met in the office and probably bonded over their shared wanderlust. Their lunch breaks are probably spent discussing their next destination, and payday weekend has them flying out of the metro. And if they’re lucky, their summer will probably be spent on a company-sponsored outing.

The Promo Hunters


‘Promo Hunters’ are always looking out for a good deal.

These travelers aren’t just looking for their next destination, they’re also looking for their next deal. All of the Facebook groups they’re part of are about travel deals and package tours. They know all the inexpensive hostels and transient accommodations in any given area. They probably even booked a flight or a hotel room with our #GoLoka deals!

The “Party-Party” Crowd


If there’s a party, the ‘Party Party’ crowd is probably there.

Although you see them most often during #LaBoracay, these party people are wherever the party is. A rave in Pampanga? They’re there! A pub crawl in Malate? They’re there, too. Oktoberfest? Oktober-YES! And they’re ready to head to the next party as soon as they recover from the previous one.

The Corporate Cruisers


The ‘Corporate Cruiser’ finds time to mix business with pleasure.

They say never to mix business with pleasure, but when circumstances allow you to do so, why not do it? While these types of travelers are mostly in their hotels or nearby office buildings, that doesn’t mean they’re not out there exploring when their schedule allows it. On their free time, they’re probably taking in nearby local landmarks and other places of interest.

The Field Trippers


Perpetually online, the ‘Field Trippers’ are always ahead when it comes to the next buzz-worthy destination.

Or as they’re most commonly known, college students. They may not have the most money, but they do have curiosity. Constantly plugged-in, they’re probably one of the first to find out about up-and-coming destinations outside of established travelers. Right now, they’re probably saving up or pooling their resources so they can finally visit whatever destination it is that’s picking up buzz. They’re easy to spot too — look for a group of five or more young people moving merrily along.

The Food Finders


If a place is known for its food, expect the ‘Food Finder’ to know all about it.

Every province in the Philippines has their own variation of sinigang or adobo, and these travelers are probably hunting each and every one of them down. While they probably look at the sights as well, what they’re really willing to take the extra mile for is their favorite dish or their favorite local food haunt.

The History Junkies


If you’re ever traveling with a ‘History Junkie’, you just got yourself your own personal tour guide.

Our country has a storied past: more than 300 years of Spanish rule, 50 years of American “benevolent assimilation”, and three years of Japanese occupation. Every province has their own historical points of interest, and this type of traveler is determined to see them all. And if you’re going with them to a place they’ve already been to? You just got yourself a free tour guide.

The Adrenaline Seekers


‘Adrenaline Seekers’ know all the best places to have exciting adventures.

When it comes to things to do, our country has so much to offer. And that also includes the kinds of activities that this type of traveler is into to. Looking for a zipline in Palawan? They know where it is. White water rafting in Cagayan de Oro? They’ve done it multiple times. If you’re going on a trip with one of them, get ready for an exciting ride.

The Loved-Up


The ‘Loved-Up’ certainly don’t believe that absence make the heart grow fonder.

This type of traveler definitely doesn’t believe that absence makes the heart grow fonder. They’re together in every location, and they’re probably the best people to approach if you’re planning a romantic getaway. They always find a way to sync their schedules so that they can travel with each other, which is probably how they’ve managed to stay together for as long as they have.

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